I spat at her just before she left. No one had ever betrayed Captain Jack Sparrow without paying the dire consequences. My left arm pulled at the restraint that bound me to the mast. There was no use of this. If anyone truly knew Captain Jack Sparrow, they knew he would find a way out of any situation. Once the longboat was out of near sight, I began to make my move.

Unsheathing my sword with my free hand, I stretched out far. The tip of my blade rimmed the metal ring. Further I outstretched in great desperation, catching the ring on the sword. Lifting the dead lantern knocking it against the heavy wood. The glass shattered across the deck as I positioned the falling oil to run over my hand as well as the handcuff.

"Come on."

I mumbled through grunts. I pushed as hard as I could, making my hand comply with my actions. Pain seared over my fingers as they were moved to slip through the handcuff. I clutched my hand into a fist then opened it again repeating the actions to ease the pain. The risky action left my knuckles red as I rejoiced in haste.

I turned slowly to face my fate. The long tentacles remained submerged, but the Kraken decided to show his face. It's mouth opened bearing it spiral of teeth, giving a deafening roar. Mucus flung from the warm cavern, coating my body and clothes. In a matter of seconds, it stopped seeing as I didn't move.

"Not so bad."

I muttered with a scoff, wiping the slim from my face.

"And my hat!"

I exclaimed in sudden joy, picking it up. I slightly flicked the hat, breaking the string that attached it to the deck. I centered it back on my head just like I loved to wear it and readied my sword. In a moment it was upon me, and then silence.

The tearing of flesh brought me back to reality. A drip fell on my forehead; a clotted scarlet substance ran down my nose. Cries of distress came from the creature above me, like a hawk stuck in it own snare. The blood rode the blade down to the handle my fingers growing sticky. It's jagged teeth tried to reach me, but time after time they failed.

A chuckle rolled from my lips. Triumph sounded through my body as I twisted the blade drawing more blood from the creatures' mouth.

"You shall always remember this as the day you almost captured Captain Jack Sparrow."

I faulted at the sea dweller. My joy didn't last long as I stumbled back losing my balance. I rolled to the other end of the ship, the sword still lodged in the roof of the monster's mouth. Its tentacles gripped the ship with great force as water began to fill the ship's deck.

The salty water flushed over him as his eyes grew wide. Once again the mouth was upon him only this time, he had no means of escape. Water surrounded him as well as his Pearl as he was taken under the waves.

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