Co-written with JediMistress1990. Uchiha Itachi has a secret. He is really a she. But with a sexist father forcing her to live her life as a boy, will she be able to find happiness? See the events that led up to the Uchiha massacare with a twist and a few changess. Pairings secret for now.

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It was a fairly normal day in the Uchiha district. The birds were chirping, the children were playing ninja, and Uchiha Fugaku was currently reading through a report from the Konoha Military Police on an incident involving Maito Gai, large quantities of sake, and streaking throughout Konoha. Fugaku was wishing he dared to send his men to arrest Gai, only the knowledge that he could beat them all with one hand tied behind his back even while drunk kept him from sending the men to catch the streaking Chunnin. After all, the last time Gai had gotten drunk and they tried to bring him in he turned the officers sent to arrest him into human origami that caused the officers in question to spend several months in the Konoha hospital recovering.

"Stupid bushy brows needs to stop challenging Kakashi to drinking contests," muttered Fugaku as he added the report to Gai's file. When the door to his private office slammed open, Fugaku reacted by leaping up and pressing a kunai to the neck of his unannounced visitor only to find he was about to slit the throat of his wife's maid Ami.

"Oh, Ami-san, it's you. What seems to be the problem?" Fugaku asked, putting the kunai back.

"I don't mean to interrupt your work, Fugaku-sama, but your wife has been sent to the hospital because she has gone into labor!" Ami said urgently.

Fugaku stood up so quickly he knocked down his chair. "What! And you're only telling me this now?" he shouted. Ami flinched and nodded. "H-hai...we only figured out that the pains were contractions only a few minutes earlier!" she bowed deeply. "Gomen nasai!"

The Uchiha head gulped, trying to keep his composure. "Very well, then." he exited his office, only to find that servants and Uchiha alike were running amok. This did not help matters at all. He swam through the crowd in desperation, and managed to find the front entrance. Ami opened the door for him, and Fugaku turned around to the crazy scene going on. At this rate, he wouldn't be able to calm them down until the heir was born.

"It's a good thing the hospital's only two blocks away," Ami panted after she and Fugaku ran to the hospital entrance.

"Only two blocks?"

They burst into the hospital building, and were told that Uchiha Mikoto, Fugaku's wife, was in the maternity ward on the second floor. Fugaku cursed the stairs as he and Ami raced up the staircase. When they reached the top, Ami had to wait a few moments so Fugaku could get his wind back. Ami herself was in good shape, considering she was Mikoto's maid. One of the medic nin pointed out Mikoto's room and Fugaku nearly broke the door down.

"You couldn't get here any faster?" Mikoto shrieked. It was at the point during labor where the mother starts screaming expletives and things she doesn't mean at the father/nearest male for quite awhile.

Fugaku nervously stammered something that sounded like, "I-I-I-I panicked, and thus wasn't thinking."

Mikoto screamed, "You stupid, stupid, stupid idiot! You had to go and be devoted to your work while I go through torture here!"

"I was informed only a few minutes ago! Blame the maid, not me!" Fugaku was not a man of many fears, but right now, his wife was the most terrifying thing in the world, and he wished it would stop soon.

"I blame you because you did this to me!"

The din of Mikoto screaming, Fugaku encouraging her (sort of), and the medic nin shouting out instructions went on for five hours. Then, finally, Fugaku snapped out of his blank mind when he heard the cry of a baby. Mikoto let out a huge sigh of relief and exhaustion. The medic nin that delivered the baby wrapped it up in a blanket and placed it in Mikoto's arms. "It's a girl."

Fugaku blinked. "I'm sorry, what was that you just said?" he asked.

"You're the proud father of a beautiful daughter, Uchiha-san." the medic nin said.

"A...A daughter?" Fugaku fainted in shock.

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