Hermione glanced behind her to make sure she wasn't being followed, then she hurried up to the door, and stepped quickly inside. She walked down the squeaking stairs and into a dark and crowded room, causing everyone to fall silent. She glanced around her surroundings, still not used to the lack of light and the mustiness of their new safe house. She took her seat near the head of the table, next to Draco, and looked up at their new leader.

"Good, Hermione, you're here," Lucius said, "We were just about to start. Do you have news?"

"Of course," she replied, and she pulled an issue of the Daily Prophet out of her pocket, "As always, we're all on the front page," Hermione pointed to a side bar next to the main story--Harry Potter Donates to War Relief Fund, and read the name of the article and the first sentence, "Death Eaters Who Still Need to be Captured, if you see any of the following names, please contact the Auror department of the Ministry of Magic. All of our names are on here, of course. But that's not even the interesting part.." Hermione flipped through the newspaper and pointed out a bigger story, "Hermione Granger--A Death Eater and a Malfoy?"

"Well?" Draco asked her, grabbing her hand, "are you going to read it to us or what?"

"Alright, alright: In this article, we have two exclusive interviews--from Harry Potter and Cho Chang. DP: So Cho, tell us what happened to you on the night of the war. CC: Well, it was a really chaotic night, of course, so I didn't even notice at first that Hermione Granger was fighting with the Death Eaters.. until she started fighting me. I was fighting her with Seamus Finnigan and Hannah Abbott, and she killed both of them quickly. Before she could kill me though, Kingsley Shacklebolt jumped in to try and help, so Hermione stunned me--to deal with me after, I guess. She must have forgotten about it after she killed Kingsley because when I came to, Kingsley's body was next to me, and the Death Eaters were all gone. DP: Can you tell me your reaction to Hermione Granger of all people becoming a Death Eater? CC: I was shocked, obviously, because she had been so close to Harry during school, but she always seemed a little off to me, so I don't know. I guess you never really know what people are thinking. DP: What is your opinion on the fact that Hermione Granger remains one of the Death Eaters still on the run? CC: It's terrible. She killed so many people during the war, and she was a traitor. I owe my life to Kingsley Shacklebolt and she killed him--in my opinion she should be the Death Eater who gets the worst punishment. She can't get away with this, she just can't. DP: Thank you for your time, Cho. Next is our interview with Harry Potter himself, about his friendship with Hermione Granger during school and what he thinks caused her deflection to the Death Eaters. Hello Harry, it's very nice to meet you. Let's get right down to business. Tell me about your friendship with Hermione Granger. HP: Well, we met at Hogwarts in our first year, and we became friends, along with Ron Weasley. We were inseparable but over the years we started to grow apart. After school ended, she became really angry all the time, and then she started 'going on trips' a lot. We were suspicious, but not enough that we really looked into it much. We figured it all out when we sent Ginny Weasley to the Death Eaters to have her 'join them' and become a spy. Long story short, when she saw Hermione there…she told us as quickly as she could. DP: This is the first time a lot of us are hearing about this, and about the inner workings of the Order. Would you say that Hermione's sudden turn to the Dark side was caused by something you or someone else did? HP: -pause- No, I wouldn't say so. I guess I don't really know though, and if I ever see her, I don't think that I'll be giving her the time to explain. She killed my best friend and my girlfriend. DP: Well Harry, I think we have time for one more question.. what are these rumors we're hearing about Hermione Granger now being Hermione Malfoy? HP: Yes, she married him soon after we discovered she was a spy. DP: Thank you so much for being here today and telling us your story. If you see Hermione Granger, call the Auror Department of the Ministry of Magic immediately. She is credited with the deaths of Ginevra Weasley, Ronald Weasley, Molly Weasley, Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt, as well as many others. She is number two on the list of Most Wanted Death Eaters. I can't believe I forgot to kill that dumb bitch," Hermione groaned, "that is going to bother me."

"It is news all the same," Lucius told her, "the Wizarding world will not forget. Slowly though, the articles, the hysteria.. it will die down. And that is when we will rise again. Our losses were tragic, but we have still have the power to take over. We will rise from the ashes, and when we do--we must kill Harry Potter first. But not yet…for now, we must wait." Draco squeezed Hermione's hand and they shared a look. This was far from over--they weren't giving up yet.

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