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Chapter Two: Nightmare returns and memories hurt.

Yami smiled as he cuddled in his bed. He felt so warm and didn't want it to stop.

Yami's eyes snapped open upon feeling an invisible hands yanking on his soul. He felt like he was chocking and couldn't breath. His eyes got water as he tried to sit up.

His vision became blurry with the tears in his eyes and suddenly he felt numb. His soul completely left his body.

After what seemed to be like an eternity, Yami felt a two hands. One caressing his hip, and the other running through his tri-colored hair.

His crimson eyes opened slowly. He was in a black area. Nothing else was there. No sign of anything living but his ragged breaths. He sighed as he leaned back into something soft.

Wait. Soft?

Yami looked above him to see his worst nightmare.

"N-Nel?" he stuttered.

"Hello, my love." the said man purred, his green eyes held lust in them as they bore into Yami's fearing crimson orbs.

"What are you doing here? Where am I?" Yami yelled as he tried to sit up. A sting went through his whole body and he hissed at the pain.

"Now, now Atem. I thought you would remember. You can't break away from my magic."

Yami glared at the brunet man. "Let me go."

"Why would I do that? Remember, Atem, you are mine."

"Bastard. I am not your's!" Yami yelled at him. His deep voice echoed throughout the dark room. Yami tugged at his legs, trying to get out of the stronger man's arms.

Nel felt his grip on Yami breaking and held on tighter, digging his nails into Yami's hip.

"Erg." Yami muttered as he continued to try and break free. After a few minutes, but what seemed hours, Yami broke away from the grip and tumbled a few feet away from the said Nel.

Nel stood up from where he was sitting a looked over Yami as he stood up on weak legs.

"Your exactly the same." he muttered. "Stubborn. Lonely. Un-confidant of your powers. Oh. But you can be much, much more, Atem. Just come with me and I'll take you under my wing. I will show you how to control your powers; to weaken your enemy." he said looking straight at Yami

Yami lowered his head a bit. "You said the same thing before..." Yami muttered, his voice trailing off.

–Flash back–

Yami walked down the street, staring at his shoes. He was trying to ignore the voices that were talking to him. But it was just giving him a headache.

Yami was sixteen now. He just recently had a birthday; dating December 12. Light snow petals whisked passed his face, something ever hitting it as they turned to water at the touch.

Yami smiled. He loved the cold weather. But his mother hated it, thus always telling Yami to do the shopping and going to the bank, ect, ect, for her. He didn't mind. He actually always went to the fridge the night before and would throw away food so he could leave the house.

He didn't have any friends. The only friend he had was the neighbor. But the girl couldn't walk. It was a horrible birth affect. Yes. She was crippled. But who really cared? Yami sure didn't. She as always there for him to call if he had a problem with something, including visions, feelings, and dreams.

Yami sighed as he continued to walk through the snow and onto his destination know as the store.

Yami felt a tingle in his stomach, and that made him feel sick. He looked around looking to see if there were any people nearby. But the only people was an old man, attending two young children.

Yami shook his head. I think I'm just hungry. He said in his head.

"Heh. You feelin' sick?"

Yami spun around to face a man, maybe a year or two older then him. His green eyes were piercing as they looked at Yami. The man ran a hand through his black and blue hair.

Yami took a few steps back. "Who are you?" Yami asked.

"My name is Nel, dear boy. And your's?"


"Mmm... such a lovely name. Where are you heading?"

"None of your business." Yami snapped.

The man closed his eyes and clapped his hands together, making him look like he was praying.

Yami watch carefully. He couldn't leave. He wanted to, but his legs just wouldn't move.

"Your name is Atem Muoto. Your sixteen and attened Domino High School. Friends only include a crippled girl, and right now you are going to the supermarket, holding thirty dollars in hand."

Yami's mouth dropped. "Ho-how did you know? Are you spying on me?" Yami stuttered.

Nel chuckled. "Heh heh. No dear boy. No I am not. Actually. I'm one of those psychics. I can tell anything about you just but concentrating enough. You're a sensitive, no?"

Yami blinked. "I have to go." Yami said quickly as he started to walk away.

Nel appeared in front of him. "I could teach you. Take you under my wing and teach you everything you want to know. I'll even teach you how to control your powers; weaken your enemy too."

"I don't have enemies." Yami said quickly, walking around Nel.

"Hmm... That is not what I saw. I saw you constantly being bullied. You were hurt, and several times you have gone to the hospital because it got to out of hand. But you couldn't help it. You begged them to stop. And then. Something would hurt them, making them believe it was you.

"But it wasn't. It was something much more bigger then you. Much more powerful. I can teach you to control that and make it do your bidding.

"You and I; we are alike in so many ways. We are different from the world. So different. That people fear us; if even they learned of out great power. We could make all the pain and suffering go away. But all I need is you."

Yami gulped; taking in all the information that was given to him. Yes. He was constantly picked on and yes, they were always hurt after that and he was blamed for it. But no. He didn't want to kill or hurt any body.

Yami felt a hand on his shoulder and he looked up. "Call me when you make a decision." Nel said as he gave Yami a white card with a number.

Yami blinked and the guy was gone.

–Several days later–

Yami concentrated had on his subject. A stray cat. He furrowed his eyebrows as he tried to read its past.

"Ag!" Yami said, giving up. "I can't do it Nel-sama." Yami sighed.

"Yes you can Atem. No concentrate. Let your spirit leave your body and let it transfer to the cat and look into its memories." Nel commanded.

Yami sighed again. They had been at this for what seemed like hours. He was tired and wanted to stop, but he knew Nel wouldn't let him.

Yami closed his eyes and clasped his hands together in front of his face, looking like he was praying. He relaxed every fabric of his being and let only the cat be on his mind.

After a few moment Yami's crimson eyes opened. "Female. Age. Four weeks. Chased by dogs and other cats ten times. Last eaten. Yesterday, was given some left over meat by a child at a barbeque." Yami said.

"Good. Good." Nel smirked. His student had gone far in the last few days. He was enjoying every moment of it. "Your doing very well Atem. One day you will pose a great threat to me." he praised.

Yami laid down on his back. It hurt. All day he had been sitting on the floor, Indian style, his back completely straight. Hey. It was better then hand a board in my shirt.Yami thought in his head. Yami closed his eyes and nodded at his teacher's words.

–Nel's POV–

I looked down from his spot on the couch to Atem's form that was laying on the floor. Something struck my heart. I felt... attached to him.

Heh. If I could have anything I wanted at this moment. It would be him.

I stood up and picked up the cat and placed it in my kitchen. I had a soft spot for cats. Quick creatures that I was told were very powerful.

I sighed seeing Atem still on the floor.

"Come my boy. Why don't you sit on the couch for a little bit?" I suggested.

"Hmp." was all I got. He was tired. I couldn't blame him.

I went over to him and picked him up and laid him down on my couch.

He shifted.

I think he fell asleep.

"Hmm.." I hummed as I ran a hand through his lovely tri-colored hair.

I kneeled down on my knees and rested my head on his shoulder. Why I did this, was completely beyond me.

His breaths were even and his soul was calm. Not alert. I smirked.

Maybe it is time I teach him something out of my rings of teaching.

–Yami's mother's POV–

I sat on the couch waiting for Atem to return home. I changed his name. And my name to though. But I still called him by Atem. Why did I change our names? Because we had to go into hiding. After Atem's father learned of my family's secret of being a straight line of Sensitives and Psychics, he told every one and everyone wanted us dead.

I shut my book.

"Where are you Atem?" I asked aloud. It was ten past nine. Atem never stayed at school that late.

Wait. He has never stayed at school late at all... oh crap.

My eyes filled with rage.

He took it. He took the offer. The offer that that man gave him. Who knows what could be going on! And me not knowing where he is, or if he is even safe.

The door opened and shut. I stood up to see Atem walking with a limp up the stairs.

"Atem! Where have you been?" I asked.

He looked at me. His once lively crimson eyes were dulled, matching that of black.

"I-I-I'm going to finish my homework." he chocked. Tears brimmed his eyes.

"Atem." I whispered as he rushed into his room and slammed the door shut.

After a few moments; I walked up the stairs to Atem's room. I could hear sobbing.

"Atem. Will you open the door?" I asked.

There as a few shuffles and a sniff before the door opened.

"Atem, what is wrong?"

Atem shook his head, more tears ran down his tanned cheeks.

I walked into the room, and pulled Atem into my lap. He might be sixteen. But he is still my little boy.

"What did he do to you Atem?" I asked in a desperate tone.

"He-he-he raped me."

–Flash Back Ends–

Yami glared at Nel. He hated every fragment of Nel.

The man smirked at him. "Now now my boy, you can't still be upset."

"Wanna bet?" Yami scoffed.

"Oh come now-"

"Oh shut the hell up." Yami snapped.

"Hmm... if I'm not mistaken. You owed me for giving you classes."

"I was young and stupid. If I had known you had other plans I would have ripped up that paper and burned it."

"But you didn't. It was you fault. Your own fault. You should listen to those such as your mother. She told you not to; but you became like me and ignored her and went along with your own pleasures."

"Shut up! I'm not like you. I'm not an arrogant bastard."

Nel put his hand on his heart and made a hurt face. "Why Atem, that hurts. After all I taught you-"

"You taught me nothing as far as I know. My mother had to stip me of my learning to get every fragment of YOU out of me!" Yami pointed his finger at him.

Nel smirked. "Hmm.. That is to bad. All that hard work. All gone because you listened to your mother."

Yami's eye twitched. He didn't want argue with this lunatic any more. He concentrated his energy on making his soul go back to its body.

Yami's eyes snapped open and he sat up gasping for breath as he looked around. He was in his bedroom again. He sighed and placed a hand over his heart.

"Ra damned bitch." he muttered as he pushed himself out of bed.

Yami walked down the street, looking straight ahead as he made his way to the Domino Cemetery.

He paid no attention to those spirits that mourned for their family that they lost.

He walked up to one under a willow tre and sighed as he brushed away some of the dust that had settled on the tomb stone. The tomb stone read:

Cathy Hends

March 1, 1980- January 2, 191993

A close friend can never be tone apart. Living or not.

Tears prickled at Yami's eyes. That was the last thing she had said. And to him.

–Flash Back–

Yami and Cathy passed a basket ball.

"I doubt that you could try out for basketball, Yami." Cathy said, her brown eyes sparkled as she passed the ball to Yami. "Now I on the other hand can!"

"Ha ha." Yami chuckled. They had been doing this for the past hour. Passing it back and forth. Now and then trying to make baskets.

The girl smiled as she rolled her wheel chair over to him. "Poke!" she said as she poked him in the ribs, messing up his shot.

"Aw what? You can't do that!" Yami said as he giggled a bit. She poked his ticklish spot.

"I can, I will, I would, and I did." she said as she leaned over and picked up the ball and made a shot.

"Aww. Look at the freaks! They are playing together!" called a young man.

Yami and Cathy turned around to see a guy with blonde and blue eyes, holding a basketball. He and two other guys were making faces at them.

"So what if we are playing together! Got a problem with that?" Cathy snapped at them.

"Oh look! Crippy is mad at us!" the guy said again, in a fake fearful voice.

Cathy was about to roll over to them when Yami grabbed the wheel chair. "Don't waste you energy on some lame-brain fuckers." Yami said.

"What did you call us?" the blonde said as he came up to Yami and grabbed him up by the shirt.

"Lame-brain fuckers!" Yami said again.

"Oh you are gonna pay you freak!"

"No! Leave Yami alone!" Cathy begged as she grabbed the blonde's arm.

"Let go crippy!" he snarled as he wrenched his arm away, knocking her out of her chain.

"LET ME GO!" Yami yelled as he kicked the guy in the stomach.

As soon as the guy let go Yami went to aid his friend.

"Cathy, you okay?" Yami asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah Yami. I'm fine." she said with a smile. Her smile turned to a frown quickly. "Yami watch out!" she yelled.

Yami turned his head and just barely caught the punch that the older boy hand thrown at him.

"Bitch!" the guy yelled as his friends came to his side and pushed Cathy down the driveway and into the street.

"Ca-Cathy!" Yami yelled as a car was coming at a fast pace.

Cathy looked and started to push herself to get to the sidewalk.

Fast Forward–

Yami sat next to his friend in the hospital, his face bruised and his hand cut. He looked down at Cathy.

Sadly the driver did not see her, and made a head on collision.

The boys who were beating Yami up stopped seeing the girl get hit. They all had ran away while Yami went to Cathy and picked her up and ran into his house, as he yelled for help.

His mother had driven them to the hospital where the doctors imedieyetly tried to help the crippled girl. They finally did get her stabilized and put her on life support, but they told Yami and her parents, that she would not make it through the night.

Yami fought back sobs and only let tears fall down his face. When the doctors saw him beaten, they took him to go get fixed up.

But he didn't want to. He wanted to be near Cathy's side. She was the only friend he had.

The door opened, startling Yami and making him jump.

His mother walked in with a sad smile on her face.

"How is she doing?" she whispered.

"Okay.. For now." Yami said quietly. Cathy's parents were temporarily out of town and left Cathy to stay with Yami and his mother for the week. But when they got called from the hospital, they told the doctors to put her on life support till they got there.

Yami's mother went to her son's side and placed her hands on his shoulders. "She'll be okay, Atem. She will." she said.

Hours later the doctors got a hundred button calls suddenly, all leading to Cathy's room. When they got there, Yami was holding Cathy's head and begging her to wake up.

The heart monitor showed that she was going to die any minute and they tried their best to revive her.

"Nine twenty six p.m." one doctor said as soon as Cathy's heart beat stopped.

–Flash Back Ends–

Yami placed some white roses in a vase that was at her tomb stone.

"Hey Cathy. Me again. I haven't been here in a while huh?" Yami said.

Cathy's transparent spirit appeared to him with a smile.

"Hi Yami. Yeah, you haven't! Where have you been?" she asked.

Yami shrugged. "Random, boring, lame things." Yami replied.

"Anything you say that is boring would be much more fun then sitting here all day and all night listening to these other guys crying out to people that they know won't hear!" she said.

Yami chuckled a bit. "Yeah. Good point." Yami said. He looked down.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"He came again."

"Nel?" Yami nodded. "Baka he is! Why can't he just get a life?" she asked aloud. Yami had told her about it a few days after he was raped. She was shocked and if she hadn't been bound to the cemetery, she swore she would have killed him.

Yami sighed as he sat down under the tree, leaning back against it. "I don't know. I guess he is to stupid to get one." Yami agreed.

They both talked for another two or so hours, saying what they wished they could have and who they wished would die, and o course Cathy saying some stupid ghost jokes that she had over heard.

Yami walked out of the cemetery and down the streets. He had yet to go to the store and bank.

There was a loud screech and a loud bang as two cars collided into each other.

Yami gasped and dialed 911 on his cell phone. "Hello? Please send and ambulance to the intercourse of Wendale and Sprek! There has been an accident!" Yami said as he went o the cars.

After getting a 'they are on their way' Yami hung up and helped a man as he pulled out the bodies of the two driver's.

Yami saw one of the driver's spirits walking away and then disappearing as the ambulance came.

"No! Don't bother with him. He is already dead." Yami said as the men came up to the man's corpse.

They both looked at each other and went to the other man's body.

Yami blinked as he saw the ghost of the young man watching as they took his body. He turned and looked at Yami.

"S-s-sir! Please! What is going on?" he asked. The young man looked very young. In about is teens. His hair was tri-colored like Yami's and his eyes were large and colored amethyst.

Yami felt weak all of a sudden. "I'm sorry. I think you are dead." Yami said to the spirit.

"Thank God! This one still has a pulse!" one of the ambulance guys called.

Yami was confused. "Please. Stay with your body." Yami said to the ghost. People looked at him like if he was crazy. "Do as I say and it will all be okay." Yami said as he walked away, leaving the ghost to think.

The ghost blinked and did as he was told. He turned to fallow his body when he felt very heavy. And the next thing he knew. He was surrounded by darkness.

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