Title- Little Things

Summary- Severus Snape is not a kind man. Oh no! He is not nice, sweet, nurturing, sympathetic, caring, loving… nope he's none of those things, so why when Harry is turned into his 4 years old self at the final battle does Snape make Harry his son, quite literally.

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Chapter 5 - We're of to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of hog!

Many weeks passed and it was soon time for Severus to return to Hogwarts. Cameron's birthday came and the boy was now five. Severus thought back to the small party he had planned for his son.


Severus entered his son's room, it was August 9th and was Cameron's new birthday. He spotted his son snoring softly in the middle of his bed and held back a smile. Severus then sat at the side of Cameron's bed scooping him up in his arms as he did so. Cameron didn't budge if anything his snores got louder and he snuggled himself into his father's chest and started to drool. Severus shook his head and gently began to shake him awake.

"Wake up little one", he said quietly.

Cameron's eyelids fluttered and he squinted, upon seeing his father he buried himself deeper into Severus' chest and tried to fall back asleep.

"No Cameron" Severus said softly, shaking him once more.

"Why?" Cameron asked rubbing his eyes.

"Because it's your birthday" Severus explained while sitting Cameron in the chair by his bed. Cameron was confused as to why he was having a birthday; he had never had a birthday before only good boys deserved birthdays.

Picking out a dark gray dress shirt and a coal colored pants he then chose an emerald green summer robe to complete Cameron's outfit. Looking at the cloths disdainfully, Cameron asked,

"Where are we going?"

"No where", Severus answered while untangling Cameron's bed matted hair, "You my son will be having a birthday party."

He watched as his son eyes grew wide and exclaimed happily. He then got off his chair and danced around the room in all his giddiness. Severus understood his behavior, knowing that he had never received a party before. And much to Severus' delight, that the party would be small.

The Malfoys and three young children around Cameron's age were all the guests that would be attending. Two of the children were his son's friends, the first was Claudia Ratignolle. A pretty little French girl with brown glossy curls and stormy blue eyes, her mother had been in Severus' acquaintance for many years and when he made it known that he wished for his son to learn French she jumped at the opportunity. The other Montgomery Whickham, whom Cameron had affectionately dubbed Monty. The little boy was Severus' former apprentice's son and had wavy reddish brown hair and light brown eyes, the two, Cameron and Monty, had met on accident and became fast friends.

The third was one of Lucius' cousin's children. The boys name was Robin Xavier Malfoy. He had the trade mark Malfoy gray eyes but his mother's chestnut brown hair. Lucius felt that Cameron becoming friends with Robin would benefit both boys in the future.

"Happy Birthday", Severus said when he finished dressing Cameron. He pulled out a small box and handed it to his son. He wanted his son's first gift to be special and so he thought of something that Cameron would have for a long time.

Cameron opened his gift slowly reveling in the fact that he had just gotten his first birthday present. The present revealed to be a silver necklace with the Snape family crest carved out of onyx wit a silver inlay pendant. Cameron smiled and looped it over his neck, taking the pendant in his hand he ran a tiny thumb over the engraving. There was a Algerian style S with two swords crossing over it one sword was the sword of Salazar, the handle dine in tiny emeralds the other was the Snape?

"Thank you" Cameron whispered and hugged his father.

"Come now let us prepare for your party." Severus instructed as he lead his son out of his room.

By 1:30 both Monty, Claudia and their parents had arrived. While Severus conversed with the adults, the children sat at a smaller table waiting for the Malloy's.

"Cameron, where is 'e?" Claudia whispered as she pulled on one of his curls. Cameron slapped her hand away and replied,


"ze boy zat we are waitin for."

She explained as she continued to tug on his curl. Cameron shook his head loose and shrugged his shoulders, Claudia pouted, and she then turned to Monty and began to speak with him. Cameron sighed and looked around, the place looked splendid. They were in the small formal dinning room. Decorations of silver and white were every where. Sparing a glance at his father, he saw him look at the clock and sneer. Twenty minutes later they were informed that the Malfoy party had arrived.

Narcissa was a vision in a plum colored dress with a darker purple robe over it. The dress was a simple summer gown, sleeveless cut low, empire waist and fell straight to the floor covering her feet. Here hair was swept up in a elaborate bun. Lucius stood next to his wife in black silk robes, underneath was a navy blue waistcoat and silver high collared shirt, completing the outfit were black trousers, his robe hade silver braiding on its hems. Draco wore something similar to his father although his waistcoat was a lighter blue.

"My! What a beautiful girl" Narcissa exclaimed as she set her eyes on Claudia. Indeed, Claudia was dressed in a pale yellow dress with a matching hat that made her eyes seem even bluer. The sleeves were short and trimmed with gold lace, the hat was beret styled with a gold lace overlay , her little hands were encase in gold lace gloves and her feet in dainty gold slippers.

Claudia smiled at the praise and curtseyed in thanks.

"My name is Robin and it is a pleasure to meet you Cameron." The brown haired boy said as he stepped out from behind Draco's legs. Cameron smiled slightly at the boy, to Cameron Robin did not seem as warm as Monty or as bubbly as Claudia. Cameron got the feeling that the boy did not want to even be here and when the others played games he would make snide comments and criticized them for being babies, despite the fact he was only a year older than the rest of them.

Many hours later and after the cake hade been served it was time to open presents. Cameron was sitting in Draco's lap while his pile of presents materialized before him. Cameron smiled politely but made no move to open his presents.

"Its ok Angel, you can open them", Draco whispered in Cameron's ear.

"All of them?" He asked quietly. Severus then got up and pulled Cameron into his arms,

"Yes all, every single last one of them." Narcissa then handed Cameron a small box unwrapping it carefully he gasped at what he saw his very first snitch. The flying gold ball laid dormant in its glass case.

"Happy birthday Angel." Draco said extremely proud of his gift. Cameron smiled and continued to open the rest of his presents, he received books, and games but the best present came from Lucius and Narcissa. Cameron saw the last present to be opened on the floor, it was a large box wrapped in white paper and had a large silver bow on the top. He lifted the lid and out came a fluffy white Samoyed puppy, with steel blue eyes and a matching silver bow around his neck.

Severus sputtered.

Claudia cooed.

Lucius smirked.

Narcissa smiled.

Severus continued to sputter.

Draco snickered.

Monty grinned.

And Cameron had the most stunning smile on his face that the Dark Lord would have been in line handing out food to homeless muggles.


Now Severus was looking at the snow white puppy named Nivius tug the covers off of his son. The puppy was truly gorgeous and had already showed that he was fiercly protective of his owner.

"Stop that Nivi." Cameron growled. Turning away fro the offensive animal and yanking his covers over his head. Nivius then turn to look at Severus, an understanding passed between man and animal, Severus cursed himself silently, he had just agreed with a dog. Then the puppy looked at Severus a silent questioning in his eyes, Severus just nodded. Nivius took a deep breath and started to howl.

Cameron was awake in seconds blinking owlishly at his pet. Severus sniggered but couldn't really help it so he laughed. Cameron stared at his father and pouted.

"Serves you right you should have been up an hour ago, we have to leave soon." Cameron had the proper decency to look properly chastised; Severus sighed and picked him up.

"Are you all packed?" Severus asked as he threaded his hands through his son's tangled mass of curls. Cameron nodded, in truth Minky had packed all of his belongings last night while he and his father had dinner.

"Good, now lets go and have some breakfast." Cameron smiled and lowered himself off his father, taking his fathers hand he lead them to the breakfast room.

Several hours later found both father an d son of the Hogwarts Express that left two weeks early to take teachers back to the school. Cameron having not been on a train before was thoroughly excited. The compartment was expanded giving Severus much needed room, since Cameron insisted that Nivius be let out.

Cameron sat opposite from his father with Nivius at his side. He was stroking the dogs fur and looking out the window when he asked,

"Will Claudia and Monty still be able to visit me?" Severus quirked up at the question and responded,

"Yes. Will you also like for Robin to come?" Cameron shrugged and continued to watch the trees past through the window.

"What is it?" Severus asked becoming concerned.

"Well I just don't think Robin likes me."

"And why would you say that?" Severus responded becoming genuinely interested.

"Because he said that I was ill bred and shameful."

"Do not listen to him, do you understand me son?" Cameron nodded in the affirmative. Severus seemed calm but inside he was seething, he felt like hunting down the little brat and using his tongue for potions ingredients but the smile on Cameron's face halted his thoughts.

"Now, what is that smile for?" Severus asked starting to smile himself, he could not help it the boys smiles were infectious. Cameron was practically bouncing in his seat with joy when he replied,

"I can't wait to see Santa again." Severus rolled his eyes and proceeded to correct his son.

"His name is professor or headmaster Dumbledore. He is not Santa Claus." Cameron nodded and responded in a disbelieving voice,

"Okay Daddy,whatever you say." Severus pursed his lips and found that he really did not care if his son had called Albus the tooth fairy, as long as the boy was happy he was content.










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