Title- Little Things

Summary- Severus Snape is not a kind man. Oh no! He is not nice, sweet, nurturing, sympathetic, caring, loving… nope he's none of those things, so why when Harry is turned into his 4 years old self at the final battle does Snape make Harry his son, quite literally.

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Chapter 1-

Hermione let out another choked sob as she watch the undertakers lower the casket into the ground, the casket that did not hold the body of her best friend but signified that he was indeed dead. Ron caught Hermione before she fell to the ground dissolving in a fit of hysterical sobs. Ron was crying silently to himself he had lost his best friend .

Ron looked around almost every one had attended Harry's funeral. The whole of Hogwarts minus a few Slytherins,(Theodore Nott, Crabbe, Goyle and Draco Malfoy). Even Professor Severus Snape was there, he even laid a pure white rose on Harry's coffin and it was no secret to how much Snape had hated Harry.

His friend Harry James Potter was dead. He had died eight days ago saving the wizarding world. Ron was mad, how could Harry leave him like that he had promised him that he would survive the final battle and he went and got himself killed saving the wizarding world. A world which had lied to him, praised him, shunned him, spouted lies about him and most of all loved him. Ron hated feeling like Harry died because of him, he hated the grief the anguish and the pain. He hated Voldemort for being evil, he hated Dumbledore for being good, he hated himself but most of all he hated the sun how it shun so brightly as if the world had not just lost their savior


Severus had seen the whole thing, he watched as Harry and The Dark lord battled. He was even surprised when Potter cast a few dark spells and was holding his own. He saw when the Dark Lord advanced upon him taunting him. Severus watched as the boy of only sixteen stand his ground and taunted back, he had almost laughed when the insolent boy called him Tom. He had seen them both shout two curses the Dark Lords one he did not recognize and Potter the killing curse he saw a vibrant green meet a sickening black and there was no more.

Severus rushed to where the two most influential wizards were just fighting Voldemort was dead while Potter had seemed to disappear. Only his black and red dueling robes were left and speaking of the robes he saw something move. Severus cast a spell to make the cape of the robes move to see the moving object. What he saw astounded him there lay a naked Harry Potter covered in bruises and looked to be about three or four. Baby Potter then looked at him and smiled and then said the one thing that Severus thought he would never here being directed to him.



Severus sighed he had just came back to his manor from Harry Potters funeral. The funny thing was that the boy was not even dead. Severus smiled and after a few minutes laughed, he laughed until he cried and when he sobered up he started to brood. He remembered the boy calling him daddy and he remembered the bruises how they were not cause by the battle field like he first thought. When he had examined more closely, the large bruises seemed to be a mixture of new and old and the young boy had what looked like belt marks and welts that littered his skin. Severus remembered going to hold the young child and having the child recoil in fear. Later after using Legimancy on Potter he found out the boy was a subject to abuse and neglect.

Severus remembered going to the Malfoy Manor. He remembered the feeling as the ancient and powerful wards tasted his magic and sighed when it did recognize him, but then he realized that he still had baby Potter in his arms, but he was to late. Severus watched as the wards started to glow red around Potter, Severus thought the shit was about hit the fan, he new what the wards did to trespassers. First you felt like a thousands of needles was piercing your skin and then you would feel like your bones were on fire those were just the first two hexes that were followed bye three even more painful ones.

Severus swore and just as he was about to pull out he heard Potter giggle. He was surprised the child was giggling when he should be screaming in agony. He then noticed that the red glow was gone. Severus looked down at the child in wonder.

"Severus" Lucius Malfoy drawled as he watched his childhood friend sleep in his study chair with an empty bottle of scotch clutched to him as a child would clutch a teddy bear. Lucius observed how Severus' head was thrown back and noticed a thin line of drool running down the side of his face.

The Malfoy patriarch screwed up his face in disgust. He then stopped when he heard a giggle, Malfoy looked at the child he was holding, and tried to be stern but he really could not contain his amusement.

"What?" Lucius asked.

"Daddy funny" squealed Harry in between his giggles. Lucius just cocked an eyebrow at the exuberant kid. He smiled inwardly remembering that the child was not so happy about two weeks ago.

Lucius sighed Time to get this over with.

"Severus" Malfoy said a little louder.

Snape woke up with a start, dropping his scotch bottle in the process. The sound of the heavy glass bottle hitting the polished chestnut varnished oak wood floor and breaking, sent Severus' reeling head into double-time. Snape groaned as he tried to get up only to flop back down.

"Really Severus, have a bit more decorum, especially in front of your son."

Severus looked up to see Harry in Lucius' arms he looked so different, gone was the extremely malnourished and skinny boy. Harry looked as if he gained about fifteen to twenty much needed pounds. Harry's hair was no longer messy and dark brown but ebony black like his and was curly and long, reaching the young boys shoulders. His once green eyes, were still green but had threads of silver gray and black in them. They were no longer guarded and fearful, but bright and happy. His skin no longer sported scars and bruises but was a pale milky white.

"He has Narcissa's nose."


"Absolutely not!" Lucius yelled.

"But Lucius I need your help" Snape countered.

"No Severus I refuse-"

"It's only for a litt-"

"I refuse to be burdened with that child!" Lucius spat out. Both men were staring at each other both looking as if they would not take no for an answer.

"thowy I don't mean to be a urden"

Severus eyes widened while Lucius was doing a pretty good imitation of a fish out of water. They both forgot that the child was in the room.

"I'll go now" and with that said Harry hoped of the chair and ran out of the room. He ran and ran until he ran right into Narcissa.

"oh hello, why aren't you with Sev?" Narcissa asked as she scooped Harry into her arms,

"I'm tho thowy, really I am I don't mean to be an urden" Harry mumbled.

"What, Harry who told you that."

"Ucius" He mumbled. Narcissa narrowed her eyes.

"Oh he did, did he?" She said. Two minutes later Narcissa barged into her husbands private quarters.

"Lucius Octavian Mourtemus Malfoy how could you!" she yelled.

"Cissa" Lucius began but stopped when he saw her eyes glow blue and silver horizontal lines appear a cross her cheeks. He new what that meant, his wife was a little over half incubus and now considered Harry as one of her own. He remembered when Draco was born how he could not hold his son for three months.

"No Lucius, if Severus needs us to keep Harry safe we will. Do I make my self clear?" Narcissa growled.

"Of course dear" Lucius said soothingly desperately hopping it would calm her. In an instant Narcissa features returned to normal, she smiled and walked over to her husband and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thanks darling" Narcissa said, she then turned around to face Severus.

"Listen Sev just keeping Harry here is not going to keep people from finding him for long."

"I know, Cissy but I cant brew the potion now, Im going to be busy with post war activities." Severus countered.

"What potion?" Lucius asked feeling a bit put out. He was a Malfoy; Malfoy's were never put out especially in their own home.

"Oh it's just a potion that would make Harry Severus' son indefinitely and related to any one who contributes blood to the potion when it's in its fourth stage. Don't worry Sev I could brew it and while I'm at it I can heal Harry."

Severus sighed he had forgotten that Narcissa was a potion mistress and a certified healer.

"Thank you Cissa."

"Its nothing Sev I just need a via of your blood."


"I noticed, thank Merlin" Lucius drawled, it was no secret that Severus' nose was a bit on the hooked side.

"Lucius, why does Harry have unusually sharp canines ?" Severus asked when he saw Harry yawn.

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