Chapter Thirty-One

"What is it?" said Kikyo answering her apartment door. She came face to face with her land lord. "Mr. Howell, what brings you to my place?"

"Straight to the point darling," he said. "Your man is a week late on your rent. Now if someone doesn't pay it, then your out on your own because you won't be living here anymore."

"What you've got to be kidding me. My fiancé should of sent you the money."

"Well I haven't gotten it and all the other rent he has paid has come in on time. I'll give you til the end of the week to pay me the rent. If you don't get to me, then I'm sorry to say that your out on the streets," he said.

"I'll make sure you get it before then," said Kikyo a little worried.

"Good then," he said before leaving.

Kikyo stood there pondering why Naraku hadn't paid her rent. 'Maybe he's finally allowing me to live with him, in his home. That's it, he's going to surprise me, but why hasn't he told be or allow me to find out this way?' She continue to think about it not noticing her friends rushing to her.

"Oh Kikyo," said Yume. Kikyo came out of it and looked at her friends. They looked to have pity written all over their faces. "We are so sorry, Kiki," her friend continue.

"What do you mean? And why are you both sorry for me?" she asked.

"Haven't you heard or read? It's all over the place?" said Kagura.

"What haven't I heard or read?" she demanded. Both Yume and Kagura gave each other a look. They both now seemed afraid to say anything and their look of pity worsen on their faces. "What is going on? I want to know now," she continueed to demanded as she looked back and forth between both women. She could tell it wasn't going to be good.

"Kiki it would be best if we tell you inside and you are sitting down for this," said Kagura. Then she pulled Kikyo back into her apartment. Once she was seated, Kagura went over to Yume and whispered, "Move any heavy or sharp objects away from her." Yume nodded and started to do so.

Kikyo just watched as they whispered and then moved some things away from her. Then Kagura came back to stand in front of her, she look over at Yume, who continued to move things away from her. "What in the hell is going on? I'm asking again and I won't allow you both to ignore me any longer."

Kagura took a deep breath and then brought out a magazine. "Me and Yume were on our way over here, when we spotted this and several other things." Then Kagura stepped closer to Kikyo and hand her the magazine.

She took it and looked it over. She couldn't believe what she was seeing and reading. On the cover of the magazine was her Naraku lip locking and pressed up against some bitch. She was not a happy woman as she had a tight grip on the magazine. She then read the title of the article. 'Is this Naraku's new love interest?' She then became livid and tore open the magazine to the page of the article.

Is this Naraku's new love interest?

It seems Naraku has a new girl in his life. They were both spotted at Tokyo Mall about two weeks ago. The picture above was only taken two stores down from the store Mr. Stroker's so called fiancé was in trying on some clothing. The same person who took this picture had followed the two back to Mr. Stroker's estate,

We were able to find out who his so called new fling is, may not even be a fling after all. It seems the new woman in his life is actually his long time Personal Assistant, Kaguya Tye. She has been working for him ever since Naraku became his father, Mr. Stroker's, new Vice President (four years ago).

We wanted to know more, so we went farther into Naraku Stroker's passed to finding out the truth about him and his assistant. We decided to start with Naraku's former girlfriends to see what they thought about this. It was kind of shock to finding the facts. They all said the same thing about Naraku and Kaguya. That they both had always had a thing for each other in the sex department and that she was always there when the relationship never lasted.

Then we asked his former girlfriends about his fiancé. It was quite shocking too on what they had said. One woman said, "Oh his fiancé. I'm shocked that they are still together. They are both known for being cheaters, but do you really think he's going to stay loyal to her, as if."

"The only people he's loyal to..," the woman continued, "is his father, who I could tell didn't like me at all. Also the other person he was loyal to was his assistant, who I caught in bed with him the day after we had split up because of problems. Then he had the nerve to date my friend and do the same thing to her before moving on to someone else."

Then we asked another former girlfriend about everything. "My Ex loved the best or wanted the best no matter whose girlfriends they were. Once he got them to leave their boyfriends for him, he would dump them like yesterday's trash. He enjoyed the dangers of almost getting caught. I for one know. I caught him in bed with his so called assistant and when I asked what the hell he was doing.

"He laughed at me," she said going farther on telling us. "And then he had the gull to continue his act of betrayal like I wasn't even there with his partner. Then he said to me, 'What does it look like, I'm having my fun.' Then he went on saying I didn't mean anything to him and that I was just a fling of fun like the others."

We then asked her about her thoughts of Naraku's so called fiancé. "Her. She's going to regret ever getting involved with that man. He's just going to mess with her until he's finally done with her. It's kind of a shocking that they are lasting this long, but hey he's probably got something planned for her. All I know for sure is that there is no wedding in the future for her with him. I bet you she's been cheated on since they started dating and he shows her off to show the world how much of a fool she is by him."

Then we asked her thoughts of miss Kaguya. "That bitch. Now if you figure the facts out you'll find out that she has been around longer than any of his ex-girlfriends. She's always there in the beginning and in the end of all the relationships." Then the woman gave us information that never even cross our minds. "You want to know something. I wouldn't be surprised if they both end up marring each other. Since I know that she isn't leaving anytime soon, if you look at how long she's been by his side."

So from what we've gathered of the facts, Mr. Naraku Stroker and Ms. Kaguya Tye have their so call relationship for a long time and don't look to be disappearing anytime soon or for anyone. Also from what we've gathered it seems Kikyo Higurashi is just the real fling along with all the others, who were fooled being fooled by these two people.

Kikyo just sat there on her coach staring at the article. She just couldn't believe what she had read and found out. Her grip on the magazine got tighter every moment she reread the article. She was becoming very upset. She even started to believe that might she might actually be the biggest fool around. She thought many time that everyone else was the fool, being played by her. She just couldn't believe what was happening to herself.

Yume and Kagura just watch their friend go through many emotions while she had a death grip on the magazine. When they both saw the magazine they knew Kikyo wasn't going to be happy about seeing the pictures, let alone read the article. They both had been shocked about seeing the magazine of course. They couldn't believe it either. One thing they did know was that their friend wasn't the player this time.

"Kiki…," said Yume.

Kikyo didn't seem to listen or so it seemed. She just suddenly stood up and grabbed her purse. Then she took off leaving two very confused women behind her. She got into a car and drove away from her place. A hour later she reached her destination. She came upon a huge mansion. She got out of her car and walked up to the front door.

"I knew in some way this might happen," said Kagome.

"You mean you predicted this," asked Sesshomaru.

"We both did along with Ayame," said Sango.

"How could we not. Everyone knows at least something about him being a cheater. When you read or hear about things you make a mental note of them. Plus the guy creeps us all out," said Kagome.

"Then you know what the outcome would be for Inuyasha and Ayame," said Miroku looking at Sango.

"Yes. That's why me and Kagome have to inform Ayame that Kikyo might show up. Also so Inu could be prepared for the shit she might pull."

"Do you not think that he might already have been prepared for what might or might not happen? Beside this really has nothing to do with any of you ladies. This is just one of the trials they will have to face in their relationship of trust," said Miroku.

Both Kagome and Sango were about to say something, but Sesshomaru cut them off. "If you're worried about your friend don't be. Kagome when I mated with you my Youkia knew you completed me even before then. It didn't matter if I was drunk; it knew you were the one for me.

"My brother is the same for Ayame. This means they both were meant for each other. So you two will not get involved in this matter. If the woman shows up on their door step trying to get back with him, his Youkia will not allow him to leave his mate for another. If he does, he would be a fool to take her back."

The two sat there knowing Sesshomaru was right. They knew this was just problem they would have to watch from the sidelines. It would take all of their will power not to get involve because this had to do with their friend, who might get heart broken in the end. It would also be no use if their men were going to stop them from getting involved.

"So we are just going to have to wait and see if everything goes alright?" asked Kagome.

"Yes, mate."

Then a moment later Neo started to cry. "He needs to be changed," said Sango getting up.

"I'll help you," said Kagome.

Once they were gone, Miroku turned to Sesshomaru. "Do you really think…."

Sesshomaru quickly stopped him. "He would be foolish to not stay with his mate. Plus it really isn't our part to get involve unless we need too. If the woman shows, he will need to deal with it on his own, but once he has, a weight will be lifted off of his mate's shoulders."

"What do you mean?"

"Kagome told me that his mate, Ayame was afraid that he might leave her for the other woman."

"Well that is a weight every woman is afraid that might happen in their relationship. Even Sango was afraid that I would end up leaving her for another woman after what I did to her. It took a long time before she started trusting me again and allowed me to get close to her again," said Miroku. "Do you think they know, yet?"

"I believe they do, since it's all over the media. You can't go very far without seeing as least one thing about the spit up of Naraku and that woman. Even several channels have been talking about it nonstop. So they know what's going on."

Ayame sat there on their bed worried and afraid. She held her growing belly protectively. She had just heard or more like read about the newest and biggest gossip to go around, since the secrecy of her friend's marriage/and mating. She had many things going through her mind. The biggest was if her mate might leave her.

Inuyasha had rushed back to his home when he heard the news. He had gone out to get some fresh coffee from the coffee shop a block away. As he waited in line for his coffee he heard several women talking about it.

"That Kikyo woman got what came to her."

"Yes she did, but don't you feel a little sorry that he cheated on her."

"No, she should have known that he wouldn't stay loyal to her."

"I agree that she got what came to her. I mean the woman gets to final feel the pain she has inflicted upon many males she was caught betraying in the public, especially Inuyasha Taisho."

Then he heard someone turn up the TV in that café. It farther informed him on what was going on and putting the piece together. Then suddenly he felt something. A feeling of worried and afraid ran through his body. It was coming through the mating link. He had a feeling that he should get back home. He quickly forgot about the coffee and headed straight to his apartment.

Once back there he looked for his mate, before finding her on their bed in their bedroom. He could see the worried and afraid look on her face as she protectively held her belly. It was even coming off of her in waves. He knew this wasn't good for their pup, so he went over to the bed and brought her into his arms to calm her down. Once she was, he pulled away and looked into her eyes. She stared back at him.

"What's the matter?" he asked. She just pointed to the news paper. Only one glance at it told him. "Ayame you don't need to worried or be afraid. You're my mate. If she shows up her, I will make sure she leaves. She can do nothing to ruin our lives. She will not get in the way of our future, I promise this to you. She is a fool if she thinks that I would go back to her."

"But I'm just afraid that I might those you," she said upset.

"Ayame, your my mate, she's not. I have no obligation to her. She's not the one I love, you are. She is a mistake that I wish I had never had made. But at the same time I'm glad it happen because I would of never been mated to you or have a pup on the way. I wouldn't leave you or our pup. You both mean the world to me."

Then he nuzzled the mating mark that he had left on her. "I give my word she can't do anything to take me from you or our daughter." Then a moment later an idea popped into his head. "How about this, we both take off for the weekend?"


"You can pick the place and I'll have it all set up for us. I think we both need to get the hell out of here, you especially. I will not allow the mother of my pup to be in distress any longer." Then he gave her a passionate kiss.

"You don't have too," she said once they pulled apart.

"But I want too. I wouldn't do this for anyone else."

"You meant it?"

He knew what she was getting at. "Yeah, I meant it when I said I don't love her, but that I love you more than anything and I wouldn't give it up."

"I love you too." After that they then proved how much they loved each other.