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It was then Danielle, now Black Angel rejoined Clockwork. The once loving, caring Danny was gone, a thing of the past. Now the only thing to hope for would be a chance to steer him right again. She knew it could be done. It took 10 years for her to develop the right tactics to win him back, but she knew it would be well worth it. Him trying to change the past made it all the more perfect for the plan to work out. To work it out so that the accident never even happened.

Notes: On some places, I will purposly leave some lines out when I quote the movie.


Black Angel appeared in front of the Nasty Burger. 30 minutes early. She decided to wait behind the Nasty Burger. He'd show up soon enough. Danny stood at her side. He had no idea what was going on. Black Angel leaned against the side of Nasty Burger. There was no need to save the Nasty Burger. She was confident that she could get Dan Phantom to take care of that.

30 minutes later

Right on time Dan, Mr. Lancer, and Danny's parents appeared. Danielle appeared at the back of the Nasty Burger where Black Angel and Danny where. "I'll watch small Danny you take that jerky older version of him." Danielle told Black Angel. Black Angel simply nodded. She dissapeared, then reapeared behind where Danny's parents were. No sooner was she there, then Dan became his olderself when Jazz used the Fenton Pealer on him.

His evil laugh filled the air. "What kind of ghost hunters are you? You couldn't even figure out that your own son was half ghosts!"

He held out his hand to glue them to the boilers. But before he could glue them, a voice stopped him. "Stop."

It was a simple command, and yet, it caused him to stop and face the one that spoke. When he turned around, he saw Black Angel. He was mad. "Why do you stop me?"

"Do you really want to go through that again? Remember what it was like the first time?"

"Of course I remember the first time!"

"Then why go through it again?" He said nothing. He really didn't want to relive it, but, he also didn't want to change what he had. "Think about it."

He thought long and hard, but still decided, he would go through with his plan. He thew out his hand to grab them again. But a firm hand on his stopped him again. He turned to her. "Why!" She said nothing for an answer, just stared at him. She knew he was getting the message. After several minutes, she said, "Because I'm your sister."

Exactly what triggered the response he gave, he couldn't say. But he turnned into pudding and hugged her. Not a life crushing hug, but that of a brother and sister hug. Black Angel turned down her hood, revealing herself. "I'm sorry, but, how can I fix it?"

"We are in the past aren't we..."

"Uh, yeah..."

With a wave of her hand, the Nasty Burger was restored to it's original conditon, earning a cheer from Tucker. "But the test, I've already messed that up, I can't fix."

"But I can. You see, growing up with Clockwork taught me more than just how to win every fight. I have some time control." She held her wrist out, and pushed a button on her watch. It sent her, Danielle, Danny, and Dan back to the test time. Danny sat down to take the test, this time, without cheating.


Okay, I don't feel that was the best ending, but then I haven't been getting that many reviews. So I decided to end it sooner than planned.