Title: The Dangers of Medication
Chapter: Oneshot/Ficlet
Type: Fanfiction
Fandom: Inu-Yasha (by Rumiko Takahashi)
Genre: General, Humor
Word Count: 600
Notes: For akk.
Summary: Inuyasha just wanted his headache to go away.


The Dangers of Medication


Ears perked irritably as a young half-demon scrabbled through the contents of the medicine cabinet. He caught his reflection in the mirror and scowled, white hair bristling. Where in the world was the blasted medicine that Kagome touted had the power to erase headaches? He had seen the blue pills nestled in the "first aid kit" she so often dragged to his world, and upon questioning her annoying little brother, he had discovered that the whereabouts of said magic were none other than the bathroom in the "medicine cabinet."

So, he had found the medicine cabinet. This had to be it. On the shelves were arrangements of bottles and tweezers and boxes of "bandaids." On the second shelf, he noticed Granpa's mouthwash, which he had accidentally ingested once on a previous occasion. He made a face, grabbing bottle after bottle and peering at the contents. He tossed the ones that weren't blue behind him, uncaring as they rattled upon contact with the floor.

"Where the Hell is it?" he growled, his ears flattening as he knocked over a few more boxes of medication. His head was throbbing with the combination of annoyance and exhaustion, and he wanted relief if it was available.

Buyo mewed from his position on the floor, batting at the fallen bottles with his paw.

"Shut up, blasted cat!"

Finally, Inuyasha found a bottle that contained blue-colored pills. Unscrewing the lid with some difficulty due to his long nails, he poured a few of the tablets into his mouth, chewing them savagely and gagging at the unpleasant taste. This had better help, he mentally demanded. He set the bottle on the countertop and stepped over his mess. That boy – Souta – he'd clean it up. He always did. Buyo stared at him blankly as he sauntered out of the room.

Several minutes later, he was nestled on Kagome's comfortable bed, staring unblinkingly at her open window. Another five minutes and he was going to "school." That wench had no right whatsoever to ignore her duties, or him for that matter. Buyo was outside the door, meowing insistently and scratching his claws against the wood. Inuyasha wasn't going to open it, though.

The door creaked suddenly, and Inuyasha spun around, eyes widening at the prospect of seeing Kagome, though his keen senses told him she was nowhere within the vicinity.


It was Souta. Inuyasha flopped back on the bed with a sigh.

"What," he said flatly.

Souta looked embarrassed and worried at the same time. He took a timid step into the room, eyes shining with barely hidden adoration.

"U-Uhm, did you take some of these, Brother Inuyasha?" he asked quietly, holding up the bottle of blue pills Inuyasha had left sitting innocently on the countertop.

"Yes," he answered, crossing his arms and cocking an eyebrow. "Why?"

Souta's eyes were huge, and his pupils had shrunken to the size of pinpoints.

"Uh-oh," he whispered.

Buyo meowed to punctuate the sudden silence that followed.

"What?" Inuyasha demanded, getting to his feet and stalking towards the little boy. "What in the seven Hells is the matter now?"

Souta was whispering something shakily. Inuyasha stooped over, mustering a fake smile that he hoped didn't look demonic. He perked his ears.

"What is it?" he asked again in what he supposed was a gentle voice.

"Th-that was Buyo's deworming medication!" Souta burst out in despair, cheeks flaming.

With a disgusted snarl, Inuyasha snatched the bottle from the boy's hands. He didn't quite know what that meant, but from the sound of the words, he knew he wasn't going to like it.