Title: Buns in the Oven

Main Pairing: Yuugi/Yami

Other Pairings: Seto/Jou, and Mai/Anzu

Rating: M for Male Pairings, and Future Content (I'll put a warning with each chapter).

Summary: Yuugi and Yami get a couple unexpected surprises. They will have to make adjustments to their lives. Male Pregnacy.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh or the characters.

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After dinner it was always time for dessert. It was always a together project, just as everything else had become for them.

"Yami, pass me the chocolate ice cream please." Yuugi smiled, and Yami handed him the carton. Yuugi placed two scoops in each bowl.

Yami closed the freezer door, and opened the refrigerator. He lingered for a moment, and grabbed a jar of pickles. "Want these on the side." Yami didn't know why he wanted them, or the fact that Yuugi wanted them as well.

Yuugi took the jar from Yami with a smile, strange didn't occur to him yet. He took out a cutting board and a knife. Taking a pickle out of the jar, he cut it into slices. He placed them next to the two scoops of chocolate ice cream. He handed both the carton and jar to Yami who put it up. Yuugi grabbed spoons, and took their bowls to the table.

Half way through dessert when they heard the doorbell. "Wonder who it could be…" Yami dressed in cotton pajama bottoms got up, and answered the door.

Mai smiled to Yami. "Anzu's got a wild hair to bake some brownies to take to her class tomorrow, but we're short an egg. Got one we can borrow?" They lived across the street, so it was common for them to see each other, even frequent if you counted all the things they borrowed from each other.

Yami chuckled, and motioned for her to follow. She closed the door behind her. "Yes, I'll get you one."

"Evening, Mai." Yuugi who also was in cotton pajama bottoms smiled dipping the pickle absent-mindedly into his chocolate ice cream.

Mai gave a squeamish look as her eyes swept form Yuugi's odd choice of food, to see that Yami was eating the same thing. "You two want me to bring you a couple squares when they are done baking." She paused. "They would taste a lot better than ice cream and pickles."

Yami held out the egg to Mai. "A couple squares of brownie sounds nice. And, is something wrong with ice cream and pickles." He was walking her back to the door with a smile.

"Alright then. No, I suppose ice cream and pickles isn't a bad thing if you were pregnant… Thank You." Mai lifted a hand to say bye to them, and set off across the street.

Yami closed the door, and returned to his dessert. "Let's ignore her last comment." They both nodded to each other.

A month later after a nasty cause of dry heaving, that persisted to happen every morning Yuugi looked in the fridge. Craving some pickles he gave a long sigh, the pickle jar was empty. "Yami, I'm going to the store to pick up some pickles." He slammed the door shut in disappointment.

"Alright then, I'll go with you?" Yami smiled, looking over his shoulder to Yuugi. They always made trips together.

"Let's make a trip out of it because we are also out of bread, milk, eggs, and…" Yuugi paused looking into the freezer.

"Chocolate ice cream." Yami smirked. "I checked earlier." They both had a laugh.

At the grocery store they picked up bread, milk, eggs, chocolate ice cream, orange juice, lubricant, and after some debate between them a two a pack of pregnancy tests.

Yuugi was unpacking the brown paper sack and putting the food items in the respective spots. He handed Yami the lubricant, and the pregnancy tests.

"I know we wanted to ignore Mai, but something isn't right between us. I know we are men and it isn't suppose to happen, but there have been those other rare cases." Yami smiled, and took the lubricant leaving the pregnancy test on the table. "We both get moody over an empty pickle jar or carton of ice cream, not to mention our drying heaving (same time every day)."

Yuugi sighed, but returned the smile. "Don't forget that five extra pounds we gained a piece. If it is the connection we share that allows us to have the others cravings and sickness then why are we both gaining weight?"

"Blame the extra ice cream. And, if it isn't pregnancy Yuugi then we are going to go sign up for a fitness program." Yami sighed. "I'd like to be able to fit in my leathers comfortably for the final duel if I make it that far in the tournament."

Yuugi bit his lip not to laugh. "You'll do fine in the tournament against them, it is me you have to worry about." He grinned picturing Yami in his leather dueling out fit. He put the thought on pause and opened the box, and was reading the instructions. "Do these even work on men? I mean it says for woman, and it even has a diagram."

Yuugi got up and got two plastic cups. Having already read the instructions he handed them to Yami, along with a cup and a test. "I love you, but I'd prefer to piss in a cup by myself." He was walking down the hall to the bathroom with his own cup and test. "If you're wondering why I find this is embarrassing."

Yami looked at the three objects in his hand, and sighed as he watched Yuugi slip into the bathroom. "When your done just bring it back to the kitchen and we'll swap sticks, and find out together."

"Alright." Yuugi called out. After several moments, he went to the spare.

Yuugi washed his hands, and returned the kitchen with his stick. Yami was already there and waiting. "Sorry, I cannot piss on command." Yuugi gave a nervous laugh. "Promise I didn't look." He handed his to Yami.

Yami made the exchange. "It's alright. And, I haven't looked either."

They took a deep breath. Maybe it was the fact of being scared what might turn up that they looked into each others eyes for what seemed like forever. Finally breaking the eye contact they looked down.

"Yami, yours has two pink lines." Yuugi felt a moment of relief.

"Yuugi, yours has two pink lines." Yami felt a moment of relief.

Then it hit them, and they both fainted just as someone rang the doorbell. Mai, who was coming over to borrow a cup of sugar, heard the sound of someone hitting the floor. Normally she'd of waited or left, but considering the sound she tried the handle. It was unlocked; she opened the door and saw Yuugi and Yami on the floor. She rushed over to them, nudging them both.

Groaning, they both opened their eyes at the same time as they felt Mai nudging them. "Was coming over for a cup of sugar, when I heard you guys hit the floor. Hope you don't mind me just barging in."

Yami shook his head, stick still in hand. "Not at all Mai, you know your welcome over any time." He sat up, and then helped Yuugi sit up who was also still had a tight hold on the stick.

"Do me a favor Mai." Yuugi was recapping the moment before they hit the floor. He then took the stick from Yami, he handed them to Mai. "Tell me what you see." Yami was apparently thinking the same thing, as he had a half grin on his face.

Mai had an odd feeling because she was just handed two pregnancy tests by two men. She nodded, and smiled when she saw what was on them. "Alright then. I see two pink lines apiece. So who's the lucky guy?" They pointed to each other. "Good reason for fainting." She chuckled. "Let me call Anzu, and we can take a trip to the doctors."