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"MOVE!" The princess snarled as she made her way into the ship from the emergency door on the roof of the space vehicle that the Prince happened to be maneuvering. She ruthlessly pushed a few of her men out of the way so that she could make it into the control room to regain her position as Captain of the ship. She smirked as they all parted to the side of the halls as she headed towards her destination. After seeing the carnage that the demon princess was capable of, they did not want to get on her bad side.

She entered the control room in a whirlwind of rage and viciously tried to push the saiya-jin out of the seat that was intended for her to be sitting in. "Get up! I'm back on the ship so there's no longer a need for you to be occupying my seat! Now if you don't mind, MOVE!"

"No!" Vegeta snarled back. "You gave up your right when you decided to blow the planet to pieces! This is my duty now, always has been my duty, and if you think I'm moving, you're dreaming! So now if YOU don't mind, GET OUT!"

"How dare you! I gave it up so that you could get your worthless asses off the planet! I did you a favor so now you can do me one and GET OUT OF MY SEAT!"

Vegeta removed himself from the seat but only to tightly grip the wrists of his future bride and stare her down menacingly with a scowl drawn on his usually handsome face. "Listen here, woman! I have been the leader of Frieza's purge missions long before you were brought into the picture so you sit down, shut up, and let me do my job. I am your future husband and I will not tolerate such disrespect from the likes of you! Especially in front of my men! So you can either fall in line or suffer the consequences at Frieza's hand! Do you understand?"

The mere mention of that bastard lizard's name was enough to make her stop her angry tirade and quiet down almost immediately. She pulled her wrists out of his grip never breaking eye contact with the powerful prince. She defeatedly mumbled, "Fine. Have your way."

The prince let out the heavy sigh that he had been holding when she decided to back down. The last thing he wanted to do was hand over the princess to Frieza. Especially considering the fact that she was a member of his own race. He'd be betraying her on the deepest level, the way that his father had betrayed him by signing him over to Frieza as an infant. A silent apology burned in his obsidian depths just before they broke contact with her's. He allowed himself one moment of weakness by kissing her on the forehead before settling down in his seat. He decided that life would be easier once she was broken and bleeding at his feet as he refocused on steering the ship back towards Vegeta-sei.

"Asshole," she muttered as she left the control room to take her anger out on one of their unsuspecting men.

"He certainly is, isn't he?" Kakarot chuckled as he appeared next to his beloved older sister. "Not that you're any better yourself, sometimes. You've got quite the taste for betrayal and bloodshed, don't you, m'dear?"

"Every woman for herself," she sneered.

"And isn't it fortunate that you just so happen to be the strongest woman on our planet?" He asked.

"What's your point?" She asked suspicious of where her baby brother was going with this conversation.

"Well you know what's going to happen tonight, right?"

"No! What? Tell me!" She demanded fiercely.

Oh, how he loved causing trouble. "Prince Vegeta is going to take a concubine to his bed tonight because he completed another purge successfully. He always celebrates that way, y'know. Shouldn't it be you he takes to his bed instead of some girl from his father's harem? After all, you saved his life on several occasions today and you're the future queen!"

"Saiya-jin creed forbids us to be together and you know that, Kakarot!" Bulma snarled in response. "There's nothing in the saiya-jin creed that says he can't take concubines to his bed but there's nothing in the creed that says I can't take care of that problem, either!" She spoke maliciously as she thought of many torture methods that she could practice on the concubines. "There's no way I'm allowing any more whores to get their grubby paws on MY mate!"

Kakarot snickered in delight at the carnage he would be witnessing tonight. There was no way that he was missing that for the world. If he knew his sister, and he did, then she would be torturing the girls in the worst way possible. Even more disgusting and degrading than what she had done to the raza-jins. "Now there's the saiya-jin that I know and love!" He spoke proudly. "I just hope you can keep your head when Frieza starts bringing other princesses around to try and tempt Vegeta away from you. For some reason, he's got it out for you, Bulma. He does not want you and Vegeta to be together or even alive, maybe."

"I don't have anything to worry about, Kakarot. If I know Vegeta, I know that he despises cross-breeding with other species and surely the people of Vegeta-sei will not want an outsider to take over the throne. They'll want a saiya-jin and that saiya-jin will be me. Nobody is taking that away from me, Kakarot. No one. Not even Vegeta, himself. He'll be dead the night of our consummation and I'll have his bastard child as my trophy! Don't you worry about Frieza, either. His time is coming. Soon," She stated fiercely before she stormed off leaving a very confused and astounded saiya-jin.

Frieza was focused hard on a being who had pale white skin, bright crimson eyes, and a lavendar dusted saiya-jin tail as he meditated Vegeta-sei into his mind. He had been trying to target his nephew for the past hour to try and get some information on the blue haired female that seemed to be getting in his way as of late. He reached out telepathically to the planet to try and get into his nephew's head when he ran right smack into a wall. The lizard growled in mental frustration as he fought his way through the barriers of the being's telepathic block. A visible smirk appeared on his face when he had a connection.

'Well, well, well. If it isn't my favorite nephew...' The emporer spoke into the hybrid's mind.

Shinigami had felt a slight tingling sensation in his head but hadn't paid much attention to it which allowed easy access for Frieza. He had figured it may have been Bulma trying to get in touch with him telepathically and dropped his guard. Now the voice of his uncle invaded his mind and made him shake with rage.

'Uncle Frieza, to what displeasure do I owe you?' Raien replied in disgust.

'Now now,' Frieza scolded, 'You shouldn't talk to me that way. What happened to mommy may just happen to you if you're not careful, little one.'

'I've been to hell and back,' He snapped, 'There's nothing you can do to me that would possibly frighten me.'

'Really? Then perhaps you wouldn't mind giving me a little information on a certain blue haired female that you just so happen to be training and has taken your name.'

'What do you want to know?' Shinigami asked with interest.

'Well, for starters, I'd like to know her power level. My scouter has been fussy lately and hasn't been letting me read it. Besides that, she seems to keep it well hidden and I know the read out isn't correct. I can sense that she has more power than she lets on and you will tell me her inital read out. Right now.'

The hybrid chuckled at his uncle's apparent frustration with Bulma's power level. Honestly, there couldn't be an accurate read to Bulma's power level seeing as it increased a little more each day. Her power had doubled from her purge since she had completely destroyed the entire planet and released so much energy that she had brought herself close to death making her strength increase immensely. 'I honestly can't give you an accurate read. Her power increases so fast that it's hard for me to pinpoint it. I can give you a proper estimation, though. Seeing as she just returned from a purge and brought herself a hair's breath away from death, it has doubled. She was at 5,000,000. Now she seems to be around at least 7,000,000. My pupil is quite the prodigy.'

Frieza was shocked that a saiya-jin could rapidly achieve such power. Especially a woman, no less. It seemed that he would have to take matters into his own hands. 'It seems that she would be a wonderful addition to my collection, wouldn't she dear nephew? I mean, I already have Vegeta, why not take his mate, too?'

Shinigami's heart stopped at the thought of Frieza enslaving Bulma to do his dirty work. He growled in response knowing that he could not allow such a thing to happen. 'I can't let you do that!'

'I don't think you really have much of a choice, Raien. You may have been my sister's spawn but there's no way that you have as much power as I do and I don't think it would be a wise idea for you to challenge me. Unless of course you actually have a death wish.' Frieza snarled.

'Then take me instead because you know as well as I do that I am the one you really want. You've been after me since the day I was born and here I am, willingly offering myself to you to do with as you please, Lord Frieza.'

Frieza sinisterly smiled at the thought of having his nephew in his possession. The one being that he had been trying to locate for quite a long time. He accepted the offer without any hesitation. 'Done. I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into. See you soon, nephew.' He cackled before exiting from the hybrid's mind.

The halfling let out a deep breath he had been holding and sighed, "What the hell did I just get myself into?"

"Bastard," Bulma spat as she entered the control room.

Vegeta looked up for a second and replied, "I'm sorry. Were you referring to me?"

"Yes," She hissed.

"That's funny," He quiped in response, "Last time I checked I have a father so therefore I can't be a bastard. Unlike you."

Her eyes widened at his remark and she snapped, "I do too have a father! How dare you!"

"Really? You call someone who left you for dead in the most barbaric town on our planet a father?"

"It wasn't his fault," She replied sadly.

"How could it not have been his fault? He did it. Your mother was murdered by his mate so you sure as hell can't blame it on her!"

"You don't exactly have the greatest father either, y'know! Your's handed you to Frieza!"

"Frieza's intentions weren't to kill me back then. It was because of him that I am the beast that I am today. Yes, he hates me now but that's because I eventually learned defiance and fought him every step of the way. When I was younger, he was my sensei and my escape from the weak bastard that you call King. Frieza's training prepared me for the leadership role that I was destined to claim. So if it wasn't for him, I'd probably be exactly like my father. Pathetic."

The blue haired woman remained silent taking in all the information that her betrothed had spilled. It made sense. He was one of the strongest saiya-jins she had met. His mental state seemed a lot stronger than others. Not a lot could shake the saiya-jin prince. Not even her violent acts on Rastadon had affected him in the slightest. Then again, that was due to the fact that he had witnessed more brutality in his life than one person should. "Celestra's jealousy consumed her and caused my father to abandon me. That's why I say it wasn't his fault. If he didn't, she would have murdered me without a second thought. Shinigami found me before anyone could lay a hand on me. He took me in and trained me and when he found out how powerful I was, he offered me to your father as a peace offering."

"Is that how you believe you became the princess?" Vegeta asked incredulously.

"Its the truth," Bulma stated matter-of-factly.

"It's a lie," He hissed.

She turned on her heel at his answer and harshly asked, "What do you mean?"

"That's not how we became stuck in this predicament. Radditz has been feeding you that lie since you were very young. You were a princess before you were even born. Zaynah told my mother and my mother told the King. He immediately had your blood tested and once he got the results he was looking for, he declared that you would become the next princess of Vegeta-sei. Bardock couldn't take the fact that his mistake would be worth more to the people than he was. He tried to get Celestra to murder you but she refused knowing what would happen to her if she had murdered a royal. Therefore he snuck you out of the house that night and left you for dead. He hoped that some unfortunate fool would stumble upon you and eat you or something of that nature. Shinigami found you and brought you to my father. He severely punished Bardock for such an act and allowed Shinigami to become your legal guardian and raise you into the warrior that you were meant to be."

"Then I suppose I should be thanking Celestra for letting me live."

"Yes, you should. Not that it will matter in a year, anyway."

"Why?" She asked curiously.

"One year from today is our consummation night. The night I kill you."

"I think you've got that backwards, Vegeta. That throne is just as much mine as it is your's now that I know the truth. I deserve it more than you." She growled as she stepped dangerously close to the other saiya-jin.

"You deserve nothing," He snarled in response.

"I've lived through just as much hell as you have! How dare you say I don't deserve anything!"

"You don't know hell until you know Frieza," He stated quietly.

"You seem to forget that I was also trained by an Ice-jin. He can be just as ruthless as his uncle. It's because of him that I have to live with the fact that I have the blood of a Cold running through me. He may have not altered my genetics to turn me into an Ice-jin but just knowing that the blood of monsters runs through my veins is more than I can take. Just because I have incredible power, I have to become everyone's favorite experiment. It's enough to make sure that I can't ever sleep at night. I'd like to see you try living with that," She growled as she walked out of the control room and slammed the door leaving an emotionless Vegeta.

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