Runaway Flower


Author's note: Hi! If you like romance and drama this is the story to read! Hope you like it!


Summary: 14 year old Sakura Kinomoto a.k.a. little princess, is being forced to marry a boy she has never meet before. Her mother that disagrees with the engagement sends her away to live with her cousin Tomoyo. But will Sakura be able to keep hiding from people who want to send her back, and not fall in love with one of them?

Sakura sneaked into the library.

Sakura turned around and put her finger on her lips.

"Don't make a sound! Ok?" Sakura whispered.

Kero, the little puppy nodded.

Sakura tip toed to the area she heard her mother and father arguing.

"… Of course I care for the well being of my child!" Her father, Fujitaka said.

"Then why are you doing this?" Sakura's mother, Nadeshiko asked in a soft voice.

"Because! I don't need to give a reason! What's done is done!" Sapped Fujitaka.

Sakura looked into the study and saw her father sitting in his chair with his hands clutching the desk. He always looked his best with his brown hair in order and he had a fancy suit on. Her mother looked pleadingly at him. Her mother wore a beautiful white dress and her hair in a low ponytail.

"Nadeshiko, please leave. I am already behind in my paper work." Fujitaka said dismissing her with his hand.

Nadeshiko looked at him with disappointed eyes then turned to leave the room, as her long dress swept the floor.

Sakura quickly scrambled away.

She didn't need to be caught.

She watched from a corner as her mother left the room and she saw tears rolling down her cheeks.

It must be really bad if my mom is crying. I wonder what happened…

Kero whimpered slightly.

Sakura looked at him.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked quietly.

"Maybe he needs to be walked." Sakura spun around and saw one of her maids smiling at her.

"Yes, I think your right!" Sakura answered relieved it wasn't her mother.

"I'll take him for you." The maid said as she took Kero.

"Thank you." Sakura said with a smile.

The maid and Kero disappeared behind the corner.

Sakura slowly turn to look to see if her mother was still there.

Thankfully she wasn't.

Sakura let out a sigh.

Sakura looked at the clock on the wall and noticed it was 2:34 p.m.and if she wasn't in her room for afternoon lessons she will be in deep trouble!

Sakura dashed through the never ending hallways. Bumping into a few people and mumbling a small sorry.

Thankfully I have on my nightgown on or I will be doomed!

Sakura ran into her room and locked the door.

A small knock was made on the door.

"Um yes?" Sakura said loudly.

"Kero has finished his walk, ma'am. Do you want me to go feed him?" The maid that took Kero asked through the door.

"Um yes please." Sakura said as she roamed through her clothes.

She heard the footsteps fading away.

Hi. I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge you before. My name is Sakura Kinomoto a.k.a. little princess. I have a father named Fujitaka. He is really and I mean REALLY proper. He is kind and gentle too. He has fine brown hair, the same as me, brown eyes, and always wears the best fancy clothing ever made. But it seems he cares more about his work then his family. My mom Nadeshiko is the most sweetest person in the history of the world! She is very beautiful. She has blackish hair that is very long, emerald colored eyes, the same eyes as me, and she wears gorgeous clothing. I admire how she makes them look so beautiful. My mom is a down to earth person. She'll do anything to protect me. And my brother Touya is away on vacation. He has my mom's hair and my dad's eyes. Oh and me? Well as I told you before I have my dad's hair color but my mom's long hair and my mom's beauty and eyes. I just turned 14 two weeks ago. I have a dog Kero and we live in a really big mansion. We aren't royalty but we are very high on the ladder. Sometimes I wonder if we are royalty.

Sakura picked out a white silk puffy dress with white lace everywhere and pink bows on the bottom. She quickly (or as quickly as you can by yourself) put it on. Sakura looked at herself in her full-length mirror and smiled. She looked beautiful. She brushed her hair and put it up in a perfect bun.

All set. As always.

At 2:40 p.m.on the dot a knock was heard.

Sakura quickly grabbed her fan and sat down quickly.

"Come in." A woman opened the door and gave Sakura a stern look.

"As always you look lovely. Just like your mother." The stern woman smiled.

Sakura nodded at the woman. Her name was Mrs. Keen.

They spent hours talking about politics and any other thing Sakura needed to know.

When the lesson was over Sakura felt like screaming for joy.

"I expect a full report of what you learned today, Ms. Kinomoto." Ms. Keen said as she exited the room with a small nod.

Right when Sakura was sure she was a long distance away she let out a happy cry.

Yes! It's finally over!

Sakura looked at the clock as it chimed 5:00 p.m.

Sakura's eyes grew big.

She needs tobe at dinner in 15 minutes!

Ah! Don't I get some time to myself?

Sakura tried to take of the dress without wrinkling it. But with no success.

Sakura tried to unzip it but it was stuck.

Uh oh.

Sakura then ripped it open and put it in a basket that had all her dresses in it thatneeded hemming.

Sakura put on her light pink dress.

Thank goodness it is not puffy.

Sakura redid her hair to the perfect bun then headed to the dinning hall.

"Woof." Sakura turned around and saw Kero wagging his tail at her.

"I'm sorry Kero. But you don't want daddy to put you outside again do you?" Sakura asked.

Kero whimpered.

"I thought not. So you go to my room but don't make a mess out of things!" Sakura said as she turned to continue her way.

Sakura saw her father in his place sipping coffee. Her mother was sitting with a blank look on her face.

"Oh good Sakura you're here. Please take a seat. Your mother and I have to talk to you." Sakura's father said pointing to her seat.

Sakura nodded then sat down.

"Your mother and I…"

Sakura's mother quickly cut him of, "I had nothing to do with this!" She said with an angered tone.

I wonder why mom's so mad…

"Sakura, you are to be married to a young man. He is a very responsible man and is dependable. You two will be married in two months."

The soup Sakura was eating came up and she dropped her spoon.

He smiled at her.

"What? I have to marry? A guy I never met before?" Sakura asked surprised.

What does he mean I have to marry? I just turned 14! I'm barley a young adult!

"Yes. My little princess is growing up." He said with the exact same smile he did when he said he was sorry for missing my 10th, 11th, and 12th birthday.

"But dad!" Sakura protested.

"No buts Sakura. No try to understand this is for YOUR on good."

The words 'your' repeated over and over again in her head.

Sakura picked up her napkin and threw it on the table as she stood up.

"How could you!" Sakura yelled as she stormed out of the room.

She ran all the way to her room and locked the door.

Sakura threw herself on her bed and started to cry.

How could he do that to me? My whole life is going down the drain. How could this happen to me? How could he be so selfish? My first date will never happen. My first kiss will be stolen by a toad. And to top it off I'll be married to the toad!

Sakura cried even harder.

Kero walked up to her then snuggled himself to her.

"Oh Kero!" Sakura said as she picked up the puppy and held him close.

"What do I do, Kero? How can I get myself out of this one?" Kero asked as she put him in front of her. All he did was give her a look of pure innocence. "Your to good Kero. I wish I could spend life like a normal teenager." Sakura whispered.

Sakura looked at her full-length mirror and sighed.

Why me? Why am I the heir to the position and not my brother? Why did it have to skip him?

Sakura felt the hot tears coming back.

"I hate having all this responsibility!" Sakura shouted.

"I absolutely hate it!" Sakura yelled again.

Sakura went on her bed and cradled up into a ball and cried for the rest of the night.

"Sakura! Sakura wake up!" Sakura heard a soft voice trying to wake her from her restless sleep.

"Hu? What?" Sakura mumbled as she sleepily opened her eyes and looked at her mother that was trying to wake her up.

"Mommy?" Sakura asked with a yawn.

"Sakura you have to be quiet. Quickly pack up all your important things." Nadeshiko said as she went into her closet and took out the most simplest dresses she had.

"You are going to go live with your cousin, Tomoyo. Remember her?"

"Yes." Sakura and Tomoyo are best friends.

"But why?"

"No time to explain sweetie. You are going to live a normal life. When you are 18 is when you come back here. Understand?"

"Yes but why?"

"I want to protect you from your father's foolish mistake. You are going to have to change your name. At least your last name. I will inform your brother about this. You have to promise you will never set foot here in till you are 18." Nadeshiko said very softly.

"Yes. I promise. Will I see you again?" Sakura asked. Her mother was beginning to scare her.

Nadeshiko looked at her.

"Of course. But we will keep in contact. Sonomi, my cousin, will make the letters from her."

Sakura packed a few of her favorite books.

Soon they were done packing.

"I love you Sakura. Promise me you'll keep in touch?"

"Promise. What about Kero?" Sakura asked as Kero stood beside her.

"You can bring him." Nadeshiko said with a small smile.

"Be careful."

"Ok. I love you."

They both hugged.

"A carriage is waiting for you outside."

They both heard a noise coming there way.

Nadeshiko quickly placed a kiss on her daughter's cheek then whispered softly, "Be careful. Make sure you are not seen or heard."

Sakura nodded not trusting her voice.

"I love you know go." Nadeshiko smiled encouraging then quickly walked away.

Sakura placed her finger to her lips as she looked a Kero who nodded.

They both made it safely to the carriage without be noticed.

The driver was a trusted friend of her mother so she knew she will be safe with Ms. Kara.

Sakura sighed as she took of her hood and looked at her mansion for the last time.

"Good bye, Momma." Sakura whispered.

Good bye Sakura Kinomoto. Hello Sakura Daidouji.

Sakura closed her eyes as she let herself drift to sleep. For tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day.


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