This story is before Harry's first year at Hogwarts. AU. This is a Severitus story, so nothing that happened in the Harry Potter books will happy in this story. It will mostly focus on Harry's relationship with Snape. Yes, it's the typical 'Harry is abused and Snape saves him' story.

Rated R for child abuse, rape, and inappropriate language.

Disclaimer: None of these characters are mine.

I hereby present you with Chapter 1 of Shattered Soul.

It had been a month since school ended. Since there was nothing else to do in the castle during the summer, Severus Snape sat in his office correcting final exams when suddenly Albus Dumbledore's head popped in the fire.

"Ah, Severus. I was wondering whether you could come to my office? I have a mission for you," Dumbledore smiled at him brightly.

Severus looked up grudgingly and said, "Yes, sir," and flooed to Albus Dumbledore's office once Albus's head was no longer there. He wondered what crazy mission Albus had in mind. It was not a secret that Albus's ideas were sometimes…odd.

Dumbledore gestured for him to sit, and Severus sat on the comfy chair watching Dumbledore intently.

After a few moments of silence, Dumbledore said, "I have something I must ask of you. But first I must ask that you listen to what I have to say. It may be hard to believe what I am about to tell you, but I assure you it is nothing but the truth."

Dumbledore sighed before continuing.

"Eleven years ago, Lily Evans gave birth to a boy. This boy—Harry Potter—is not who you think he is."

"He is the son of my enemy. Therefore, he is exactly who I think he is," Severus retorted.

"But here, my friend, you are wrong," was Dumbledore's grave reply. When Severus gave him an angry, yet confused look, Dumbledore resigned to go on.

"First of all, let me tell you that I know of the relationship you had with Lily," Dumbledore revealed. severus gawked at him.

"How did you…" Severus began, unable to finish his question.

"Lily told me," was his simple reply. "But then you became a Death Eater, something I am sure you regret to this day, and Lily decided to go out with James Potter. They then got engaged, and soon were married. This all took place a very short time after you and Lily broke up."

"Tell me something I don't know," Severus growled. He still had feelings for the Potters; love for Lily, hatred for James.

Dumbledore continued as if he hadn't heard him. "Soon Lily announced she was pregnant. James was extremely happy with the news, but Lily had a secret. She came to me, knowing I would never tell James. Using a very fashionable sort of paternity test that Muggles use, we found that James Potter was not the baby's father."

Dumbledore looked at Severus to see if he understood. Severus obviously hadn't, because he was still gaping at Dumbledore with the same confused look.

"Lily Evans had only ever been with one other man at the vicinity of that time. When she gave birth to her child, however, I put a charm on the boy to make him take his features after his father, so that James wouldn't suspect anything was wrong. But now that both of the boy's parents are dead, he is staying with Lily's sister, Petunia Dursley, and her family. It is necessary that he be with blood relatives of his for his own protection. Now, however, I think it is time to give him the most powerful protection of all. The love of a father."

Severus was only just starting to catch up. "I…"

Dumbledore smiled weakly at him. "You are Harry Potter's father, Severus."

Severus's mouth hung open. When he came to his senses, his mask fell and the angry façade of Severus Snape appeared. "This is absolutely ridiculous! Complete rubbish! I can't be the boy's father, he's James's son!" he yelled.

"Severus, this is the truth. I can only say how sorry I am for hiding this information from you for so long. I thought it was for the best, but it seems to me since Harry is facing his first year at Hogwarts next year it would probably be for the best to tell you now."


"Severus, please calm down. All I am asking you to do is to go check in on the boy. Make sure he is ok. If he is, and you feel you have no reason to take him with you, you may leave him at his Aunt's care. It is you're choice as to what you do with him. All I ask is that you make sure he is ok."

Sneverus stared in disbelief at Dumbledore, but then succumbed and asked, "Where does he live?"

"Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Winging, Surrey," Dumbledore replied satisfactorily.

Severus nodded and flooed to Hogsmeade. He then Apparated to Harry Potter's residence, and hoped he could leave that place before he even arrived.

Severus Snape then reappeared at Number 4, Privet Drive. He sighed heavily and prepared himself for what he was about to do. But then, he thought, he didn't have to reveal himself to the kid. He could pretend to be some social worker who is doing random checks on houses, and ask to see the children living in the house.

He walked briskly to the house, willing to get this over and done with as soon as possible. He knocked on the door and heard muffled yells of a man. The door opened to reveal a very fat, gruff looking man.

"Yes?" the man who Severus presumed to be Mr. Dursley said.

"Good evening, sir. My name is Jim Cohen." He came up with the first non-wizard name he could think of. "I am a social worker and have come to check on this household and do an evaluation. I assure you it will only take a few minutes, but I will ask of you to present me with the children living in this house," he said, hoping the man would believe him.

"You said you were a social worker, eh?" Vernon Dursley looked at him suspiciously.

Severus nodded.

"Very well…come in. Dudley, come here please."

A blond, very fat kid came to face Severus Snape. Severus did the best he could to keep a straight face and asked, "Young Dursley, are you content with the way your family treats you?"

Dudley nodded and smiled mischievously.

"Do you feel mistreated at all?"

Dudley shook his head no.

Vernon Dursley said something that sounded like "Hmph" but it was unintelligible.

Severus pretended to be inspecting the boy, and then looked around. "Do you mind if I take a look around the house?"

Before the other could reply, Severus was already looking around. He walked through the kitchen, the living room, and finally walked upstairs to search the bedrooms, while Vernon and Dudley followed him. He saw an apparent guest room, a room full of toys which he assumed to be Dudley's, a room full of broken toys and untouched books, and a master bedroom. So far there was no sign that another boy was living in the house.

He eyed Vernon Dursley suspiciously and asked, "Is Dudley the only child you have here?"

Vernon's eyes widened for a moment, but he soon recovered and answered, "Yes, he is my only child."

Snape grew angry at the lie, and decided that he should confront the man.

"I happen to know that you have another child living here, with the name of Harry Potter. I do not know why it is you are hiding him, but I demand to see him at once!" Severus was suddenly feeling protective of this boy, without even realizing it.

"I have no such kid living in my house. The only child I have here is Dudley."

What struck Snape as odd, however, was that Dursley was inadvertently sneaking glances towards…a locked cupboard?

'The hell with avoiding the use of magic,' Snape thought angrily and took his wand out from his pocket. Vernon Dursley's eyes were wide with fear when he realized what that
"stick" was.

Snape mustered up all the self control he had and growled, "Alohamora!" The cupboard door unlocked and Snape couldn't help but gasp. A young boy, seeming to be about 10 years old, sat on a very small cot inside a completely dark cupboard. The only light that was on the boy was the light coming from the hallway they were standing in, but Snape could see several bruises on the boy's face. He was extremely skinny; Snape was sure the boy must be badly malnourished.

"Mr. Potter…could you come out here please? My name is Jim Cohen. I wish to speak with you for a few minutes," Snape tried his best to stay calm.

The small boy looked terrified. He seemed to look somewhere behind Snape…he was focusing on something that scared him. And when Snape looked behind his back, he saw Vernon Dursley giving the boy the most dangerous look, obviously telling him that if he said anything he would pay for it later.

The boy slowly got up and tried to hide the pain he was in, but Snape saw him wince nonetheless. Harry Potter came out of his cupboard and Snape looked at him, astonished and very concerned. What kind of people are these people, to hurt a child like that? The boy looked badly beaten, with bruises covering not only his face but also his arms and neck; Snape was positive he had bruises hidden under his clothing, but decided to deal with that later. What he was most worried about is that the boy looked almost dead. His eyes were dull and were looking down at the floor. He looked like he was barely standing up and his breathing was erratic.

Severus took a step closer, but Harry took a step back and leaned back onto the wall.

Suddenly Vernon Dursley found his voice in himself and spoke to his defense, "The boy had a fight with some kids at school. I can assure you we took care of that situation."

Severus didn't even bother to look at the Dursley. "Is this true?" he asked Harry. Harry looked at Vernon, then back at Snape, and nodded his head, then quickly averted his eyes back to the floor.

Severus, not knowing what else to do, caught the boy's eyes and used Legilimency. The boy was clearly lying.

"I'm sorry sir, but I'm going to have to take Harry away for further investigation. I highly doubt those injuries were caused from a fight with other schoolboys, so unless you want me to cause you severe damage and call the police on you I suggest you allow me to take this boy," Severus said dangerously.

Vernon Dursley, instead of succumbing, grabbed Harry by the scruff of the neck and held him tightly. Harry didn't dare to make a sound, but Severus could tell Harry was hurting, and felt that protective rush go through him again.


Severus was furious. 'The wards be damned,' He thought as he silently took them down. He grabbed Harry by his other arm and Apparated away. The last thing he heard before they Apparated was Vernon Dursley's scream of rage and Harry Potter's cry of pain.

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