This is dedicated to Jessica and Jeannie for finishing this A is for Angel, alphabet city, April, actual reality, AIDS and Akita evita

B is for Benny

C is for captain crunch, camera and Collins

D is for documentary

E is for east village

F is for five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes

G is for guitar

H is for Halloween

I is for Idina Menzel

J is for Joanne and Jonathan

K is for kisses

L is for life support, light my candle, loft and la vie boheme

M is for Mark, Maureen, and Mimi

N is for no day but today and New York

O is for over the moon, one song glory, and out tonight

P is for pickle tub

Q is for queer

R is for rent and roger

S is for stoli, scarf, and Santa Fe

T is today 4 u and take me or leave me

U is for upstairs

V is for vacant lot

W is for Wilson Jermaine Heredia

X is for xtras

Y is for your eyes and yuppie scum

Z is for zero dollars

A/n: this was something I wrote awhile back and forgot to post, then when I went to post it I couldn't find it.