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Parallel Universe

Chapter 6: Dog Demons and Choices

At the village: (ok just to bring you up to date. Last time we were here, Inuyasha wanted to get into the hut, but Satu wouldn't let him.)

"I said let me in," said Inuyasha. "I don't want to hurt a little weakling wench like you."

"How dare you call me a weakling," said Satu bearing her teeth. If there was on thing Satu could not stand it was when someone mocked her strength because she was a girl.

In the flash of a second swords were drawn, and Satu and Inuyasha were locked in battle. Both took heavy blows; but neither of them would back down. They held their ground and the battle raged on. Inuyasha went to the windscar at the same time Satu was about to unleash her attack the blood sprit. Right before the moment when the attacks were releases Kagome and Bobrick came out.

"BEG ME!!!" yelled Bobrick.

"SIT BOY!!!" yelled Kagome.

"Is that the hanyou you told me about?" asked Bobrick.

"Yep that's Inuyasha," replied Kagome.

Satu climbed out of her crater not looking too happy, "That's it Bobrick you will die the day I get off these prayer beads. Mark my words you will pay for this."

"And I thought Inuyasha was the violent type," said Kagome.

"What did you say?" asked Inuyasha climbing out of his crater.

"I said that you were violent," said Kagome.

"Hey mutt we haven't finished this fight," said Satu picking up her sword getting ready to attack.

"Beg me," said Bobrick. Satu made a new crater in the Earth.

"Ha you got brought down by a weak human," said Inuyasha smirking.

"Sit boy," said Kagome. Inuyasha met his old friend the dirt. "When will he learn?"

"I don't think neither of them will ever learn," said Bobrick.

"Probably not," agreed Kagome.

Satu and Inuyasha drug themselves out of their crater looking unpleased. They glared at one another and they looked like they thoughts of continuing their battle. Just then a whirlwind came into the camp.

"Oh Kami just what we need," thought Kagome. "Koga to come and make things even more fun."

"Oh joy its Mireio," thought Bobrick.

"Mireio," growled Satu baring her fangs.

"Who's Mireio?" asked Kagome.

"She's a white wolf demon who has a crush on me," replied Bobrick. "Her and Satu hate each other beyond all else."

"Do you like her?" asked Kagome.

"She's not my type," answered Bobrick.

The whirlwind stopped to revel a female wolf demon. She had delicate curves, and large breasts. She wasn't wearing much so it was easy to see. She walked over to Bobrick her hips swaying and she nuzzled into his body.

"Its been so long I have missed you honey," she said her voice soft and smooth.

"Get the hell away from Bobrick," Satu snarled.

"And who is going to make me?" Mireio asked.

"I will," said Satu.

So the two rushed into battle and locked into battle. Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kilala joined the group running up.

"What's going on?" asked Miroku running up.

"Well Satu and that hanyou Inuyasha got into a fight," began Hikaru. "So then Kagome and Bobrick broke it up. Now Mireio has shown up and her and Satu are fighting over Bobrick."

"I am NOT fighting over Bobrick!" yelled Satu as she sent an attack at Mireio. "What the hell would I want that bastard for?"

Meanwhile somewhere else:

A beautiful dog demon was walking through a deep forest, a couple hundred miles from The Forest of Satu. She long black hair the shimmered and glowed in the darkness of the night. Her pointed elfin like ears picked up only the sounds of the night, along with the breathing of her two companions who were fast asleep a mile or so away. The crickets chirped and she soon found herself in a relaxing state. Suddenly the sword on her left hip began pulsing.

"What does it sense I wonder," the dog demon wondered out loud.

The wind changed and began blowing the breeze toward her. The sent came flowing through the trees and rapped itself around her sensitive nose. The sent was slightly familiar to her. It was that of a male dog demon and a powerful on at that. As if drawn to the sent she made her way toward it. When she reached the source she stopped and stared at the dog demon. He had a crescent moon on is forehead, strips on his cheeks, a fluffy white object on his shoulder, and long silver hair that seemed to sparkle in the moon light. He walked up to him and twisted around. His glaze to her seemed to be daring her to come closer, his golden eyes seemed to go straight through to soul. She was definitely going to some fun with this guy.

Sesshomaru was staring back at this strange dog demon. Who was she to think that she could just walk right up and get in front this Sesshomaru? Who was she to look at him so intently in the eye? He looked right back in her hazel eyes. Her black wind blew ever slightly in the wind, and then he began to slowly notice the rest of her features. She had a blood red full moon on her forehead, two blue strips on each cheek, a sword and dagger on her hip, and a black fluffy on her shoulder. Sesshomaru could sense her power and that she just wasn't your weak run of the mill demon.

"Rin," he told his ward. "Stay out of sight."

"Yes Lord Sesshomaru," she said going into the bushes behind him, which happened to be the way from which the she dog demon came.

Normally Rin would have stayed right there, but even at her young age she could feel the power much like that of her lords coming from the she dog demon. So she ran as fast as she could desperate to get far enough away so her lord wouldn't have to worry about her. She came to a stop when she tripped over some one. It was then that she notices that she had stumbled into someone's camp. The person she had tripped over looked up at her.

It was a young boy with black hair and green eyes. Rin noticed that he was about her age. He wore a brown kimono.

"Hi my name is Rin," Rin said smiling.

"My name is Jiro," the boy replied.

Meanwhile back with Inuyasha and Satu's groups:

A little voice entered Satu's head it sounded a lot like the women who had helped her when she was ill and traveled to the gates of heaven.

"This is Inuyasha the hanyou you must join forces with," the women whispered in her ear.

"Why should I join forces with him?" thought/asked Satu.

"Remember what I told you," said the women. "That is you don't team up with one another this world will fall into a parallel universe."

"How will my teaming up with Inuyasha solve anything?" asked/thought Satu.

"I don't really know that part," said the women. "But I do know what will happen."

"Alright I will team up with him," said/thought Satu.

"You made the right choice," the women told her.

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