Title:What Life Could Be

Author: Jih Pun (Amanda)

Rating: R – NC 17

Warnings: This is slash (boyXboy), dirty words, sex, sexual situations, hurt/comfort,

Mpreg, and drama, and some fluffy stuff.

Summary: Draco's job is a dream come true but exhausting and his boyfriend doesn't

help matters either. Draco wants to start a family but his boyfriend is abusive.

What happens when everything does a 360 in a single moment?

Disclaimer: I know this is shocking but I don't own Harry Potter…just my story line and

plot. J.K. Rowling is so lucky!

Chapter 1

Exhausted, Draco walked with his hands completely full up three flights of stairs. He had so much to do and it was just adding stress to his all ready tired state. He had to clean the apartment, fix something for dinner before his boyfriend came home, and finish the work he didn't get to on the job. He had been working over everyday for almost a month and still ended up bringing the work home. Draco was glad he had a few hours before his boyfriend would be coming home so he could get that stuff finished in time.

Finally getting to his door, Draco sighed in relief. He fumbled with his keys and began to unlock the door when it swung open on its own. An arm reached out and grabbed Draco by the front of the shirt, pulling him roughly inside, causing him to drop his things. He didn't know what was going on. Fear and panic began to rise inside of him and started to cry. The apartment being pitch black, make it difficult for Draco to see..

"Please...please don't hurt me...take whatever you want...I won't call the police."

Another male voice spoke up, "Of course..."

Draco thought the voice sounded familiar but couldn't place it without a face. The thought quickly faded when pain blossomed from his stomach and traveled throughout his body. He doubled over, coughing and gasping for oxygen.

"Why is this place such a fucking mess, Love?" the male voice spoke up again.

Draco looked up, still being on his knees, and sniffed, "Bradley?"

"Yes, Love?" Bradley reached down and began to put the top of Draco's head before grabbing a fistful of hair and pulling, "Answer my question Bitch! Why is my house such a fucking mess?"

"I'm sorry, Bradley...I'll clean it now...please let go...you hurting me."

"You will not do it now! You were supposed to have it finished all ready. And where's my dinner? You usually have it sitting on the table for me when I get home. Hmm?"

"You're never home this early," Draco squeaked out.

Bradley didn't like that answer and pulled harder at the blonde's platinum hair.

"Please...Bradley...you're hurting me...please let go."

"Hmm...no...I don't think so...you're going to have to make it up to me for not doing what you're supposed to do."

Draco's crying escalated because he knew what Bradley meant. Bradley had a specific way of making him "make up" for his actions. Bradley drug Draco to their bedroom by the fist-full of hair.

"Please Bradley...no...please don't do this again...I thought you loved me..."

Bradley threw Draco onto the bed, closed and locked the bedroom door. Bradley walked toward Draco, "Don't tell me what I feel." Bradley reached him and began taking the clothes off of his lover.

Draco closed his eyes and turned his head slightly and whispered another "please no". But Draco knew it was to no use. Nothing had ever stopped Bradley before and nothing would stop him now.

"Love, your job now is to stay quiet and let me do mine...besides...I thought you wanted to get started on that family of ours..." Bradley whispered in Draco's ear and kissed his neck.

Draco's sobbing and occasional screaming didn't stop for the nexttwo hours. Their neighbors surrounding them only just turned up their television volumes and ignored the noised they heard. Turning the other cheek seemed to be something they did often. They figured it was something to get used to. It had happened so many times before, so why would this time be any different?

Two hours later found Bradley leaving the apartment. He told Draco that since no dinner was made, he was going out, but when he returned the apartment was to be cleaned. Draco climbed out of the bed and found a pair of his pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. He didn't want to see the bruises forming this time.

'Bradley must have been really mad...it's never lasted this long before...and he's never made me bleed this bad before either.' Draco thought to himself while he started cleaning.

It took one and half hours for Draco to clean the house. He used his magic only to repair the things that were either ripped or shattered or broken Bradley didn't allow Draco to use magic unless Bradley said so or unless Bradley needed it. He had always told Draco that he was in the human world now, so he needed to act like one...and that meant no magic.

When Draco finished cleaning and repairing broken things, he went into the bathroom to check himself over. Draco, although not completely shocked by what he saw, still couldn't hold back a gasp. His face was a mural of black and blues. He had a slap mark on his cheek and the side of his mouth was split and swollen. Taking off his shirt, he didn't find a different story there either. There were several bite marks on his chest, another hand print that wrapped around his neck. Scratches and scrapes littered his torso. Draco touched a particularly nasty one and hissed in pain.

'Well, I need to get cleaned up and start on my things from work.' Draco thought as he turned on the tap for his shower. He grabbed a towel and some toiletries and stepped inside the steaming water. The water burned his skin, but at the same time, he was thankful for it. He felt dirty for allowing Bradley to do this to him, but Bradley loved him and wanted to start a real family. The sooner he could clean the blood and semen off his body, the sooner this feeling would go away...it always did. Draco hoped that Bradley wouldn't want to have sex for the next few days because that area was very tender because he undoubtedly ripped something. Draco stood there for a while after he cleaned himself and let the water wash over him. After a few minutes Draco turned the tap off and reached for his towel. He patted his skin dry, trying not to rub and irritate his wounds or break any open to start bleeding again.

Walking back to his room he got out a fresh change of clothes and threw his pants in the dirty clothes hamper and threw his shirt away. Bradley had ripped every button and Draco didn't feel much like sewing them back on or using magic to put them back on either. Taking a final look around, making sure the place was tidy, he set his work down in his study and began on the work that wasn't finished that day. When he looked at the clock, it was nearly 7:00. But by 7:15 Draco had laid his head down and was fast asleep, dreaming of when his life was easier...back when being young meant you could be carefree. He was dreaming of his life back in Hogwarts when he was feared and not afraid of anyone; when he felt alive just by tormenting Potter, Weasel, and Mud-blood.

Draco's dream stopped abruptly when he heard a knocking at the door. He got up and noticed it was 8:00 and wondered who would be there at this time. But when Draco opened the door, to say he was shocked by who he saw was an understatement. There in front of his home was none other than his father. Draco stood there stunned. He hadn't seen his father since he was sixteen...nearly five years ago.


"Draco...Are you going to let me in? I have an important matter to discuss with you."

"Oh! Sorry, Father. Yes, please...please come in." Draco opened the door wider and moved to the side to let his father in, still in shock at seeing him in the muggle world. "Please have a seat. Would you like some tea?"

Lucius Malfoy took a seat, "No tea thank you. Draco...it's about your mother."

Draco became instantly nervous, "What about Mother? Is she hurt? Is she all right?"

"She is fine for now, but I'm afraid she will not be for much longer. Draco...she is sick and we need you home for a while." Lucius stated calmly, although inside he was devastated.

"Yes...take me to her now?" Draco asked, his voice cracking.

"Come with me. She is at St. Mungo's." Lucius rose from his seat and Draco followed.

Together they apparated to St.Mungo's, Lucius hoping that somehow his wife could be saved and Draco wishing he knew what was going on and why his mother had been take to St. Mungo's.

Author Notes:I hope you guys like this. I've been totally burned out with my other story "Things Have Changed". I've just started back again on it, but quite frankly, I feel kinda stuck on it. If any of you have any ideas on where you would like that story to go, I'd greatly appreciate it!