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This is part 5 in the series:

1. Atlas
2. Crescendo
3. Flux
4. Diminuendo

"Rika and Ryo are the big guns." Takato said decisively. "I'd feel a whole lot better knowing the two of them will be looking out for us."

"Yes, I figured. I'll make the calls."

Ryo sat in his physics class, not exactly caring about the coefficients of springs. He was far more interested in Rika, who sat in front of him and to the left. They'd gone back to their usual routine of awkwardness, arguing, and significant gazing, and while Ryo, like any seventeen-year-old of course wanted more, he was just glad to have her back in his life.

He felt bad about never paying attention in that class. Or rather, he felt bad about not feeling bad for never paying attention in that class. Or most of them, really. His teachers had this little game they played where they'd try to catch him off guard to embarrass him in class, but he had his homework done far more often than not, so he did know the material, and hadn't been caught with his guard completely down just yet. Physics was by far the worst, though. The teacher never actually taught anything, he just took up the previous day's homework. All period. Every day. Always. Typically there was about two minutes of note-taking that might as well have just been photocopied out of the textbook.

"Ryo Akiyama?" Mr. Togashi called confidently, right on cue.


Ryo realized that he was called since he must have looked bored. He peeled the side of his face off of the textbook, and glanced at the chalkboard to figure out the last question that was answered.

"6.38 meters." Ryo said. He looked at the teacher as he waited for him to ask Ryo to write out the solution on the chalkboard in full. It took a whole second, but Ryo was soon on his way to the chalkboard, binder in hand. He quickly copied down the solution, and took the opportunity to correct the mistake the teacher had made in the last problem, before returning to his desk and sitting down.

Mr. Togashi was one of those people who hated being proven wrong, which was unfortunate seeing as how he was an incompetent asshole. He could hear whispers of his classmates as he sat in his desk, some of whom found his 'defiance' more amusing than he did, but he did smile a goofy little smile when Rika shot him a little grin as she shook her head.

"Care to explain that?" the teacher asked, unimpressed.

"You told us they were supposed to be done this way." Ryo replied, indicating the board.

"No, I didn't."

Ryo grabbed the books off of the desks of the two people behind him, and the one beside.

"Yeah, you did." Ryo answered, flipping each book to the previous day's note, and indicating. Ryo typically didn't have a problem with authority, but Togashi had this fun thing he did where he'd tell the class to do things one way, then come in all fire-and-brimstone the next day saying he never did.

Most of the class had turned so that they could see Ryo's face as well as the teacher's, and most of them had looks of intrigue, and looked to be awaiting a fight to break out.

"Ryo Akiyama, if you have a problem with the way this class is instructed, then please go ahead and lea—"

The threat was interrupted by a high-pitched musical jingle.

Mr. Togashi looked confused, but Ryo knew he himself looked lost, especially since the song that was playing was "It's a Small World", and because it was coming from his pencil case.

"What have I told you about bringing cell phones to my class?"

He'd never actually told Ryo anything, but he didn't mind taking the blame for one of the other students on that one. Ryo typically did have it on him, but it was always off from the start of the day to finish. He just liked having it around before and after school incase Will needed to leave a message for him. Hell, he'd been invited to leave, and might even have somewhere to go to. Bonus.

The ringing continued, but even Ryo was a little nervous to remove it. At least, until another series of beeps went off, this time coming from the row in front of him.

"Both of you get out."

Ryo didn't say anything, and neither did Rika, who gathered her things, closed her binder, and walked out the door behind Ryo.

"You're such a tool." Rika said to Ryo with a little laugh as they both headed out of the classroom amidst the giggles of their classmates who could still hear them.

"Yeah, you too." He replied, wishing he could think of something wittier. Or something that even made sense. "Thanks for screwing around with my ringtone, by the way."

"You definitely had it coming."

"Probably." Ryo murmured. "Who's calling, anyways? Nobody ever calls me."

He knelt down a little to toss his books to the floor. Leaning against a locker, he unzipped the pencil case and pulled out his phone, which displayed, '1 MISSED CALL'.

"Hippos?" Rika asked quietly. Ryo looked at her, who was looking at her own phone.

"Huh? Hippos?"

"HYP-NOS." Rika articulated with less frustration than he'd typically expect from her.

"Oh." Ryo confirmed, wishing he hadn't tried to confirm 'hippos' with her. "Yeah. Me too."

"Well, let's go see what Yamaki wants." Rika said with some reluctance. "You driving?"


"Henry." Was Takato's immediate answer.

"Well, that one is rather self-explanatory. But I'll need your reasons for record-keeping purposes, of course."

"He's saved my life at least a half-dozen times, he's the best-team player we've got, he's brilliant, and level-headed."

"Oh. Right. That."

Henry was in his third-period class, which was a peer-tutoring program for computer studies. Basically, he got a credit for helping out students in a new programming course. The course had been more popular with students than the school had been anticipating, and since only a handful of the faculty could teach even the most basic levels, the few who were trained requested that it be added to the list of the peer-tutoring courses.

The course itself was open—which was the school's first mistake—so any student in any grade could take it. There were a few students in the class older than Henry, which was a little awkward, but people tended to be cool about it. Most of them were the same age or younger though.

"Why isn't it working, Henry?" one student, Jeff—Henry was pretty sure that's what the guy's name was.

"Well, let me see."

Henry looked at the screen, silently reciting the code to himself. He soon noticed what was wrong.

"There." Henry said, indicating. "You see that line there? It's working with this one up here, and it's throwing the whole thing into a loop."

Jeffrey sighed in frustration. "I really thought I had it."

"Hey, don't worry, just take your time." Henry said comfortingly. "Let me know if you need help, but I think you'll be able to figure it out, okay?"

"Yeah, okay." The boy answered, unenthused, but not especially disappointed. He walked to the next student's computer, but as the guy paid no attention to him, Henry didn't speak, as things seemed to be working fine for him.

Next to that student, however, was a younger blonde boy who always had something interesting going.

"What've you got today, Will?" Henry asked.

"Physics formulas." He replied confidently. Will was the adopted brother, or half brother, or something, of Ryo's. Henry didn't really know or care for the details, since he didn't talk much with Ryo lately. He held no grudge towards Will though, who was an extremely bright student. Henry felt a big rush of pity whenever he saw the boy though, who had just lost his mother two months earlier.

"Sounds boring." Henry admitted with a grin. "Go on?"

"You just pick the unit from this list here," Will indicated a list on the left which held items such as 'Kinematics' and 'Time Dilation'. As he clicked on it, a new window opened up with a prompt. "Then you just put in any variables you have already, and it'll calculate everything you're missing, with all the work showed and everything."

Henry was impressed. "Uh, don't share this one with anyone, okay? Some of the teachers might be pissed if they found out there's stuff that makes their class material even more unnecessary."

"Oh, okay." Will replied, a little dejected. "What do you think, though?"

"I think it's your best one yet." Henry barely had time to notice the boy's face light up when he felt his cell phone vibrate in his pocket.

"Yes?" Henry asked as he answered the call.

"Henry, it's Yamaki." The man said as professionally as ever. "I need for you to come to the Hypnos building."

"Uh, I can't just leave class." Henry said quietly. He wasn't even supposed to have his phone on him.

"I've already spoken with your parents and teachers, they don't have any problems with it."

Henry rolled his eyes. Hypnos paid for most of the newer textbooks in the school's library, so it was no surprise that they'd bend rules for Yamaki.

"Alright, I'm on my way." He clicked his phone shut and stuffed it back into his pocket, before grabbing his jacket off of a chair he'd left it on.

He slipped it on and hurried back over to Will. "Hey, if Jeff can't get that program of his working, can you help him out?"

"Uh, maybe." Will said, looking over. "Who's Jeff?"

"Him." Henry said, indicating.

"That's Jim."

Well, I had the 'J' right.

"Oh. Crap." Henry grumbled. "Can you help him if he needs it, though?"

"I can try, I mean I'm not as good at this as y—"

"You'll be fine." Henry said with a little laugh and a pat on the arm. Will was probably better at it than Henry was, but there was no chance they were going to let someone even younger than Henry help teach the course.

He glanced to the teacher, who nodded back, which was enough approval for Henry to leave.

I wonder what this is all about?

"He's on his way." Yamaki told him. "How many more?"

"Three." Takato answered. "Jeri and Kazu should be out of class by now."

"You want Kazu on your team?" Yamaki was clearly trying to hide his concern.

"Yes." He nodded. "He's resourceful, and he's not bad in a fight. Besides—he's matured a lot since you've seen him last."

"I'll take your word on it." Yamaki said with a shrug. "But Takato…"


Yamaki sighed a little, evidently at a loss of what to say.

"I understand that you and Jeri have feelings for each other, but she doesn't have a digimon."

"I know."

"Then why bring her along?"

Takato scratched his head, messing up his admittedly messy hair. "Jeri's just as valuable to the team as I am. Besides—don't forget that I don't have a partner either."

"I understand that, Takato, but I know you're still capable of leading the team, Guilmon or not. I need to know why Jeri should be there."

"Jeri'll always do what's right." Takato said flatly. "Call her our ambassador—if we need to make any kind of negotiations, deals—if we need any kind of diplomacy for this, Jeri's going to be the most approachable and personable one of us. If there's any chance of non-violent solutions, Jeri will be the one to find it."

"Hah!" Jeri said, triumphantly slamming down her next pair. Kazu snickered at her, and Jeri saw that some heads had turned at the volume in which she declared her victory. It was third period, which was Jeri's free period, and she was playing cards with Kazu, which was their usual tradition. Most of the other kids used their free periods to either nap or to catch up on the next class's homework that they didn't do the previous night. But Jeri knew Kazu always tended to have his done, so she made sure she'd have hers done too, so he wouldn't have to be bored by himself.

She actually felt bad, since the only card game she knew how to play was Go Fish. Kazu's tried to teach her a few others, but she just couldn't get into it.

"Alright, alright." Kazu admitted defeat as he stood up and walked to the vending machine, slipping some coins in. "Root beer?" he added, hopefully.

"Mmm, no." she said after some false consideration. "Let's go with Sprite."

The way it worked was whoever lost the first round had to buy the bottled drink they'd share for the rest of the period.

"You know, one of these days we're going to play a REAL card game."

"Oh, we'll see about that."

Jeri had been getting pretty confidant in her Go Fish abilities. She hadn't even been bringing any money with her the last few days to test herself. She was pretty sure she had some change in her locker, but it was way on the other side of the school. That, and she was wearing a skirt, so she didn't have pockets, and her purse only had bills that the machine wouldn't take.

"Where's Takato today, anyways?" Kazu asked, sitting down as he set the bottle down.

Jeri shrugged. "Not sure. I saw him this morning, but I didn't see him at lunch, and I looked in the Bio lab before I came here and he wasn't there."

"…Stalker." Kazu muttered with a grin.

"Shh!" Jeri hushed him, looking faux-guilty, and kicking his shoe. Of course, her own shoes were open-toed, so it hurt her more, but she'd live.

"Alright, I'm bored." Kazu declared as he wrapped the cards in a rubber band and tossed them at the chair Jeri's purse was on. "Name something we can do."

"Hm." Jeri pondered. "What's your middle name?"

"Where're you going with this?" Kazu looked puzzled.

"I'm curious."

"Yeah, no." Kazu said defiantly. "Come on, think of something."

Jeri thought for a moment before she put her purse on the table. Maybe there was something inside that could occupy the time.

She reached inside, and took each item out individually to keep Kazu—and even herself—hopeful.

"Okay." Jeri said with false excitement. "We've got—my cell phone, make-up, wallet, your cell phone, notepad, green gel-pen, and a Hot Wheels I thought looked cool that someone left on the floor."

Kazu perked up. "You know, I was ready to declare you "World's Most Boring Purse" before that. And why do you have my cell phone? I was looking for that."

"You left it on the table here yesterday, and I stuffed it in there. Sorry, forgot to tell you."

"No worries, thanks, thought I'd lost it." He picked it up and turned it on. "One missed call in 24 hours. I rock."

Jeri grinned, and as he said it, her own phone vibrated against the table, producing a terrible sound that nearly made her jump. "Hello?" she asked, answering it.

"Jeri, it's Yamaki."

"Hi, Mr. Yamaki, how are you?"

"I'm fine Jeri," he answered hurriedly. "Can you and Kazu come to the Hypnos building please?"

"Sure thing, we'll see you there." She hung up the phone and stood up, stuffing everything on the table back in the bag.

"So, I'll bet you a root beer Takato's with Yamaki at Hypnos." She said as Kazu tossed his own phone in her purse. She didn't question it, but he confirmed their deal and the two left the room.

On their way out, Jeri spotted Ryo coming down the stairwell, Rika behind him. At first glance she wasn't sure if they were going somewhere, or if he was running away from her. But once she confirmed with herself he wasn't fleeing, she called to them, and they came over.

"You guys get called too?" Ryo asked.

"Yeah." Jeri nodded. "Takato's probably with Yamaki."

"Yeah, probably." Ryo said with a nod.

"Hey, you guys going to Hypnos?" a voice called from up above. The four looked up, and saw Henry hurrying down the stairs.

"Yeah." Kazu answered. "Any idea what's up?"

"No, he didn't give any details." Henry said. "You guys know anything either?"

"I missed the call." Kazu admitted.

"Me too. We were in class." Rika spoke up. "And Ryo was too busy pissing off Mr. Togashi."

"I was too busy pissing off Mr. Togashi." Ryo repeated casually, as if he hadn't heard Rika say it not two seconds before. "Kenta around?"

"He's still out of town." Kazu reported.

"Well, as long as there's just the five of us, we can fit in my car." Ryo suggested.

"I call the front seat." Jeri said, hurrying towards the exit.

"Alright, they're all on their way here." Yamaki declared.

"Any idea what we say to them?" Takato asked.

"You're the people-person." Yamaki told him near-accusingly.

Only compared to you.

"Who's the other?" the man said, as if remembering.


"The one you want on the team." Yamaki said patiently. "Aside from Ryo, Kazu, Henry, Jeri, and Rika. You said there was one more."


"A friend of mine."

"I need more than that, Takato." Yamaki didn't seem to be losing his patience, which was strange for him.

Takato tried to think of what to say. "His name's Cronus, he's a Tamer I met a while ago. He's really smart and I'd be more comfortable if he was around."

"Another Tamer?" Yamaki looked surprised. "Who's his partner?"

"Gatomon." Takato answered.

He was lying through his teeth, of course. He just didn't want Yamaki knowing that Cronus was really Guilmon. Yamaki was a friend of the Tamers, true, but he was also an active scientist, and Takato didn't like the idea of turning digimon-turned-human over to him.

When Yamaki had recruited Takato to help, Takato had made it very clear that as far as combat goes, he wouldn't be very helpful, because Guilmon had died in his last trip to the digital world. He trusted his friends to back up the lie once they got there. Yamaki had told him that he still trusted him more than anyone else, and as long as Takato was willing, he still wanted him to lead the team.

Takato was a sucker for nice words, and it had gotten him in trouble helping Yamaki out in the past. But as long as this time it was Yamaki that was being kept in the dark as far as secrets went, Takato was willing to try again.

He was fairly confident in his team. Ryo and Rika were both exceptionally resourceful Tamers, with powerful partners. Henry would never would pass up the opportunity to help out, and as long as Terriermon didn't piss off any of the locals, he was good in a fight. Jeri was always a reliable moral compass, and Takato generally felt better if she was around. That, and for the reasons he mentioned to Yamaki before. Takato could count on Kazu to come down on the right side if some decision needed to be made, and besides, he probably wouldn't forgive Takato if he left him out.

Cronus, however, could have been a problem. Takato still wasn't sure if he even wanted him there. When Cronus was last in the digital world, he still had the strength as if he was Guilmon, and prior to that, he had even more power than Takato could conceive. But he lost all that when they came to the real world. If Cronus were to go back to the digital world, he might change again. And Takato liked having him around, which he couldn't be if he were to be Guilmon again.

"Alright." Yamaki accepted. "He's your responsibility."

"Okay. Thanks." Takato responded with a nod.

"Is that everyone you want?" Yamaki questioned carefully. "What about Kenta?"

"Thought about it, but he's not gonna be back in the city for a few weeks, and nobody's sure how to contact him." Takato informed. To be truthful, he was hesitant to have as many people on the team as he was bringing—while each one definitely had their contributions to the team as a unit, they were still individual people that would need looking out for.

"Alright." Yamaki said thoughtfully. "What about Alice?"

"Thought about it…but as far as any of us know, she's never been in any battles, even with Dobermon." Takato admitted. "And last I heard, she wasn't exactly interested in the digital world. And Mala's not what you'd call eager to go back there either."

"Right. And Ai, Mako, and Suzie are all of course too young…"

"Bingo." Takato confirmed. "This team's the best way to go."

The line of thought was interrupted by the door opening, and his friends stepping in.

"You pulled me from a very promising Physics class, Takato." Ryo said as he barged in, annoyed. "This better be good." Takato grinned, knowing full-well that Ryo probably did a little dance in his joy to be out of that class.

He knew they all figured it had something to do with the digital world—if it didn't, then it wouldn't be them that would have been called in.

Takato took a step back, cleared his throat, and let himself off the hook. "Mr. Yamaki?"

Yamaki sighed, and indicated a global map on the wall with a half-dozen red dots on it.

"Over the last week we've noticed breaches in the wall that separates the digital world from this world." Yamaki began. "Most of them have been in uninhabited zones—over the Atlantic, there's one in the Antarctic—but if the causes of the disturbances are left alone, then it's possible they'll eventually open up in highly populated areas. You can see here that there's one in the park—though we know firsthand that the walls between the worlds are weak there."

"What's causing them? The disturbances?" Rika asked.

"Our best guess," Takato started, "is that when the D-Reaper was on its way out of the digital world to ours, it erased some of the digital world's systems that should have been regulating that world. We've seen that things that die in the digital world typically turn to data and return to the digital world, but the D-Reaper is the only thing we know of that actually erased the data, leaving these sort of holes. So, if you guys are up for it, we go in, track down the disturbance hot-spots, and upload the new and improved codes to repair them."

"I want to help—" Ryo began, somewhat awkwardly. "But how many are there? The hot-spots, I mean."

Takato looked to Yamaki, who fielded the question. "There's at least twenty."

"…Ah." Ryo finished, obviously not sure how to respond to it. "So how long are we expecting this to take us?"

"About a month, most likely." Yamaki answered.

"I can't leave Will for that long." Ryo replied immediately.

"I already talked to my parents about that," Takato told him. "Will can stay with them if both you and him are cool with it."

Ryo paused, seeming to be weighing the situation in his mind. Having a fifteen-year-old dependent had matured Ryo faster than Takato could ever have expected.

"Alright, I'll talk to him." Ryo nodded.

"You said we'll need to upload code? I don't think any of us except Henry know much about computer code." Kazu said hesitantly.

"The data is all self-executing." Yamaki reassured, presenting a small glass-looking spike, a cone, maybe three-quarters of a foot long, an inch around at the top. "You literally just plug it in."

"Thing is," Yamaki went on, "the digital world's inhabitants should have fixed these disturbances on their own. Why they haven't could be due to a number of reasons. Some may want access to the real world. Maybe they simply don't have the capacity to make the repairs. Maybe they don't realize what's happening. Maybe they're distracted with other problems. It's up to you all to decide what the best way is to deal with these situations on a case-by-case basis."

"Now, we just need to know who's in." Takato spoke, pacing. "I won't hold anything against anyone if they don't want to, since it probably will be dangerous, and we all have lives and people here, but I think we'd all feel a whole lot better knowing that we'll all be there."

"I'll go." Jeri was the first to speak.

A few seconds passed, as each was probably waiting for each other to speak, but Kazu finally took the task. "Yeah, I'll do it." He said casually. "But one thing—how are we supposed to find our partners?"

"It's impossible to get a lock on any of their locations from here," Yamaki said to the group, though it was hard to tell if he was looking at anyone in particular through his sunglasses. "But we believe they'll be drawn to you, either consciously or subconsciously, as they were in the first place. Until you find them, I have some defensive tools prepared for you."

Henry was next. "I'll need to talk to my parents, but I'm sure they'll know it's something that has to be done. Is it just going to be the six of us?"

"Cronus will be coming, too." Takato told them.

"Okay." Henry replied with a little relief. "Good."

Takato knew Henry would be the one who would be glad Cronus would be going, because Henry was the only one of the group who had seen what Cronus was capable of at his prime. Of course, Takato knew that the chances were that Cronus would never return to that state of power, and was in fact as powerless as the rest of them were. A human.

"I'm not gonna pass up the chance to see Renamon again." Rika declared.

"Ryo?" Takato asked.

"I want to." He said sincerely. "I really do, but I still need to talk to Will about it."

"That's fair enough." Yamaki told him.

"When do we leave?" Kazu asked.

"Tomorrow morning." Yamaki answered. "I'll stabilize the portal in the park at 6:00 am."

"So how long'll you be gone?" Will asked.

"Yamaki said the whole thing should take about a month." Ryo answered. "But I should be able to come check on you every couple of days if you want; literally whenever we find a transit spot."

"Is it gonna be dangerous?" the boy asked.

On one hand, Ryo wanted to lie to him and tell him it wouldn't be—but he knew if he did that, then he wouldn't have any reason for not bringing him along.


"I don't want you to go." Will finally said blatantly, his eyes tearing up.

"I know." Ryo replied quietly.

"I don't want you to go to that place, I don't want you to die." Will was pleading, and Ryo understood why. He was the only family Will had left anymore.

"I'm not gonna die."

"I don't wanna be left alone." Will finished quietly, his voice barely a whimper. It was the second time Ryo'd seen the boy cry, the first time being when their mother died two months ago.

"I'll be okay." Ryo reassured him. "Except for maybe Rika, I'm the best one in a fight. Legendary Tamer, y'know? But if I don't go, then they're short one fighter, and that means it'll be just Rika, Henry, and Kazu looking out for Takato, Jeri, and Cronus. I need to be there."

Will reluctantly nodded. "When're you leaving?"

"Tomorrow morning."

Takato sat with Cronus and explained the situation to him.

"So when do we leave?" Cronus asked.

"Yamaki's gonna have the portal in the park ready for us at 6:00 am tomorrow." Takato answered. "Are you sure you want to go?"

"Yeah, I want to help." Cronus said sincerely. After a beat his expression became more confused, however. "Do you—do you want me not to go?"

"…I'm not sure." Takato admitted. "If you go back, we don't know what'll happen to you."

Cronus looked sheepish, but didn't speak, so Takato went on.

"We don't know if you'll change back to Guilmon, or if you'll get your powers back, or if something badl'll happen, and I just don't want to volunteer you for anything you don't want to do."

"I want to go, Takato." Cronus said after a pause. "I can't just sit here and wonder if everyone's alright."

"Okay." Takato said, not defeated, but not thrilled. "Go get some sleep, I'll get you in the morning."

The night passed all-too-quickly, and before Rika knew it, she was standing at the park with the others, waiting for the portal to make itself visible.

Her goodbyes had been short—just to her mother and her grandmother—they didn't put up much resistance, they were actually pretty supportive, which was a nice surprise for Rika.

There were three people who were actually there to see them off—Takato's parents, and Will, who would be going home with them after the Tamers had left.

She was the first one there—she'd gotten there an hour early. There was no way she could have slept, so she just snuck out of the house and waited there. Kazu had arrived shortly after, and while she typically didn't enjoy his company, he'd changed a lot since she last spoke to him, and she didn't mind anymore. Jeri came next, followed by Henry, then Ryo with Will, and Takato with Cronus and his parents.

"Is everyone ready?" Takato asked, obviously a little embarrassed asking that when he was the last one there.

There were various affirming grunts, and amidst them came a bright blue light from behind Takato. Since Rika and the rest of the Tamers had beenlooking at Takato, it was somewhat blinding, but they knew it was normal—Yamaki had stabilized the portal, so they didn't have long.

Takato nodded to Cronus, waved to his parents, and stepped in with Jeri, as he held her hand. Cronus followed, with some hesitation. Henry walked in confidently, and Kazu did the same, though he closed his eyes as he did it.

Ryo hugged his little brother before a smile and a wave, and he hurried to catch up.

Rika approached the portal, but stopped, and turned to Will.

"Don't worry." She told him. "I'll look after him for you." She gave him her most reassuring smile, and entered the portal, hoping he believed her—but more so hoping she'll be able to keep the promise.


Takato stood up as the nausea ebbed, and looked around while everyone did the same. He was looking for Cronus. He wanted to know if anything had happened to him.

His gaze soon found a blonde boy stand up with a little stagger, who had his hand pressed against his stomach. Cronus steadied himself, and looked at his hands intently.

"Cronus!" Takato called. "Are you okay?"

"I—I think so." Cronus said, standing up with Takato's help. "I felt kinda funny there for a second."

"Did you get any of your powers back?" Takato asked him.

A beat passed. Then, quietly, almost sorrowfully: "No. They're gone."

"It's okay." Takato said, patting him on the shoulder. "We'll all be fine if we stick together."

After Cronus looked slightly less distraught, Takato turned to his other friends.

"So, you guys ready to go?"

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