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Chapter One

A young woman awoke the sun coming through her penthouse window. If you had ever seen her she was the most beautiful woman, any man would want. She was in her early twenties. She had long raven black hair that reached to her lower back as she arose from her bed. She stood to be at least 5'5. Her body was filled out in all the right places, which all the men would lust for.

She then rubbed the sleep from her eyes. Once she opened them, she looked out the big window to see the city below. You could now fully see her eyes that were blue with specks of silver in them. She then turn to leave her room forgetting to put something on to cover her. She was hungry. As she left her room she thought 'Another day with a secret to the world, but at least I get to be with him at night.'

Before heading to the kitchen, she decided to turn on the television, so she could listen to the news as she made her breakfast. As she turn to the kitchen, she stopped died in her tracks. What the news reporters said had brought her to listen to the story.

News Story

"Its rumor to believe that Kikyo Higurashi is engaged to Naraku Stroker. Miss Kikyo was spotted earlier in the week with Inuyasha Taisho, who many viewers thought the two were dating each other. This leads to many question that many people would like to know. Such as why would she do this to the most thought after guy in Tokyo, besides his brother Sesshomaru Taisho? Is it possible that she has been cheating on him? And if so, how long has this been going on? How is Mr. Taisho do…"

As the news report continues, the young woman stood there going into her thoughts. 'Even after Inu broke my heart, just to be with Kikyo, I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. It upset me a lot, but in the end, we only return to being friends. When I first met his new love, I couldn't believe he went to my own cousin. He cheated on me with that slut. Not even my uncle a proved of her because of the way she turned out.

There was nothing I could do about it but except it and their relationship. I even gave Inu a word of advice which caused a breaking point in our friendship. I told him to be careful of my cousin. That she wasn't the most honest person or trust worthy person. And then after I told him, he accused me of being jealous of Kikyo and wanting to break them up. He wouldn't even believe me with one bit of the truth. Me the one who has always been there for him. It hurt just as much as when he left me for my cousin. So we ended up avoiding each other for weeks before we even began to talk again to each other. Our friendship was never the truly same after that.

Then after there relationship began, they had problems, which ended with him coming to me. Sometimes it would be about how he thought that she maybe flirting with other men or sleeping with them. Then sometime she would accuse him of doing that, but except with women. Then there were fights over ridicules stuff. But no mater what he did he would show up at my front door and after the first two times I would make sure someone was with me. One was so that he didn't do anything stupid, like getting drunk or try and have a fling with me. It was also a demand from my secret because he didn't trust or like very much Inu.

'Ah my secret' she thought with a sigh. 'Even now I wish it was out in the open. Nobody Knows or has a clue that little old me, Kagome Higurashi is hiding something from friends and family. Even the public doesn't know because it is so big of a secret.

My Secret is that I'm mate or to others married. How did it happen really can't say, but he was there for me for a lot of things. He was there for me when my heart was broken. When my friendship was on the line. We fell in love as time went by, but we kept it a secret. The reason was that it would hurt one person the most no matter how much that person hurt me. I guess if we did tell it, it would be pay back for all the sorrow that person did to me. But no, I'm just not that kind of person who would do that to anyone no matter what. On the other hand, my mate would want to break that person's heart. My mate would do anything for me, just so I wouldn't feel hurt. Even I would do anything for him. So we kept it our secret until we are ready to have it out in the open.'

As she was in her thoughts, she didn't know that someone had entered the penthouse. Before the mystery person wrapped his arms around her, he took in her naked glory. She was beautiful and all his. She belongs to him as he belongs to her. He took in each of her curves. Her breast. Her flat stomach. Nothing went unnoticed to him. As he stared at her longer and longer, it got to the point where he couldn't handle it anymore. He had to touch her. Hold her in his hands. He walked straight up to her and pressed himself against her, so she could feel him.

That brought her out of her thoughts. She could feel someone pressed up against herself. She could also feel something else pressed right at her lower back. This in turn caused her to awake and very aroused. Only one person could make her feel this way. Her mate. She moan at the feeling he was giving her. It was making her want him, but then something was stopping her.

"Sesshomaru, we can't right now," she said in a whispered moan.

He pressed himself farther into her and leaned over her to her ear. " And why is that mate," he said wrapping his arms around her and bring one hand to one of her firm breasts. "Wouldn't you enjoy taking a day off, to take care of our growing need for each other?"

"I know I want to, but Inuyasha might show up like he always does when he and the lying slut have problems," she said turning in his grasp.

"Let my dim witted, half-brother of a hanyou deal with his own problems by himself," he said looking down at her. But as he looked down into her eyes, he sighed. "Fine, but you are mine tonight and we will not quit until I'm satisfied."

"Ain't I always yours, but I don't want to be too sore in the morning like last time. You got that." Then she gave him a kiss.

Then when she broke the kiss, he replied, "But you enjoy it so very much." Then he brought his hands down to her bottom and gave a gentle squeezed. This in turn caused Kagome to 'eep' in surprise. He then let go and turned her towards their bedroom. "Now get dressed. I will not allow my thick headed half brother of mine see what is mine behind close doors.'' Then he gave her a gentle slap on the ass before a soft push.

"You know if I didn't know any better I would think your turning into another Miroku with your pervert mind. Don't be shocked if it gets you a slap," she said.

" Ah, but then you would be punished if you do mate. Remember that.," he said. " Now get dressed.''

" But I was going to make myself something to eat before I got interrupted by the news and you."

" Make it after your done or do your want to be delayed even more." He said with a smirk.

" Fine, but can you make the coffee while I'm taking a shower." He nodded and then she head to her bathroom.

Once she left the room, he went and got the coffee maker started, but as soon as he finished somebody started banging on the door and wouldn't quit. Only one person would do this kind of thing without a care in world not respecting others. Even though both occupants where in different rooms one name came to mind, 'Inuyasha'. Sesshomaru decided to slowly walk to the door to tick off his brother. He knew that his brother didn't like being kept waiting. He himself didn't like it either, but he knows when to be patient. When he came to the door, he was greeted by seeing his idiot of a brother.

" God Kagome…" said Inuyasha before he realized he wasn't talking to Kagome when then the door opened. When he notice it was Sesshomaru who opened the door, his mood just got worst than it was. " What the hell are you doing here?"

" Well hello to you to Inuyasha, but since we are pass that I could ask the same of you dear brother.," said Sesshomaru leaning on the door.

" I came here to talk to Kagome, alone. So where is she?"

" I'm afraid you caught her at a bad moment, so why don't you go home and wait for her to call or talk to her later when it's a good time."

"When did you become her secretary Sesshomaru? And no I will not because I am willing to wait for her, but you can leave." said Inuyasha smirking.

" That will not be possible," said Sesshomaru not happy at the last remark he got. It caused him to dig his claws into the wooden door. " Because you see me and Ms. Higurashi have work to do unlike some people I know. We have meetings to plan for the following week and look over the profits of my hotel/casino you so happen to be standing at this very moment. So why don't you take my earlier warning and go home to your woman …" Sesshomaru then paused and smirk before starting back up, but it didn't go unnoticed by Inuyasha. " Oh but wait you can't go home to your woman because she is now with that Mr. Stroker fellow, isn't she.''

Inuyasha was now pissed off that he just wanted to tear his half brother's head off or tear him into pieces. He then balled his claws into his fist ready to strike, but then he found someway to restrain himself from doing anything. For one he could get his ass whipped for starting a fight. Two Kagome would be mad and plus he wouldn't be aloud to see her if he was banned from the hotel/casino. Three it wouldn't be good if the public found out about it. Final but last their father would be on his case for days not letting up. So all he could do was, " Tell Kagome I'll call her later."

" Now that's the smartest thing you've done today."

" Fuck you." said Inuyasha as he left.

" But then again you'll never grow up." said Sesshomaru shaking his head and closing the door. Then he headed to the kitchen to get himself some coffee and long with getting Kagome's. When she showed up he said, " He'll call later." She nodded her head.

" Do you want anything to eat?"

" No, but once your done we need to get down to business."