simpl joo: thank you, Irsool for editing. The quality of writing isn't that great cause MTM (mindcontrole through music, thank you, summerpeach for inventing such a wonderful word) was working its ways with me when I wrote this. This fic is dedicated to 382. I like you so much it hurt.

by simplyjoox382

It starts off as a simple crush, she is beautiful in a way that no one else is. He didn't know he would fall so hard. He saw her and fell. He fell. He fell and he can't get back up.

He didn't plan on liking her, hell; he didn't plan on liking anyone. Uchiha Itachi has always been alone, and he wants it to stay that way. He wants to believe there is no room for Hyuuga Hinata in his heart. She would only make him weak.

His heart is heavy but his mind seems light. For once, he's confused. He likes her so much it hurt. Like his insides would slip out if he dared open his mouth. Thinking of her brings a smile to his face, dreaming of her brings unshed tears. Itachi thinks he's going crazy.

The pain in his chest is almost unbearable. He feels it constantly, clawing away at his heart and he is sure that one day, his heart will break whether Hinata is there or not.

He loves her. He just simply loves her. He loves her and that is all. He loves her to a point that it breaks him.


:I want to be free: