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Darkness enveloped her body drowning her in the rich atmosphere of the night. Her senses tingled as her quick saiya-jin hearing picked up on the sound of a twig cracking. Without warning, she charged towards the unseen force in a quick, elegant grace. A ball of burning sapphire light was hurled through the air. A cry of death sounded as the glowing sphere mercilessly incinerated another one of her attackers. The young girl hadn't even broken a sweat. A sickening chuckle escaped her lips as she descended to the concrete of the courtyard's training sanctuary. A sea of bodies littered the area. Casually, she lifted a finger and burned every last one into nothing. Her master would be pleased.

She was unstoppable.

Nobody had ever seen a female warrior quite like this exotic blue haired saiya-jin.

She was a legend.

Her Lord and Master stepped out of the shadows to applaud her performance. He had taught his pupil well. He chuckled in approval and congratulated her on graduating her training. "You have done well, ritoru akki. The King will be pleased."

"I have told you once, and I will tell you again, m'Lord, I will not be reduced to playing babysitter for that bastard's son."

Her Master loved his spitfire of a student. Her spirit was remarkable, as were her abilities. "You know you have no choice, Bulma. The King has specifically chosen you to become the Prince's bodyguard."

An animalistic scowl twisted on her face as a glint of pure, unbridled hatred appeared behind her sapphire eyes. "Then I shall simply kill him and take over the throne. He would prove to be no challenge for the demon that I am." She spat in pure venom making sure she accentuated her hatred of the King and his son.

Her Lord simply chuckled again. What an arrogant pupil he had. "That is exactly why he needs you. You are his only hope of protecting the Prince from the evil that is Lord Frieza."

"Let the saiya-jins die from his hand."

"Have you forgotten that you, my dear, are a saiya-jin as well?"

"No, but I am not entirely one of them. I am a demon. An instrument of destruction. Have you forgotten?"

Lord Raien Shinigami was her Master's full identity. He was skilled in the dark arts of the demon. Most of his techniques had been stolen from the deadliest creatures in Hell. He was considered the God of Death for many reasons. He had purged more planets in his life than any other being in the entire Universe. Not even Lord Frieza himself. He had been wandering Vegeta-sei for many years until he had found an abandoned babe which was his pupil, Bulma Shinigami. The demon had soon discovered why one would not have abandoned the child. She had a taste for destruction and bloodshed even at a young age.

Raien was a half-breed. A cross between a saiya-jin and an ice-jin. A forbbiden pairing on this world. But nobody had dared challenge him after seeing what he had done to a former King of Vegeta-sei. Instead they honored him, feared him, respected him. Nobody ever dared to cross his path.

"No, beautiful, of course I have not forgotten."

He had trained her well.

Bulma was one of the most beautiful saiya-jin females on the planet. Inside her swelled much hatred for her own race and the Ice-jins. She had learned it from her Lord. He had told her stories of the ridicule he had received from both races for being what he was - a hybrid. Her hatred for the King stemmed from when he had learned of her lineage and confronted Shinigami about the situation. The King saw her power and immediately wanted her for his son. He had arranged her betrothal to the Prince as soon as he possibly could.

She was the Princess of Vegeta-sei.

Born to the best friend of the Queen and a very influential scientist named Bardock.

A First Class and a Third Class.

And she hated it.

The stunning blue haired saiya-jin had been misfortunate to meet the Prince one or twice in her travels. He had been completely and utterly rude to her. She had been almost tempted to kill him on the spot. Although, she had refrained from doing so due to the consequences of killing a Royal. She would rather live with the arrogant, pig-headed, son of a bitch than to be the dishonor and shame of her race.

"Good," she replied in arrogance.

"King Vegeta still needs you whether you like it or not and you will guard your Prince and future husband. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes," she spat in distaste before continuing, "If he's supposed to be my future husband then how come he can't seem to handle himself? Why does he need his future wife to look after him? Wouldn't that damage his already bent pride?"

"You and your brother Kakarot are the only ones capable of keeping Vegeta-sei safe from Frieza."

"Then let Kakarot play hero and leave me out of the world's affairs."

"It's not that simple, m'Lady."

"Why isn't it?"

"Because you are needed for more than physical strength, my dear. They need you for your knowledge of technology. They wish for you to work with your father on the machine that he is working on that will help increase the strength of our people. Frieza is already advancing his technology further than we have. He is making us seem primitive in our knowledge."

An arrogant smirk appeared on her delicious ruby lips. "Not so long as I'm around, he won't. I will crush him physically and with my superior knowledge of technology. He won't even know what hit him."

Shinigami smirked in the same manner and replied, "That's my girl."

His hatred of Frieza ran deeper than his hatred for the saiya-jins. Specifically because he was born of a saiya-jin male and an ice-jin female. That female being Lord Frieza's oldest sister who has perished from her own brother's hand. Frieza had been purely and utterly disgusted with his sister that she had lowered herself to sleep with a 'filthy monkey' as he called them. He had decided to take matters into his own hand, killing his sister and the saiya-jin she had mated with, and for several years tried to hunt down Shinigami and kill him but never succeeding. He wished for his Uncle's demise even more than the King did. He wanted Frieza dead for destroying his parents and leaving him alone.

Bulma was going to be his salvation.

She was going to be the key to liberate the saiya-jins and the universe from his rule.

She and Kakarot were their only hope.

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