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"Now do you understand?"

"Yes. Danny Phantom grows up to be the most evil ghost on the planet. What do you want me to do about it?"

"You're the master of time, Clockwork. Isn't it obvious?" One Observant echoed.

"To save the future, Danny Phantom must perish!"


"It's your future, do you want fries with it?" Mr. Lancer had just finished his speach on the CAT test that they had to take. The test that would determine their future. Mr. Lancer locked the suitcase with the answers to his wrist and walked off the stage. Danny just stared, stunned.

"What are you waiting for? It's the perfect chance to take him out."

"That's the problem with you observants. All you do is observe."

"You know our oath. To watch." The Observant stated.

"And never act. Which is why you bring me in to do your dirty work. Dark Danny's one weakness is someone he'd like to think doesn't exist anymore." Clockwork mussed. Behind him a shadowy figure appeared. The figure was cloaked in a jet black robe with the hood pulled over the head so all you could see was the glowing green eyes.

"But Danny does not know her!" Observant one stated.

"Dark Danny does, and that's what counts. Danny will meet her when the time is right. She's always been there, he just doesn't know it." He turned to the figure and told her, "Go to the future and wait, you'll know when to start. I want you to convince Dark Danny to surrender." The figure nodded her head and dissapeared.


"Tucker help me get this thing off of him." Sam yelled as she tugged on the clamp around Danny. Skultech's medalion fell off, sending him to Clockwork's lair, with the trio. Behind them a young girl jumped in the vortex after them. When they appeared in Clockwork's lair the trio looked around.

Little did they know that a teen with black hair and blue eyes was in there too. Sam watched one of the globes, seeing Dark Danny. Danny came up to view it too. Tucker was the first to notice the girl. "Who are you?" The others turned to her.

"Danielle what's it to ya?" She snapped back. Danny stepped up to her. "Why are you here?"

"Cuz I flew in after you...Danny Phantom." Danny gasped. How did she know? And did he hear right, she flew! "I'm Danielle Phantom, your twin."


"Yeah, in case you didn't know you were born a twin, but some ghost took me when we were babies, I grew up here in the Ghost Zone. Last year Clockwork premitted me to leave to be with you."

"So your the reason this last year felt...normal, even though I was fighting ghosts." She nodded. "Who's Clockwork?"

"That would be me." He appeared behind them. "Good work Danielle, stick with him now, he'll need your help." The three friends still had no idea what was going on. Danny was still trying to deal with the fact that he had a twin. But why he was never told about it he couldn't figure out. Unless his parents didn't talk about it because they were so mad at the ghost that took her.

Sam was watching the globe again with Danny's future self. "Who's that shaddow figure?" Tucker and Danny looked over.

"Black Angel." Clockwork simply said.

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