Summery: Yami is a sensitive. He has known that all his life. But what happens when a spirit named Yugi comes knocking?

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Chapter One Beginning

Yami sat crossed legged. His square/circular crimson eyes watched with amusement as a small transparent girl danced in the sun that came in through an open window.

Yami smiled as the girl spun, making her very faint brown hair spin, the sun caressing her deadly pale skin.

"Yami-kun..." said his mother, a woman with crimson eyes and tri-colored hair of red, blue, and black. She walked into her son's ex-room, seeing as they were moving out. She saw him sitting on the floor watching something that would be invisible to the naked eye. Her eyes grew. "Atemu! Stop!" she yelled yanking Yami's shirt.

Yami blinked in surprise and watched as the girl stopped. Her pale face full of worry before fading away with a small smile and wave. "Thank you" was what she mouthed before her form was gone.

Yami looked into his mother's eyes. They were filled with tears that threatened to over flow. "Atemu! You promised me you wouldn't do that any more!" his mother scolded in a harsh tone.

"Bu-bu-but momma. She needed my help!" Yami protested in his small voice. He was told not to. He knew that he wasn't supposed to. But the voices kept talking to him and spirits kept begging him to help and kept talking to him.

"No! Just ignore them!" she said before picking up his backpack and yanking him out of the house and into a van. "You are never aloud to speak to them ever again!"


"Because, ounce they find out you are sensitive, they will yank you around the world into different situations and make you speak to spirits! And one day hey might get a harmless spirit mixed up with a demon!" she explained in an angered tone.

Yami kept the tears that had welled up in his eyes from falling. He had already been told that, but it still made no sense to him.

16 years later

Yami sat as he watched the TV flickering in front of him. He had long ago given up channel surfing. He was bored out of his mind at this point.

"Meditate!" a voice in his head said.

Yami shook his head. "No! No meditation today! I am bored, not vulnerable!" Yami said to nothing. He sighed not getting a reply. That was how it was. Being a sensitive that is. He got up and pulled on a jacket.

"Boo!" A teenaged girl popped out in front of him. Yami rolled his eyes at his 'ghost'. The transparent girl smiled as her green eyes glistened. "Where are you going?" she asked.

Yami sighed. "Sorry Nekshi. You still are to young of a soul to fallow me." Yami said.

The ghost sighed. She knew that to well. If she dared to leave the apartment, she would disappear slowly and end up back in the small living room where she died.

Yami looked at the sad face of the transparent girl. "Don't worry. I'm just going out to go to the groceries and take a walk. I shouldn't be gone to long." He said with a small smile before he left getting a nod.

Yami walked on the side walk, rain lightly petaled his hair and jacket. He sniffed the clean air. He loved it when it rained. It always seemed to deprive him of his worries and troubles of being a sensitive. His crimson orbs looked around and smiled at all the people who were rushing to get away from the rain. He turned his head back forward and...


Yami landed on the ground and looked up. Not again. He thought. His eyes rested on that of a young man, looking to be in his late twenties, almost the same age as Yami himself. His features were transparent, and his skin pale. But his brown eyes glimmered with hope and love and most of all. Guilt.

Yami continued to stare at the ghost.

"You can see me?"

Yami slowly nodded.

"Then. Then. Then you can help! You can help me! Please!" the ghost almost sounded distressed.

"I'm sorry. I don't think I-"

"Come! Fallow me!" the ghost said, pulling Yami with an invisible hand to the naked eye.

Yami caught a few stares when he was yanked through crowds of people, now entering the middle of town.

The ghost stop suddenly at a duplex and stared at the house.

Yami rested his hands in his bent knees and huffed, trying to get air into his lungs. "You... run... to... fast." Yami panted.

"In there. It. Was my daughters birthday. I went. I went to work that day. But then. Then there was this horrible flash and cars! And then I saw them burring me!" the man said.

Yami blinked. "The you know you have no place here any more. You should be in the Havens." Yami said.

The man shook his head. "No. I need to give her her present. It is in the closet in my room. Please. You have to give it to her. I know... it is past her birthday by days. But I need her to know I still care." the man said with ghostly tears.

Yami sighed. "Come on. You will need to be here to tell me where it is." Yami said giving up on trying to say no.

He and the ghostly figure walked up to the house and Yami rang he doorbell.

A young girl walked up to the door and opened it to see Yami. "Hello. Can I help you?" she asked, removing a stand of her red hair away from her dazzling amethyst eyes.

"That is her. My daughter. Nedisa." the ghost said in a proud voice.

"Nedisa. Right?" Yami said.

The girl looked surprised. "How did you know my name? If you are from the cable company, we paid the bill yesterday. Good bye." she said as she started to shut the door with a scowl.

"N-no! Wait! I'm not from the cable company! I am here on behalf of your father!" Yami said holding the door open with one hand.

The girl stopped. Her eyes filled with grief and anger. "Go away! How dare you come to my house and speak of my father!" she yelled at him.

"Stop!" Yami said. He hated yelling more then any thing. "Listen. I am a sensitive. Some one who can see and hear the dead. Your father is here with me! Please! Don't shun me out just yet!" Yami said. Dang. I sound like that girl from Ghost Whisperer. He shook the thought out of his head.

"How can I be sure of that."

"Ask me anything that only you and your father would know. And I will ask him. If he gives me the right answer. You have to let me in. If not. Then I can leave and never come back."

The girl bit her lip. "What was my most happiest moment?"

Yami looked over the ghost. He looked to be in thought before he looked back at Yami. "When she sang for the school recital."

Yami looked at the girl. "You sang for a school recital he says."

The girl's jaw dropped. She blinked a few times before opening the door wide open. "What does my father need?" she asked, letting him in.

Yami stepped slowly inside the house. "He said to me that it was your birthday not to long ago. He wanted to give you a present." Yami said. He looked and watched as the ghost hovered to the far end of the house and turned into a room. Yami, fallowed, the girl on his heels.

The ghost looked up into a closet, then looked at Yami and pointed up. "It is up there. It is a small box." he said. Yami went up to the closet and gripped onto a shelf and felt around for the said box. The girl looking at him like if he was crazy.

Yami finally felt a velvet covered box and took it down as he hopped away from the closet. "Here." he said to the girl as he gave it to her.

The girl looked at him. Then at the box. Then at him again.

"Go on. It is from your father." he said.

The girl took the box from Yami's hand and opened it. Tears streamed down her face as she saw a necklace with white crystals and rubies in the shape of a heart. She picked up a note and read it aloud. "To my dearest daughter. Happy birthday. I hope it is a special one, because you are a special person." she dropped to her knees and wept into her hands.

Yami bent down and lightly patted her back.

The ghost smiled and looked up. "I have to go." he said. He turned back to his daughter and smiled. "Tell her I love her." he said before disappearing.

Yami nodded and smiled.

The girl looked up. "He. He is gone." she stated, more then she asked.

Yami nodded again. "He says he loves you."

Yami walked down the street again. He had finished up with that ghost about an hour ago and found out the father died within a car crash and that in that family, the male always dies that way.

Yami sighed. He was glad he wasn't related to that family. He shivered at the thought. Wait! I don't even drive! Yami frowned. He had a drivers license, yes, but didn't want to buy a car. Heck. He didn't have enough money for one!

He walked into a store and wandered through the aisles and into the freezer section. He sighted a ghost there inside the freezer and he turned away.

Nope! No more today! Yami thought.

The ghost appeared in front of him.

"You can see me. I know it!"

Yami got a very bad feeling about this one and immediately forced up a shield. A white shield appeared between him and the ghost. Most people would not see it if they weren't a sensitive.

Yami walked around the ghost and rushed out of the store, leaving the store manager that had seen Yami's strange behavior, dumbfounded.

Yami slammed the door shut to his apartment and laid down on his couch.

"Are you okay?" asked Nekshi, seeing Yami rush into the small living room.

Yami shook his head. "Demon ghost." he muttered as he flipped onto his side.

Nekshi nodded. "Oh. I see." she said. "Maybe this would be a good time to speak with your spirit guides." she insisted.

Yami nodded and stood up. He pulled out a dining chair and sat in it and relaxed. He sat up straight, feet flat on the floor. He closed his eyes and took three long deep breaths before he felt himself being surrounded by darkness. He opened his eyes to find a light shining down on him. Like a spot light.

Five people surrounded him.

One was a woman with dark brown hair. Then there was a man with blonde hair. Another woman stood next to him, her hair blond also. A child was also there. It was a boy. His hair was red and curly. And last. There was a man with black hair. Of course, Yami could not see any part of their faces except their mouths and noses.

"Hello, Atemu. Is there something wrong?" asked the men with blonde hair.

"A rush in with a demon ghost." Yami said with a sigh.

"Don't dread! Make this experience a positive one! Don't ever think otherwise!" said the child.

Yami smiled. He knew each and every one of them.

The brown haired woman: The teacher of Doctors. She was to keep him from becoming ill and help him make right choices in keeping healthy.

The blonde haired man: The protector. He was to protect Yami from negativity that was given to him. And keep evil spirits at bay when Yami was vulnerable.

The blonde haired woman:The teacher. She taught Yami how to get ahead when in school or work. Always helping yami understand things.

The red haired child: The Joyful spirit. He kept Yami up from depression. He would always make Yami smile and make him look to the bright side of things. No matter how impossible they seem.

The black haired man: the Master teacher. He was the boss of the other four. He was the one that was to lead Yami to the after life.

They were all his Spirit Guides as they would call them. Every on has one, he knew, but no one ever really listens to them or tries to contact them. Mostly only physics and sensitives.

Yami spoke to them for a while, telling them about the ghost that he helped and about the 'demon ghost'. Mean while...

Mrs. Pendent(random! XD) walked up to Yami's apartment and knocked. It was inspection day to make sure the apartment users didn't mess up the apartment and so he could pay her the monthly rent.

"Hello? Mr. Muoto? Are you there?" she called as she pressed her ear to the door. She didn't hear the shower on, so she decided he wasn't home. "But I still need to have inspection..." she mumbled. She fiddled with her ring of a thousand keys till she found the one with his apartment number on it and stuck it in the key hole, trying to unlock it.

Nekshi watched the door knob being fiddled and turned. "Oh no! Yami! Wake up!" she called trying to shake Yami's form out of the trance.

Yami's eyes snapped open. "What? What happened?"

"Some one is coming!" she said pointing to the door that was opening. Yami stood up and put the chair back and walked into the living room to come face to face with Mrs. Pendant.

"Oh! Mrs. Pendant! I didn't hear you call." Yami said with a small smile.

"Oh I see. Umm... inspection." she said. Yami nodded and let her look through the apartment and came back satisfied. "Rent?"

"Here you go." Yami said handing her a check with the rent amount on it.

"Thank you, Mr. Muoto." she said as she started to exit. "Oh yes!" she said before Yami closed the door.

"Hmm?" Yami hummed looking at her.

"Please call the repair man to fix your heater. It is cold in your living room." she said before leaving.

Yami closed the door and looked at Nekshi.

"Hey! I'm just being a ghost! Don't blame it on me!" she said in defense.

Yami rolled his eyes. "Yeah. And I am being a human. What? Can't I look at you after I am told to fix my heater because she felt a cold spot?"

Nekshi frowned and Yami smirked. He won this time.

"You better warm up this coming winter Yami. Because I ain't gonna let ths slide." she threatened.

"Mmhmm. You keep saying that." he said as he yawned. "I'm tired. Good night." he said before going into his bedroom.

"What ever meat bag!"


"Dang you!"

"Dang you too!"

Yami smirked to himself as he slipped into bed. He was so tired. Just putting up the shield and contacting his Spirit Guides themselves wasted a lot of his energy. He relaxed and let sleep take him, hoping tomorrow he could go somewhere without being met up with a ghost.

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