Gotham City Hospital …

Barbara fiddled nervously with the bunch of flowers she gripped in her hand on the lift that would take her to Jenny's room.

Today was the first time she had seen Jenny since the terrible night with Mr Freeze and she was terrified that her friend would not recover from his cruel treatment of her.

A warm hand wrapped around her fingers and Dick Grayson brought them to his lips, kissing them softly, "You're going to strangle those roses Babs." He said gently, smiling at her nervous face, "Jenny will never forgive you - they cost me a fortune!"

Barbara returned his smile and leant her head against his shoulder briefly. She idly wished that he could have been there at all her previous visits to the hospital, he had a way of making her feel as though nothing could harm her.

"I hope she's OK." She breathed.

Dick squeezed her hand, "Jenny's tough and I'm sure the knowledge that she was right about us will brighten her day."

Barbara gave a soft laugh and tilted her head back to look into his bright blue eyes, "Technically she wasn't right. I didn't fall in love with Dick I fell in love with Robin."

Dick shrugged, grinning broadly, "I would have won you over eventually, even in my civilian form. I'm just too irresistible."

Barbara rolled her eyes, "This is going to be the longest lift ride I've ever taken."

Dick laughed, dropping his head to kiss her lips softly, "That has its advantages also."

Abruptly the lift pulled up and Dick sighed, "Ready?"

Barbara nodded, gripping his hand tighter and beginning down the long hallway to Jenny's room.

Jenny Hill was sitting up in bed flipping boredly through a magazine when Barbara poked her head in, "Want some visitors?"

Jenny grinned, tossing the magazine aside, "Love some - especially if they've bought chocolate."

"No chocolate - but I've heard I'm pretty tasty." Dick exclaimed, following in Barbara's wake.

The surprise on Jenny's face was priceless and she stared unmoving at their joined hands for some time before regaining her senses, "What in the hell happened at that birthday party?" She demanded.

The young couple laughed and smiled at each other. "We had a punch up." Dick admitted, winking at Barbara.

"A punch up" Jenny repeated, her jaw sagging a little to accommodate her surprise.

"Yep" Barbara said, handing the flowers to her friend, "And the rest, they say, is history!"

Jenny scowled, "In other words I don't get the juicy details just the overall summarisation."

"Exactly" Dick and Barbara answered together.

"Good grief you're already taking in tandem!" She exclaimed, "Those parties are going to be boring again. Now I have to watch you two pash and actually like each other." She made a face, "I'll have to get a new hobby."

Her two childhood friends stared at her quietly, neither wanting to be the one to point out that she probably would not see another one of those tiresome parties.

Then Barbara began to notice a few things. The smile on Jenny's face was more than just welcoming; it was excited and overjoyed. Her eyes gleamed for the first time in months and she had even braided her hair, it no longer fell down her shoulders tattered and uncared for.

"Why do I get the feeling that we aren't the only one with news?" Barbara asked.

Dick leaned over the bed and eyed Jenny's face curiously, "Yep - definitely something hiding back there."

Jenny giggled, batting him with her hand, "I have the mother of all surprises - beats you two hands down."

Barbara and Dick shared a glance then turned their attention back to the girl in the bed.

"I've gone into remission." Jenny said simply.

Their mouths dropped and Dick grabbed her hand, squeezing it tightly, "Really?"

"The doctors confirmed it this morning."

Barbara grabbed her friend in a hug, unashamedly crying. "That's fantastic!"

Jenny gave a mischievous giggle, struggling under Barbara's weight, "You now what would be even more fantastic?"

Two pairs of shining eyes sought hers, "What?"

"If you would both let me go. Babs you're choking me and Dick my hands gone numb!"

The three laughed, releasing each other. Then Dick grabbed Barbara to him and they hugged each other instead.

Jenny threw a pillow at them, "Stop that! The insults were at least entertaining! That's just gross!"

"What happened? " Barbara asked when speech was possible, "I was sure after Freeze that you would … " She broke off and Jenny smiled at her sympathetically, "Well you weren't the only one to think that. The strangest part of this whole fiasco is that I actually have Mr Freeze to thank for this - he cured my cancer."

That was met by incredulous shouting complete with a healthy mix of anger and disbelief.

"He didn't do it on purpose. "Jenny continued, "As near as the doctors' can figure when he made me into an iceblock the rapid freezing cause some changes in my body."

Barbara frowned, taking a seat on the side of the bed with Dick still firmly attached to her hand, "What sort of changes?"

Jenny sighed, "Well there's a long, medical explanation that I didn't really understand but suffice to say the cooling caused my body to release natural antibodies that attacked my cancer. It's got some medical theory behind it - but I don't really care. As long as it's gone." She grinned at them, the smile of a person given the best gift of all, "And I can't wait to get out of here! Even if I do have to hang out with you two"

Dick and Barbara sent her a dirty look each but couldn't wipe the smiles from their faces. "Well this is good news." Dick commented, "The best news."

Jenny raised her brow, "Well I don't know about that. You two will make a very interesting front page - which is probably going to happen you know!"

Dick shrugged, "I'm not so sure." He exchanged a look with Barbara and she continued, "Everyone we've seen or told … well … they don't seem to be all that surprised."

Jenny rolled her eyes, "Well Duh! It was Soooo obvious. Everyone probably thinks you've been secretly dating for months."

"Why would they think that?" Barbara asked suspiciously.

Jenny chuckled, "Because that's what I told everyone."

Dick and Barbara's eyes widened and they both rose slowly from the bed, "I say we kill her." Dick said dangerously, "I'm sure we could make it look accidental."

Barbara shook her head, "No way - I say we take her out to dinner and to the movies and do all that horrible couple stuff in front of her."

Jenny glanced from one to the other silently, "You wouldn't!" She whispered.

Dick and Barbara smiled at each other and leant over the bed to kiss, "It would be our pleasure." They said in unison.