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Chapter 15

Raven stood up and backed away from the door, barely believing what was happening. So many things had happened in a matter of hours: she had gone from the castle, a very welcoming place now, back to her town, had her life threatened, thrown into a prison-like area, and now one of her worst enemies was bailing her out with an axe.

A series of chops and cracks came from the door as it fell apart bit by bit. Finally the door collapsed, revealing a slightly tired looking Blackfire, Starfire standing back.

"Sounds like you've had a bit of fun for the past while," Blackfire panted, throwing the axe haphazardly to the side. "Starfire's told me a lot of what's going on."

"We have to go," Raven said quickly. "They're going to attack the castle. They're going to try and kill Beast Boy and probably anyone who gets in their way."

She heard Starfire gasp silently, knowing that she was thinking solely of Robin. "We need to leave now," Raven concluded.

"I'm coming," Trigon said weakly. "I have to help."

"You don't and you won't," Raven said. "You've already been in enough danger, you don't need to be in anymore, especially since you're sick—and don't say that you aren't!" she said sternly as Trigon opened his mouth, indubitably to argue. "Stay. I know what they need."

"Please, Raven," Starfire said, "I wish to go. I wish to protect the castle; to protect my friends."

"Let's go," Blackfire said. "I'll help you for the time being." She paused briefly. "But don't you think that this makes us friends, Raven. Not by a long shot."

Raven laughed silently. "I'm not that fond of you either, so there's nothing to worry about."

Blackfire smirked as she nodded and turned to leave. "I'll be with you two in a few seconds," Raven said. "I need to talk with my father for a second or two, okay?"

Blackfire nodded. "C'mon, li'l sister," she said, and the two left. Raven watched them go, and then turned to her father.

"I'm not coming," Trigon said in defeat. "I'll stay here."

"Thank you," Raven said. She stood there for a few seconds, doing nothing. But she then quickly hugged her father and said, "Dad, stay safe, okay? I love you." She broke away, gave him a weak wave and then rushed off to the two sisters.

It was the beginning of a long night.


The doors to the castle burst open as the mob rushed in. They had finally arrived. They held their torches high in the air, moving their heads back and forth, looking for the beast. At first, no one had noticed the extreme amount of furniture before them, too busy keeping their eyes on lookout for any sign of movement. Finally, when they noticed that no human or beast was in the area besides themselves, they looked at the objects in front of them.

"What're these doing here?" someone in the mass of people asked.

Chatter was all around them as they began to look around. They asked questions that were garbled and unheard in the others' words. Unnoticed by the invaders, Robin quickly cracked open his eyes and glanced over the area. They had no idea that the castle and the inanimate objects all around them were enchanted and that the latter could think and act for themselves.

"Are we ready?" a voice quickly and silently asked. Robin whispered back, "Wait a little bit longer." Cyborg vaguely nodded and they continued to stand perfectly still.

The mob wandered around the room, all of them moving very slow and cautiously, almost as if any wrong movement or odd noise would immediately alert the beast that dwelled here. Everyone looked nervous, worry carved deep into their faces, the shadows created by the torches before their face intensifying it.

Any moment now…

"What are you waiting for?!" someone shouted. In the midst of the crowd was a man. He looked very fierce and malicious. Every one of his features said that he was willing to utterly destroy anything and everything that was foolish enough to get into his way. "Find the beast!" he yelled. "Don't you dare show mercy to anyone who tries to stop you. If you do, I'll make sure that you stop slowing us down."

Just a little bit longer…

"MOVE!" Adonis screamed. Everyone scattered, not wanting to find out what would happen if they did not obey. But they soon would not be the only ones on the move.

"Castle, GO!" The whole room burst with movement. Some people screamed, understandably shocked by the furniture fighting against them. Some people, there and then, ran out the castle, terrified. Others, scared of how Adonis would punish them if they retreated, stayed to fight as best they could. Silverware was pelted at people, couches collapsed on others. Pots and pans were rammed into people's heads, scathingly hot tea poured on or near several others. Brooms banged the top and side of people's heads, and several other objects doing several different things.

Everything was chaos, but the castle was winning.


They had finally arrived at the castle. But even from outside, Raven, Starfire and Blackfire could tell that it was hectic inside. Adonis had arrived.

"Come on!" Raven said. "We don't have much time." With that said, they rushed forward as fast as they possibly could.


The battle continued, still fierce. The initial fear of the mob had now faded and they were fighting as hard as they could back against the castle. Robin was finding it harder and harder to fight. The intruders had torches and knives, and all that he had were wax candle sticks. They were very slowly falling behind.

In the corner of his eye, he saw people come through the entrance door. He yelled inside: the others were coming back to help fight. But then, from behind him, he heard someone yell, "Raven!" He looked closer at the people and, sure enough, Raven was one of them. Along with her was a girl with long black hair. But something was rushing towards him. With the mass of people and fighting, he found it very hard to make out what it was. But suddenly, whatever it was, it jumped onto him and held him tightly.

"Robin, Robin!" they cried. "Robin! You are the okay, are you not? Robin!"

"Starfire!" Robin said. "You're okay! Where were you?"

"I was with Friend Raven," Starfire answered. "But we have come back to help you fight against the Adonis' mob. They are here to kill Beast Boy! We must stop them!"

"But our friends need as much protection as they can get," Robin said. "If we don't stay, they're dead!"

"Then you must go!" Starfire cried. "I shall stay and fight in your stead. Raven needs someone to go with her!"

"I will not leave you!" Robin yelled at her. "I don't what you to get killed!"

"I am willing to die!" Starfire said. "If I die for my friends, it will be a wonderful pleasure!"

"I will not leave you, Starfire!"

"I am willing to die!"

"But I'm not willing to let you die." And at that moment, he kissed her. For just that one moment, everything seemed to stop; just for that one single moment.

"You two are a cute couple and everything," said someone, "but, well, THERE'S A FREAKING WAR GOING ON, SO HOLD IT IN, WILL YA?!"

The two broke apart, just fully realizing what had just happened. They blushed slightly, but soon re-entered the fight once more, ready to fight until the end.

End of chapter

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