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Chapter 1 – The smile when you tore me apart.

Sparkling angel, I believed

You were my saviour, in my time of need.

Blinded by faith, I couldn't hear

All of the whispers, the warnings so clear.

"Congratulations Spicer, I never would have believed you capable of it." Chase Young smiled and patted Jack on the head. Jack smiled and blushed. He looked at the four Xiaolin monks, tied up and stripped of their shen-gong-wu . He'd led them there, set a trap, built a robot that actually managed to do its job, and impressed Chase. He was finally living up to the evil boy genius reputation he'd created for himself.

He grinned at his enemies, wondering what Chase had in store for them, he knew Chase had only wanted them there as they had an incredibly valuable shen-gong-wu, perhaps the most powerful one in existence. Amusingly enough, the Xiaolin didn't actually seem to know what this powerful weapon did; they'd discovered it un-activated and didn't have their pet dragon around to reveal its powers to them. Jack didn't care what it did; Chase had promised him any other shen-gong-wu the young warriors might have had with them.

They all had those annoyingly superior expressions on their faces, they looked angry at being inconvenienced by being held prisoner; there wasn't a hint of fear in them.

This angered him, why were they never scared of him? Why weren't they scared of Chase?

But then he saw something; Raimundo's eyebrows twitched and his scowl dropped. Kimiko's eyes widened, Omi gasped and Clay opened his mouth to say something.

They were all looking at Jack.

"Wha-" He started, then he felt a thump between his shoulder blades. He was going to turn around, but he felt a hot sensation in his chest, and looked down instead – a shining silver blade, dripping with his own blood, was protruding from his chest. He managed to take in a shuddering breath and vaguely heard Chase say;

"It's a shame you've outlived your usefulness."

Then he crumpled to the ground, eyes still wide in horror as they rolled back into his head.

Raimundo had been pissed off about falling into a trap set by Jack Spicer. In retrospect it all seemed so obvious. Now they'd lost all the shen-gong-wu they'd been carrying, including the extending-arm-sash, silk-spinner, lotus twister and a new one they'd only just stumbled across; it was a gold-coloured misshapen disc with some indecipherable markings on its flattest surface. Rai rolled his eyes as Chase patted his young apprentice on the head. What was it between those two? Jack's expression was one of pure adoration, yet Chase's was one of contempt.

With actions as smooth as the wind, Chase pulled a short-sword from his belt and raised it. Rai knew what he was going to do.

The look on Jack's face as he realised he'd been stabbed was utterly pitiable. He didn't even have the chance to scream his trademark girly scream.

Even from Rai's limited knowledge of the human anatomy, he knew the blade had pierced Jack's heart. And heart-broken was how he looked. His knees buckled and he wobbled on them for a fraction of a second before falling on his side, dead.

Rai jerked his glare from the body and looked up, Chase now towered above them and he held a second sword almost identical to the one he'd stabbed Jack with.

"Don't!" Rai winced as he saw the sword come down. But when he opened his eyes again Chase was gone, he had harmed none of the Xiaolin Warriors, simply cut the rope that tied them.

The shen-gong-wu – minus the new one – still lay on the floor, next to Jack's body.

"So, you reckon we're free to go?" Clay asked, eyes fixed on the body.

"Well, he's gone…" Kimiko said, also unable to shift her gaze.

"We will take Jack with us." Omi said, holding a hand to his heart, "He may have been our enemy in life, but as a fellow warrior he deserves an honourable burial."

The three agreed and also collected up the shen-gong-wu. They tore a portal open with the tiger-claws and solemnly returned to their temple. Neither Clay, nor Kimiko, nor Omi saw the silent tear that had crept down Raimundo's face.

Master Fung arranged a casket in the temple, but being winter, the ground was too hard for a grave to be dug. He treated the body with some oils that would slow the putrefaction process and removed the blade, neatly rearranging the young man's clothing around the fatal wound. Throughout this ritual, Master Fung was aware of a pair of eyes on him, he knew that three of his monks were training unenthusiastically on the other side of the compound.

"Raimundo." He spoke with his eyes closed, "Come here." He heard slow footsteps and a sniffle.

Raimundo looked at the body.

"His hair's a mess." He stated blandly. He knew how much pride Jack took in his appearance.

"My young monk, you must see death as a natural part of life if you are to ever find peace within yourself." Fung was saying, but Raimundo really wasn't listening, he was thinking about making Jack's hair look right.

He reached into the casket and touched the bright-red shock of hair, feeling the difference between the well-groomed, silky smooth strands, and the strands that had somehow become stuck together with congealed blood. A small cry caught in his throat, and he clenched his teeth to hold back the tears.

"I sense that you shared a bond with your enemy." Fung's voice didn't convey any emotion at all. "Did he know how you felt?"

"No." Raimundo sniffled. "And thanks to Chase Young…"

"Jack Spicer chose his own path, he chose to be ev-"

"What fucking difference does it make!" Raimundo shouted, "He was just a kid! Do you know how old he is? The others don't, but I do! He was fifteen! He was only a kid!" when he'd finished his outburst he hung his head. "I'm sorry, Master, I didn't mean to disrespect you."

Master Fung looked angry at first, but his anger soon dissolved in sympathy.

"Perhaps you should go and lie down, until you have control of your emotions." The old man tried not to sound too patronising.

Raimundo nodded and left the temple.

He lay at the base of a large oak in the adjoining field, rubbing a blade of grass between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. He stared up through the bare branches of the tree, at the clear blue sky. It was a very cold day, he could see his breath in the air, but there was no breeze, no clouds. It was a beautiful and yet unremarkable day. He felt strange that he'd never really thought much about the feelings he had for Jack; he'd always just assumed it was what they meant by a love/hate relationship, he loathed Jack Spicer, but at the same time desperately wanted to take him in his arms and smother him with the affection that he'd so clearly been deprived of all his life. He couldn't count the number of times when they'd been stood next to each other and he couldn't decide if he wanted to thump the red-head, or kiss him. To complicate matters, he also knew how much Jack adored Chase Young. Rai remembered cracking jokes about the two of them being lovers before it became painfully apparent that Jack was in love with Chase, but the dark-haired man felt nothing but contempt for the boy.

What a waste.

"Whassup?" Dojo's voice came from nowhere and caused Rai to sit up with a start.

"What do you want?" He asked in a low growl.

"Well, Kimiko asked me to look up this new shen-gong-wu you found, it took me a while – her description was awful – but I found out what it is, and now I can't find her." Dojo paused and looked up at Raimundo's face. "You okay, kid?"

"Just a bit shook up, never seen anyone murdered right in front of my eyes before." Rai replied somewhat bitterly.

"Yeah, I heard about that, but once we all get over the shock, well, it'll be a lot easier collecting the shen…gong…wu…" He said the last three syllables slower as he could see something akin to rage in Rai's eyes.

"What if it had been one of us? You'd care then." Rai regained control of himself before he could go into another rage.

"Funny you should mention that." Dojo said, smiling, "The shen-gong-wu you found earlier – the one Chase got away with – has the power to bring a person back from the dead. It's called the resurrection stone"

Rai sat up dead straight.

"How can that work?" Raimundo had images of zombies stalking the earth.

"Well it can only be used once, it returns complete life to the deceased, and if the one brought back from the dead possesses the resurrection stone, he can use it to control armies of the dead." Dojo reeled all this off the top of his head.

"And Chase has it, what could he be planning?" Rai couldn't imagine Chase wanting anyone else to have control of an army of the dead, but if he intended being killed himself, and then resurrected so as to have control, whom could he possibly trust to do that for him? Jack would have done it. So what sense was there in killing Jack? Unless he thought Jack might try to steal the stone, or just leave Chase dead.

"How recently do they have to have died?" Rai had known what he was going to do the very second Dojo had first mentioned the concept of resurrection.

"Uh, if I remember correctly; twenty-four hours."

And Jack had been dead for ten hours.

End of chapter.

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