Disclaimer: All characters (except Jenny Hill & Lenny Marsh) are owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros and are used without perm
Disclaimer:  All characters (except Jenny Hill & Lenny Marsh) are owned by DC Comics and Warner Bros and are used without permission or profit, solely for the entertainment of myself and other fan-fiction readers. Feedback is welcome. Author's Note:  This is an original story that that follows on from The Animated Series, "Batman and Robin: Shadow of the Bat."  Where Batgirl is first introduced. This is one of my variations on the unmasking of Batgirl and the relationship between Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon.

I would like to acknowledge my sister Susie, who despite having no interest whatsoever in Batman, sat obediently with me through my "Batman Fests" and proof read this story for me.

And for all those experts out there that are sure to cringe at my utter lack of knowledge in the field of Cryogenics please note … I am fully aware that in our world it is considered impossible to Cryogenically freeze a human, but this is not set in our world it's in Batman's and in Batman's world impossibility becomes reality – anyway, Mr Freeze started it! Just ask his wife! So please excuse my free reign of imagination in place of cold hard facts.

Additional note: I could find no mention of Mayor Hill's first name in any of the episodes/comics I have, so I have take the liberty of calling him Adam – If anyone does know his real name please let me know!

ETERNALY YOURS.                                                                                                                                            By Cathy (CAT) Grout.


Somewhere in Gotham City …

There was something more than remarkable about the man who strolled around the overrun garden of the old Gotham Power Station, and not just the fact that he was there at all.

The station had been closed for five years now and it was in such a state of disrepair that the local council was considering having it demolished.

But the figure that moved quietly through the long grass didn't know that, nor did he care. The station was cool inside and it had the potential to become even cooler. He stopped presently and bent down to touch a lonely flower that had managed to rise amongst the weeds, " Ah, a flower that blooms in adversity is the most precious of all flowers." He quoted softly.

His voice hinted at a slight accent but was otherwise toneless and without feeling. He knew of another flower, one close to his heart who had struggled as the one before him. But she would not see the spring as this one had and she would never feel the warm breeze that would have once made him sweat uncontrollably.

With sudden emotion he grasped the flower by its fragile stem and reefed it from the ground. "Some flowers are not meant for this cruel world." He rasped, crunching the petals in his large hands.

He surveyed the garden, his eyes taking in the distant skyscrapers of Gotham City. He could see the dense smog that settled over the City like a dark shadow and the glare of the sun against the windowpanes.

He shook his head, it was wrong. He smelt the heat from the earth and then studied the life in the garden. Wrong he thought to himself. What he needed was ice.

Cold, lifeless ice.

Its beauty never failed to impress him. Not only did it suffocate life, freezing it at its most pristine but it also captured it and preserved it for all to see. "Yesss," he hissed, "I need Ice."

His eyes focused on the city once more and a dark smile spread across his almost frozen features. No longer would the citizens gripe about the unending summer … soon … soon winter would come all too soon.

He shuddered as a chill ran down his spine and he smiled at the sensation. "Soon they will be chilled," he snarled, "They too will spend their lives in my frozen hell. They will know the coldness of my touch, never again too feel the warmth of a human body."

He gazed at the power station where his frozen flower waited inside for him.

"Gothamites will join me in my cold damnation! They will see their loved ones frozen, captured in ice. Then … then they will know, they will see. Ice is eternity! " He laughed the laugh of a mad man, " I have found eternal life my love, my Nora. Together we will share it with the world!"

Victor freeze levelled the garden with an icy stare, " Hell is about to freeze over."