The ways that you know you're obsessed with Danny Phantom: fanfic style!

Disclaimer: I don't own Danny Phantom, Butch Hartman does. If I did, then Danny and

Sam would be together.

A/N: this is my first fanfic on this site. I wrote it in a composition notebook first so that I'd then be able to look at it and them type it. It's in script format so, I'm sorry if it bugs people. I thought it would be funnier this way. I'll just start it now because I'm babbling on.


Danny, Sam, Tucker, and I are standing around.

Me: Hello and welcome to-

Jack: comes running towards with the jack o nine tails GHOST!

Me: AHHHHHH! Hides behind a trash can

Danny: Uh dad? She's not a ghost

Jack: looks over at the trash can sadly you're not?

Me: comes out from behind the trashcan with my hands on my hips If I were, would I be standing and not floating?

Jack: no

Me: That's what I thought.

Jack: Aww! Walks away

Sam: Can we please continue?

Tucker: looking up from his PDA or you could go on a date with me.

Me: I'm not going on a date with you Tucker.

Tucker: Aw crap. Turned down again.

Danny: Can we PLEASE get this over with?

Me: Yes. As I was saying, welcome to " The ways that you know you're obsessed with Danny Phantom." Fanfic style.

Danny: Wait I have a TV show?

Me: Danny, how may times do I have to say it? Yes. You do have your own TV show.

Danny: um hehe, I knew that.

Sam: rightttt.

Tucker: uh oh. My fan girl sense is tingling. Danny, you'd better run Dude.

Danny: Wait. I have fan girls?

Sam and I: DANNYYY!

Rabid fan girls come running towards Danny

Rabid Fan girls: OMG DANNYYYYY!

Danny: AHHHHHH! Flies off

Sam and I: BACK OFF! Both get out tranquilizer guns

Fan girls: HA! What are you gonna do? Make us happy?

Sam: you obviously don't know what tranquilizer guns are used for.

Sam and I start shooting fan girls

Fan girls: you can't- fan girls get hit Nighty night. They fall asleep

Danny: comes back is it safe?

Me: yes it is.

Danny: thanks

Me: no problem

Sam: I think I'll keep this

Me: they look so cute when they're not trying to grab Danny

Sam: you're right.

Tucker: Now will you go out on a date with me?

Me: NO!

Tucker: NOOOO!starts crying

Me: check back next time!

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