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SUMMARY: Sakura and Naruto are facing Orochimaru to get back Sasuke. Naruto has been knocked out and only Sakura is left to fight. Orochimaru uses a forbidden jutsu on her and she finds herself in Konoha when team 7 were just little kids. She experiences everything they've been through first hand and intervenes in turn, changing the future. Team 7 are best buddies and Sasuke talks to her and acknowledges her. But she is her weak old self again. After a while, she begins to regret what she did. She realizes that the only reason she became the strong person she was today was because he left. So now Sakura is pushing herself past her limits to make sure that everything turns back to normal.


A sharp pain shot up his spine as he slammed into the wall. He landed roughly on the ground hurting his bottom as well. The boy had several cut and bruises and was bleeding heavily in many places. When he tried to stand up or even go up on his knees, his body would collapse from the immense pain.

In the background, he could hear the voice of a girl yelling in worry. But it just went in one ear and out the other. He could barely make out what the girl was saying. His eyelids began to get heavy and his head began to droop. He tried to keep the darkness from consuming him, but failed. Soon it took over and the boy felt his head hitting the cold hard ground. Then he felt nothing.

" Naruto!"

A girl with bubblegum hair ran to the boy who passed out a second ago. She picked him up in her arms. Her viridian orbs scanned his face in worry. The kunoichi placed two fingers on the side of his neck and began to check for something. Her heart jumped a beat when she felt a faint pulse underneath her fingers. She carefully laid the boy back down and turned to face the people before her.

" Well, if it isn't Sakura-san. You're the last one left. We'll give you a chance to give up now and we might not take your life, but if you don't comply then you'll end up like your pathetic friend there. Well which is it?"

A smirk grew on the girl's lips and there was a flint of hatred in her eyes.

" I'd rather die than ever give up to the likes of you."

The man smirked and adjusted his glasses. Then he ran his hand through his silver hair once.

" You sure about that Sakura –chan?"

" Kuresai! You got some nerve to call me that Kabuto."

" Dosda?"

" Don't act like we're real good friends. You don't even know me."

Kabuto just chuckled. He then turned his gaze to the raven haired boy next to him.

" Ne Sasuke-kun , you heard that. Your teammate is quite a funny one."

"Hn. I have no teammate."

Sakura felt as though her heart stopped beating for a second. Sasuke just said that he had no teammates. Why would he do that? What happened to him? What had Orochimaru done to him?

Sakura then turned to the snake-like man himself. He stood there musing at the girl's current condition. As much as she hated to admit it, she was in deep trouble. She and Naruto had fought for a while, and she was lucky enough to avoid using any chakra, but because of it, she sustained many injuries. She had many cuts and bruises and was bleeding in many places. But she wasn't about to give up. No way!

" My Sakura-san, you sure have seemed to have changed a lot , since the last time we met in the chunin exams." said Orochimaru.

The kunoichi took a step back, stunned that the monster was actually talking to her. The other two began to look at the girl as well and observed her and her actions. It was true. First, her outfit had changed . She no longer wore that red dress. Now she wore a white sleeveless tee (which was currently stained in blood), which had the Haruno symbol in red on the back and black shorts. She still wore the same ninja sandals like everyone else. Also her left leg and arm were dressed up in bandages (which were also stained in blood). On her right leg, she also had bandages for her kunai holster. On her right arm, just below her shoulder, she had a small purple diamond much like the one on the godaime's head. Also she had a small pouch around her waist that held weaponry and supplies. And finally, she wore her headband to hold her shoulder-length in place, like she always did.

" Besides your change in appearance, I heard that you got stronger as well."

That intrigued Sasuke's attention for the moment. The unreliable Sakura had gotten stronger? As far as he was concerned, she had done barely anything when she got here, she only dodged a couple of attacks and had picked a small fight with Kabuto which was ended very shortly by Naruto's form hitting the wall. This would be interesting.

" I heard that you also trained with a lot of other people including, my dear sannin friends and the copy ninja himself. You must be a lot stronger now."

A smirk crossed the girl's lips. She knew that Orochimaru was the third legendary sannin, but she would never train with a creep like him. But she was quite confident of herself. She had improved every aspect of a ninja by training with so many people. It had been six years since he left , and she had been waiting for this day for a long time. It was now her turn, and she wouldn't let them down like she always did. Now everyone was going to watch her back.

Sasuke was a little shocked after hearing who she had trained with. But he shook it off. Just because she trained with them didn't mean that she was any good. He then saw the pinked haired kunoichi look in hid direction.

" Sasuke, even if it is the last the thing I do, I promise that I will bring you back home."

Sasuke almost gasped as he saw the look of determination in her eyes. He had never seen such bold eyes ever shine on her face. She was the only that always needed to be protected and saved. How much could she have changed?

" Very well then, Kabuto, go after the girl, rip her to shreds!" Orochimaru hissed.

" Hai danna!"

Then the silver haired shinobi charged at the girl. He came in with a punch to her face. He was surprised when he halted. Standing in front of him was the girl, blocking his punch with her arm. Then the girl took a firm grip on his wrist, and using just that one hand threw him over her head to hit the walls.

So far, Sasuke was not impressed. Any shinobi could do that move. It was basic taijutsu.

Kabuto picked himself off the ground and came at the girl with a jumping sidekick, which she countered with a roundhouse kick of her own. The two broke apart and charged at eachother again. They both hit eachother in the abdomen with an uppercut punch and knocked eachother back into the walls after skidding on the floor on their backs.

Both shinobi got up again, and charged once more. Kabuto came in with a punch, and to his dismay ,she disappeared. Then she reappeared in front of him and punch him hard, sending him flying in the air. Then she brought herself up there and delivered another blow.

" Konoha Senpu!"

Now the Uchiha was surprised, that was Lee's move! Where did she learn it? Kabuto was coming in for another attack when Sasuke appeared in front of him and stopped him.

" I'll take it from here."

" As you wish, Sasuke-kun."

Then Kabuto went to his master's side. Sakura couldn't help but feel sorry for the evil bastard. He was harmless unless Kabuto did his jutsus for him. It was all thanks to the sandaime. She would never forget that old geezer.

Sakura turned her attention back to her opponent. Now it was Sasuke. He had a menacing look in his eyes that sent a few shivers down her spine. Why did he want to fight her?

" Well Sakura, its been a long time."

" Sodana."

"That move, I wonder where you learned it. If memory serves me, that's Lee's."

" What about it?"

" Just wondering."

A smirk spread across the Uchiha's face. This could be an interesting match. So Sasuke readied his sword and as if on cue Sakura readied a metal pole which she took from her pouch. Then the two charged at eachother. Metal clashed against metal and neither opponent backed down. The suddenly Sakura put hers away and got into a fighting stance.

' What a fool.' thought Sasuke.

Then he charged at the girl with his sword in full swing. Once he swung it, the girl disappeared and reappeared at his side and delivered a roundhouse house kick, which the Uchiha barely managed to dodge. She had caught him off guard. He had to admit that her taijutsu skills had improved a bit. But she would need more than that if she wanted to defeat him.

Sasuke waited and the girl charged at him and came in with a front kick for a blow, but to her dismay, he caught her foot. Then he took the end of her sword and smacked it into the girl's abdomen and sent her skidding back a few feet. Then he increased his speed.

Meanwhile, with the help of Kabuto, Orochimaru conjured up a forbidden jutsu to use on the girl. She was too busy fighting to even notice. He smirked. It was almost ready.

As soon as he reached her body, he began to plunge his sword into the kunoichi until an image of the girl crying flashed across his mind. It was from the night he left. She had tried to stop him from leaving. The sword hit the ground next to her. And the Uchiha stayed frozen his place.

Sakura got up, surprised by the boy's action. Why did he stop? The girl bought herself to her feet and stared intensely at the boy. Then she heard a shout, and two people murmur something, and a huge purple colored chakra blast hit the kunoichi . Smoke covered the area. When it cleared Sasuke saw nothing. She wasn't there anymore. She was gone.

The Uchiha looked daringly at his two comrades. They were quite pleased with what happened.

" What did you do to her?" he asked in deadly voice.

" I sent her back to childhood."

Then Kabuto picked up Naruto's unconscious body and began to leave with Orochimaru. He told Sasuke to come along. They had to get ready for when the girl would return and Naruto was bait.


Sasuke took one last glance at where Sakura had been and growled. He pulled his sword out of the ground and walked away. It served her right.

Sakura woke up to find herself in a grassy field . Surrounding her were various kinds of flowers. She tried to sit up but fell back in pain. What had that snake done? Once again, she got up ignoring the pain.

The kunoichi walked around for a while and took in her surroundings. Why did this place seem so familiar? She walked a little further and was shocked at what she saw next. Just up ahead was a small figure with her head on her knees crying. She had bubblegum hair and viridian green orbs. It was her.


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Kuresai- shut up

Dosda- what's wrong


Hai -yes

Sodana – that's right

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