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A Parallel Universe:

Chapter 1: Beg Me!

Our story takes place in the thick lush forest of a feared hanyou. She was a dog hanyou. Her hair was long and black it flowed to her waist, her sliver blacked tipped ears were velvety soft, her bright hazel eyes could pierce your soul. She was after the sacred ring to use it in order find her true love. Her name was Satu, meaning Sugar. But be warning she was anything but sweet.

Satu had fallen in love with a monk named Ryuki. He whore robes like those of Miroku, except where Miroku's were purple his were red. Ryuki used arrows that before he shot them he set them on fire. He also used sacred sutras. He short brownish-black hair and green eyes. He was in charge of guarding the scared ring.

The sacred ring would give a person great power. If that wasn't enough it could also lead a person to there true love.

Though Ryuki and Satu were tricked into betraying each other by the demon Kagami. Ryuki got Satu to use the scared ring to turn into a full human. But that day Ryuki was killed and Satu was pinned to the holy tree. The scared ring was burned with Ryuki's body.

50 years in the future a boy from 500 years in the future falls down the bone eaters well. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He is on the tall side and has an average sized body. His name is Bobrick. Inside is body was the scared ring. During a battle for his life he freed Satu from the holy tree. In order to keep Satu from harming Bobrick, Matsu Ryuki's younger brother placed beads of subjugation on Satu. So Bobrick can stop her with just one word.

There was another battle with a raven demon. Well lets just say Bobrick broke the scared ring so then him and Satu had to hunt down all the pieces. Along way the joined forces with a little fox demon Sugar freak. She was quite the hyper one. Her eyes were a bright purple and her hair was mostly light lilac with other rainbow's of colors flowing through it. Her mother was killed by demons. Satu later killed those demons avenging Sugar freak's mother.

Later a miko named Hikaru joined the group. She has longs brown hair, and bright blue eyes. Her family has a cursed placed on the first born female of her family. She is cursed in spend her life in eternal anger. The littlest things can tick her off, so watch out. One day her anger will send her over the edge and will kill her. When she gets around Naraku she tends to get very angry causing her to pass out, if she fights to long. She also has a staff that she can use to create a barrier around herself. Though she mostly uses it for whacking Sugar freak.

Later on the group came upon a male demon slayer, Tomki. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. His ways tend to be perverted a lot. The village he lived in was destroyed by demons. He was off on his own slaying demons at the time, and his villages best slayers were killed of exercising this one castle. His little sister Chiko was being used by Kagami, and she didn't have any of her memories. A male cat demon Akato travels with him. Akato looks just like Kilala except where she is black he is red.

Kagami had two minions named Takeo and Katashi. As I've said before she used Chiko. Kagami is and ice, dog demon hanyou. She had white hair and ice blue eyes. Takeo looks a lot like Naraku. Katashi has black hair, pale skin, and wears black clothing. He is short has no demonic aura and he has a mirror. Basically he is the guy form of Kanna.

In a forest camp somewhere I don't know because me the author has no clue of direction:

"Give me that runt" said Satu taking a sugar cube from Sugar freak.

"Hey! That sugar belong to crazy give back" said the crazy one we all know and love Sugar freak.

"Nope" Satu tossed the sugar cube in her mouth "Ah sorry little crazy one sugar gone."

"Bobrick! Mean one took thy sugar!" yelled Sugar freak pretending to cry.

"Satu…." said Bobrick glaring slightly at her.

"This is not going to end well" thought Satu.

"BEG ME!" yelled Bobrick loudly "BEG ME BEG ME BEG ME BEG ME BEG ME BEG ME."

"I probably dissevered the first one Bobrick" said Satu about 50 feet in the ground "But what were the other six for?"

"For acting so un lady like" said Bobrick.

"Boo-ho" muttered Satu.

She climbed out of the hole, and her ears raised up as she sniffed the air a little bit.

"Something the matter?" asked Hikaru who had noticed the change in her friend.

"There's a snake demon coming this way pretty fast and it has a miko with it" said Satu "Do you sense any piece's of the scared ring?"

"There is a piece of the scared ring, and something else I can't figure out what it is" replied Bobrick.

"We going after it?" asked Tomki grouping Hikaru's butt.


"Pervert" mumbled Hikaru.

"Why go after it when its coming to us?" asked Satu.

"Sugar no fight sugar go way, me no fight" muttered Sugar freak "CURSE YOU MUFFIN HEAD!"

With Inuyasha's group:

Inuyasha had come back from being with Kikyo. He saw the rest of the group staring up at him angrily.

"Did I do something wrong?" asked Inuyasha.

"Nothing save for the fact that Kagome is gone!" yelled Sango.

"Huh?" asked Inuyasha.

"What part of 'Kagome is gone' don't you understand?" asked Miroku.

"Huh?" Inuyasha asked again.

"Erg… Kagome went took walk and never came back after you left to go hang with Kikyo!" yelled Shippo "Do I need to make it any clearer?"

"Kagome's gone!" exclaimed Inuyasha.

"About time it got through his thick skull" muttered everybody but Inuyasha.

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