The twins used the list again hesitantly. They were beginning to wonder whether any suggestions from anyone in the club were going to work, or just make things worse.
Mori's suggestion had been next. Tamaki had bothered to write down the only two words that frequently came out of the quiet boy's mouth.
"….." and "Mitsukuni."
"I'm sleeping over at Kao-chan and Hika-chan's house!" Hunny ran around their room excitedly, fully decked out in light blue chickie pajamas. He even wore socks that cheeped when he walked. It was so cute it almost hurt.
"I don't see how having Hunny-senpai sleep with us is going to help." Hikaru threw out as a suggestion. Hunny's eyes got all teary and Kaoru stopped the flood by pushing him towards the bed.
It was awkward. It was like, sleeping with an oversized stuffed animal. That made cute noises in its sleep. And smelled like frosting.
Apparently, that didn't stop Hikaru. Who knew that a small senior could fly so far across the room.

Kyouya pushed his glasses up, absorbing the situation. Hunny was asleep on Takashi's lap, and Kaoru asleep on Hikaru's. "The amount of victims has doubled. Can't you two figure something out?"
Hikaru brought out the list that they had angrily crumpled several times. "Well…"
"Bereznef knows how."
There was a shriek from Tamaki as a dark presence loomed into the room.
Everyone cowered in fear.
"Bereznef will put a curse on Hikaru, then-"
"I don't want a curse, Nekozawa senpai! I want to stop kicking Kaoru, not to die!"
Hikaru pulled out a flashlight, aimed it expertly, and the creature of darkness fled.
Tamaki came out from behind Haruhi. He opened his mouth to comment, but an extremely loud whirring noise started coming from the floor below them.
Kaoru was awakened by the racket. They all knew what was coming.
"How sad and tragic! Two brothers are plagued by their midnight struggles! What can they do?" Otaku alert.
"We can probably do it without your help, Renge." Kaoru mentioned.
Renge put her arms around them both. "Such beautiful drama. We can only assume Hikaru is kicking Kaoru off the bed because deep down, he no longer wants him there! Yes! He wishes to take the bed for himself, and can only act out his feelings in unconscious displays of anger!" She began to descend back into her hole. "How? How will they resolve it?"
Hikaru rolled his eyes, yet caught sight of his brother's face.
It was slightly tormented. "You…don't want to sleep with me anymore?"
Ouch. The rest of the club watched intently.
"I never said that! I don't think that!" Hikaru protested. He reached for his twin, and Kaoru avoided his touch.
Double ouch.
Enter Haruhi, resolution extraordinaire. She held the list out to them. "You haven't tried my idea."
"Sleep in two different beds." -Haruhi.

The twins didn't speak to each other for the remainder of the evening. It made their parents very, very nervous. They were either mad at each other, or plotting something. Neither of which could be any good.
They had the maids set up two beds in their room, across the room from each other.
Kaoru buried his face in his pillow as the lights went out. This bed was cold. Wherever he stretched his legs or arms to, all he felt were sheets. They smelled like laundry detergent and felt rough. Nothing warm, nothing soft, and no rythmatic breathing to lull him to sleep. He pulled his face out of the pillow and tried to adjust his eyes to the darkness. He eventually could make out the form of Hikaru, lying on the other bed. Kaoru eyed the rising and falling of his chest carefully. He despairingly buried his face back in his pillow. "He didn't want to sleep with me anymore after all." he thought.
"I'm not asleep." Came the immediate response from the other bed. There was a rustling of sheet and blankets. Kaoru didn't know whether to smile or cry.
An hour or two passed. Hikaru had been staring at the glow in the dark stars they had plastered on the ceiling when they were little. He sighed and pulled the blankets closer. No matter what he did he couldn't get warm.
Hikaru hesitated with his words. Kaoru must be asleep by now.
Hikaru breathed a sigh of relief. "We're 16 years old."
"Its normal to sleep in two different beds."
"I'm cold."
"Me too."
"You can come over if you want."
"I'll kick you off."
"…its okay."
Hikaru stood over Kaoru's bed a minute later. "This bed is too small for the both of us." he said. He'd practically have to sleep on top of his brother for it to work.
"I have an idea." Kaoru got out of his bed. With Hikaru's help, he pushed it across the room until it was next to the other.

"…so you just pushed the two beds together and you slept fine?" Tamaki was trying very hard to understand what went on.
"Yes!" They both responded enthusiastically.
"If we were in separate beds, Hikaru wouldn't kick me off."
"But we can't sleep unless we're in the same bed."
"So it was one big bed made of two separate beds," they chimed in together.
Kyouya scribbled in his notebook furiously.
Hunny offered them a congratulations cake.
Mori said nothing.
Tamaki tried for the rest of the day to understand why it worked.
Haruhi smiled. The simplest idea was the best after all.

The Host club is now open for business.