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What Sharing a Room Can Cause
A Harry Potter fanfic by NadHolic

Sharing a room with only one person makes you watch your roommate more than you'd watch them normally. Watching them makes you notice things you'd otherwise miss.

For example, sharing a room makes you notice the way your roommate's hair is pointing at every possible direction when they wake up and watching that every morning makes you notice how absolutely cute it makes them look like. Not to mention that utterly charming smile they flash at you.

And noticing how cute they look in the morning, you also start noticing how handsome your roommate is when he puts on his school uniform. Not to mention that while they're undressing in the evening, you are forced to notice how damn sexy your roommate is when they unbutton their shirt. Not to mention how they look when they open their belt buckle, so carelessly.

Sharing a room with someone of whom you've noticed all this kind of makes you live constantly on the edge. You need enormous amounts of self-control if you don't wish to let your roommate to know what you think of them and still you'd be on the edge had to be careful.

Percy Weasley does not like to live on the edge.

That is why he has stopped looking at Oliver Wood when he yawns in the morning, or when he dresses his school uniform or when he undresses to get to bed. He has also stopped looking at Oliver when he bites his pencil during Transformation classes or when he desperately tries to stay awake during the long hours in the History of Magic classes. And he doesn't anymore talk to Oliver that much, pretending to be to busy with his studies.

But, as we all know, sharing a room means that you see your roommate all the free times. And if you happen to have classes with him, you see your roommate there, too. And even if you'd try to do something about not seeing them, you would still be living on the edge.

And Percy Weasley does not like to live on the edge.

But he isn't the top of their class for nothing, he's a smart boy. It takes only a few days of him to figure out a way to get away from the edge. And being a Gryffindor, it only takes him two weeks to gather the courage to do something about it.

It wasn't until two days later when they finally discovered the lifeless body of the Gryffindor Quiddich Captain in the Forbidden forest.

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