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"All my fault…so sorry…didn't mean it…" Sam mumbled.

This isn't how Dean Winchester wanted to send his night. The ideal way would be with some willing female for a night of fun. Not here with a sick baby brother who was running a fever. The next words broke his heart.

"…please don't hate me, Dean…"

Normally, he would have avoided a 'chick flick' moment at all cost. However, he doubted Sam would remember in the morning; even if he did, Dean could always deny it. Besides, it was his job to look after his brother and he couldn't do that if Sam thought Dean hated him. So, he started talking.

"I've never hated you, Sam. Not once since the day you were born. In fact, I think I loved you even before I met you. Man, that so sounded like a chick flick line." Dean said, gently stroking Sam's hair. Of course, there was no reply to his comment so he just continued on.

"I remember Mom's big belly. Well, it looked big to a four year old. I didn't understand why her belly was getting big – not completely. I knew it had something to do with the 'baby' but that was it. I'm sure Mom knew because one day she took my hand and put it on her belly. All of a sudden, I felt a bump against my hand and she laughed when I jumped. Something was moving inside Mom's belly! You want to know what she said to me? 'That's the baby and you're the first one to feel him move besides me.' For some then unknown reason, I must have liked the sound of that because I leaned in, kissed her belly and said 'I love you, Sammy.' Dean turned his attention back to Sam who had finally relaxed into what looked like a peaceful sleep. He smiled as the remembered a time when his voice was the only thing needed to still a restless Sammy. Apparently it was still all that was needed.

He didn't really remember the incident he had just told to Sam. Once when their dad had been in a really good mood, he told Dean about this event. Stating that at the time, John and Mary couldn't decide between Matthew or Samuel for a boy and Samantha or Kathleen for a girl. It seems that Dean had heard the discussions. After he find out exactly what the baby was, he decided it was a 'Sammy'. After, the little boy would always talk to 'Sammy' and put kisses on Mary's belly. They liked the name and the fact Dean had chosen it. So when it came time to name the baby, they used Dean's suggestion with an addition. Soon after his birth, the baby was christened Samuel Dean Winchester.

Of course, when Sam said something about Dean's chick flick moment the next morning, he pretended he had no idea what Sam was talking about.