Chapter 1

"I can't take it anymore! It's not fair!" Sam yelled as he threw the lamp across the tacky motel. They weren't on a hunt. They hadn't gotten any coordinates from their father for a while. They had been sitting in their room for the past week in Wisconsin.

"It's okay Sammy. Just calm down" Dean said as he tried to ease his brother down.

"No! I can't stand these premonitions and visions. They are killing me. It's like someone's slicing a knife through my head." Sam walked to the wall where he had thrown the lamp and kicked the old worn out wall. He turned to face Dean, who was standing beside the bed. Sam laid his back against the wall and kept tapping his head against it.

"Don't worry. I know how much it hurts and I'm trying to find someone who can help you" Dean said reassuring to his baby brother. He hated to see his brother in so much pain. It hurt his heart to see him so mad at himself for something that came to him for no reason.

"It's not only the shrieking pain I get, Dean. It seems that every time I get these visions, someone dies. I keep seeing someone dying." Sam said. Dean could see the tears in his eyes, but Sam kept them in.

"But Sammy, you have seen so many things die before" Dean said. Oh no he thought. I think I just pushed him over the edge.

"Dean! YEA I've seen a lot of things die, and I've killed so many things before. BUT NOT PEOPLE DEAN! They are human beings. You can't just think about them like that."

"No Sammy, I didn't mean it like that. I was just saying that, yea, maybe you've killed demons and spirits, but you don't blame yourself for killing them cause you think it was the right thing right?"

"Yea, but..." Sam started but than Dean cut him off.

"Yea, so when you see these people die, you think that it's all your fault. Like you could have saved them, Sammy. You weren't the one who used their powers to kill them" Dean tried to keep his voice steady, trying hard to keep his emotions together. "Maybe you saved one of the people who was supposed to die, but you can't keep blaming your self cause Max, his Uncle and father died. You just can't do that to yourself. It's not you fault! Do you hear me?"

"Yea, but…" Sam tried again to make his excuse, but again Dean cut him.

"No Sammy, no but's" Dean said, keeping his voice low since he had just risen it to his brother. "I promise, I will try to find someone who can help you. Just promise me that you chuck a lamp at the wall again, cause I already have to pay for that one" Dean said, sat down on the bed, putting a smile on. In return, Dean saw a smile go across his younger brother's face.

"Yea, okay" Sam said as he went to sit on the bed next to his older bother. Dean than put his arm around Sam's shoulder, than patting his back saying.

" It's okay, I'm hear for you, always" Dean said, he knew it was a chick-flick moment, but he didn't care one bit because his love for his brother was greater than any embarrassing chick flick moment. Sam than dropped his back onto the bed, and just stared at the ceiling. "Here, you lie there and I'll get you a hot towel." Dean said.

"Okay" Sam said.

Dean walked over to the washroom and grabbed a hand towel that was on a railing beside the sink. Before he turned the tap on, he leaned over to get a glimpse of his brother. Sam didn't make a move, just still, lying there looking at the ceiling. Dean looked back at the sink and turned the red tap on. He waited for it to get hot than stuck the towel underneath the running water. A few seconds later, he took the towel form underneath the tap, switched it off, than squeezed all the excess water out of the towel. He walked back over to his brother, still blankly staring upwards.

"Here you go, Sammy" Dean said as he placed the towel on top of Sam's forehead. "Here, let me put a pillow underneath your head. I don't want a little brother with a messed up neck" Dean laughed a little.

"Yea thanks Dean" Sam said and put his same little smile on. Dean went to the top of the bed and took a pillow from underneath the covers. He walked back to Sam's head, lifted his head a little and placed the pillow underneath. Dean just looked at him for a few seconds and saw Sam's eyes drift off into a sleep. Dean than went to the other bed and took the covers off and lay them onto his sleeping Sam. Dean than took the chair next to the table and sat down, keeping an eye on his brother. He soon dozed off to his sleep.

All of a sudden, Dean is woken up abruptly to the sound of his brother screaming. Dean looked around to see his brother on the floor clenching his head. He ran over and held his brother by the arms.

"Sammy, are you okay! Snap out of it" Dean was yelling. But all he got in return was a scream. "I know it hurts Sammy! Your gunna get through this. Come on, you can do it! It hurts I know! Come on! Fight it!" Dean kept yelling shaking his brother.

Than all of a sudden, Sam began to relax and his breathing was coming back to normal.

"Sammy? Sammy? Come on, speak to me" Dean said. Dean than got his brother up and laid his brother on the bed again. "Sammy, come on, say something" Dean said as he patted Sam's cheeks trying to get him to talk to him.

"Yea…but. It was nothing" Sam spoke slowly.

"What?" Dean asked.

"There was nothing. No vision, no premonitions. It was just pain" Sam said, still holding his forehead.

"Okay, I know where to go. Pack your things now. Ill be waiting in the car." Dean said as he took his duffle bag and keys and headed for his car.

"HEY! Where are we going?" Sam shouted but didn't get a response back. Sam got his stuff and ran to the car.

An hour goes by and Sam decided he would break the silence.

"Where are we going?" Sam asked looking at his brother.

"Ill tell you when we get there." Dean said, trying not to make eye contact with his little brother. Dean took a glimpse at his brother and said. "Just go to sleep and when you wake up we'll be there…Okay?"

"Yea….fine whatever" Sam said as he turned on his side and tried to fall asleep.

Sam woke up what he thought was the next morning on a soft comfortable bed. He looked around the room; he had never seen it before. He looked at the night table beside him and found a note.

Come downstairs for breakfast. Some one you haven't seen for a while is in the kitchen.


Awkward note, Sam thought. He got up from the bed and walked down the stairs. When he got to the main level he recognized where he was. He walked into the kitchen and found a short lady beside the oven, than she turned around.

"Well, Sammy! It has been a while my dear boy!" She said.