Title: What Life Could Be

Author: Jih Pun (Amanda)

Rating: R – NC 17

Warnings: This is slash (boyXboy), dirty words, sex, sexual situations, hurt/comfort,

Mpreg, and drama, and some fluffy stuff.

Disclaimer: Stated in Chapter 1


Chapter 14

The bright morning sun's rays melted into Harry's bedroom and illuminated his face. The brightness woke Harry and he rolled onto his stomach with a groan, burying his head beneath his pillows.

He tried to get back to sleep, seeing as how a day off from work was rare, but an early morning routine wouldn't grant his wish. He mentally prepared himself for the day ahead, knowing that it would be just as hectic and tiring, if not more, as if he was at work.

Harry, finally resolved to start the day, threw the covers off and got out of bed. He stretched as he yawned, feeling his muscles tighten in a satisfying way. He cleared his throat as he scratched his head while walking to Draco's room.

Harry got to business and steadied his hands, palms down, and few inches above Draco's sleeping body. Harry started as the blonde hair. His hands began to glow a pale blue and he slowly "scanned" Draco's body; a human MRI moving from head to toe.

Harry noted Draco's wounds were healing at a much faster rate that usual. He also noticed that his magical signature was present, and aiding in the healing process, inside of Draco. This puzzled Harry; he had never seen such a thing before in his entire school and professional careers. He would discuss the matter with Severus when he saw him. The important thing was that Draco was healing.

Harry left Draco to continue his healing and guessed that the other man would awaken, due to his unusually rapid healing rate, within the next twenty-four hours.

Harry's stomach growled so he headed to the kitchen for breakfast, where his house elves rejoiced as their master rarely at breakfast.

After an unnecessarily large breakfast of pancakes, sausage, bacon, crepes, and various sweet and juicy fruits, the rest of the black haired man's journey bed to his library slash home office.

Scanning shelves upon shelves and going book by book, Harry searched for clues of how to better treat Draco and try to find some type of information on this mysterious curse Severus had mentioned. Buried behind books that might hold answers, Harry began his search with great determination.


In the home of Severus and Remus, one occupant was in deep thought. Remus stood in front of his kitchen sink, washing large mugs from the night before while thinking of the conversation shared between he and his partner the during the night.


Remus woke to find Severus undressing and crawling into bed.

"Where have you been? Do you realize what time it is?" Remus rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"I was speaking with Potter of all people." Severus sighed. He was exhausted.

"Is everything all right? Harry's not hurt is he?" Remus was prone to dramatics and jumping to conclusions whenever something concerned Harry.

Severus put his hand on either side of his lover's face, "Calm down you silly dog. Harry's fine." Severus leaned forward and planted a kiss on Remus' nose.

"Oh, thank goodness…Then why were you there? Don't tell me you're going after younger men!" Remus chuckled.

"Remus, you're too much. It's Potter I'm talking about. What could I possibly see in him when I have you? Potter and I were speaking of his new house guest."

"He's got another boyfriend? He never mentioned it to me. He tells me everything."

"It's really complicated. It's Draco."

"What? How in the world…"

"Ugh… the story's so long, but Draco was beaten, badly, and Harry saved him; seems Draco called out to him unconsciously. Potter has him in a guest room. He's been unconscious since Harry took him there."

"But Severus…the oblivination between those two…"

"I know. It's already begun to deteriorate. It started the day they met again at the hospital. You know Potter is Narcissa's doctor, right?" Remus nodded and Severus continued. "She needs a transfusion and Lucius wasn't a match. The closest person is Draco so Lucius brought him here."

"So Harry's begun to have the dreams?"

"He has." Severus nodded.

"What's going to happen? What about the ritual? Unless it's undone…when Draco wakes, being near Harry will be almost torturous. We have to do something…"

"I haven't the slightest what we're going to do. Most of the documents about the ritual were destroyed when Hogwarts was hit during the raid. It was damn near impossible for Draco to even get his hands on them…I'm just so stuck on this. I honestly don't know where to begin."

Remus thought for a while, "Maybe I could speak to the Elders of Magical Creatures? I'm not sure how much information I'll get, if any, since the ritual is forbidden. They're going to be suspicious with me asking questions…what will we do to protect Draco?...He could go to trial before the Elders."

"We'll take this one step at a time…starting tomorrow. Let's get to bed. We'll start tomorrow."

Remus and Severus shared a lightly passionate kiss before curling around each other and drifting to sleep.


AN: Thanks so much for being patient with me and being loyal readers to my story. I had hit a bit of writer's block and working tons of hours paired with night classes…well, I had no motivation for writing. Sorry this chapter is kind of short, but I just wanted to get something out.

Jih Pun