Runaway Flower


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Summary: 14 year old Sakura Kinomoto a.k.a. little princess, is being forced to marry a boy she has never meet before. Her mother that disagrees with the engagement sends her away to live with her cousin Tomoyo. But will Sakura be able to keep hiding from people who want to send her back, and not fall in love with one of them?


"Woof!" Kero tried to bark.

"Hu?" Sakura snapped out of her thoughts and noticed they were far ahead of her.

"Ha! Slow poke!" Sam yelled back at her laughing.

"Oh! I'm sorry." Sakura said running to catch up with them.


"I don't know. I doubt it. Uh Hu… Don't worry; if that's so then I will keep an eye on this girl. Ok bye sir." The boy hung up and sighed.

"Please don't be her." He whispered as he walked to the gate barely noticed.


Sakura felt really tired as she followed Sam and Kero.

"Um I don't want to bother you but how long is it till we reach the house?" Asked Sakura yawning.

"Ms., it's not going to go any faster when you keep asking me the same question every 2 seconds." Sam said sighing.

"Sorry." Sakura mumbled.

The sun was fully up and it was getting really hot.

"Kero aren't you hot?" Sakura asked as she looked at her puppy who was panting.

"Oh! Poor Kero-Chan!" Sakura said as she scooped him up and carried him.

"Don't worry sweetie, we are almost there. Right?" Sakura asked in reassurance.

"Oh my! Yes! Do you see that house I mean mansion on the end there?" Asked Sam pointing to a mansion that was beautiful.

Sakura stared in awe.

"Wow!" Sakura said admiring it.

"Don't just stare at your house! Come on. Can't you see your almost there?" He said as she continued walking down the now busy street.

Sakura looked from one store to the next.

"Wow!" Sakura said as she saw many things she had never seen before.

But one thing caught her eye.

A beautiful gold chain locket that looked like a cherry blossom glinted in the sun.

"How beautiful…" Sakura whispered.

"Come on Ms.!" Sam yelled back at Sakura.

"Oh sorry." Sakura called ahead as she took one more glance at the locket before continuing her way.


Soon they were in front of a humongous mansion.

"Well here you are, Ms." Sam said as he showed his hand in that direction.

"Thank you for taking me here." Sakura said as she placed the bags down on the floor.

"Your welcome. I best be going. Good day." Sam said leaving without hearing a response.

"Good Day!" Sakura called after him.

"Come on Kero. It's time for us to show our selves." Sakura said smiling down at her little companion.

"Woof!" Agreed Kero.

Sakura picked up her bags again and started walking to the fence.

The village was sort of like a city. Shops were everywhere and so were houses. But all the houses looked like millionaires lived in them.

"Whoa! So many houses. But Tomoyo's is the biggest." Sakura said as she looked up to see about 3 or 4 stories of the house.

Sakura put her bags down as she opened the gate from the inside.

"Boy, I wonder what is inside of the house. They must have a lot of junk in there." Sakura said quietly to herself.

Sakura walked to the door and pressed the door bell.

Instantly the door opened revealing a woman.

"Hello. How may I help you?"

"Hi. I'm Sakura Kino- I mean Sakura. I'm here to see my family." Sakura said quickly.

"Oh! Ms. Sakura! We have been expecting you! Please come in!" The now giddy woman said taking the bags from Sakura.

"I'll go inform Ms. Sonomi you are here." The woman placed the bags down and started to walk away.

"While you wait please help yourself to some ice cold lemonade and freshly back raspberry cookies." The giddy woman said pointing to the coffee table.

"Thank you." Sakura said noticing she was parched and famished.

Sakura sat down on the sofa and drank down her drink very quickly.

"Woof!" Kero weakly said.

"Kero! I'm so sorry! I forgot! Here have some lemonade." Sakura made sure no one was watching and scooted the cookies on the napkin and poured some lemonade on the plate.

Kero drank it quickly.

Sakura giggled.

Footsteps were coming there way.

Uh oh! Will I get in trouble if they see Kero drinking out of the plate? It looks like there best china!

Sakura quickly snatched up the plate and placed it back on the tray.

"Sakura? Omigosh! Look at you! You're so lovely!" Sakura turned to see Tomoyo walking down the stairs smiling widely. Arms open for a hug.

Sakura stood and walked over to Tomoyo, who squeezed her to death.

"Oh Sakura! You haven't changed a bit!" Giggled Tomoyo.

Sakura smiled and said, "You are the one who hasn't changed a bit!" Sakura laughed.

They embraced again.

"Woof!" Kero barked jumping up and down on them, trying to get their attention.

"Oh dear. I'm so sorry! How are you Kero?" Tomoyo said bending down and petting him.

Sakura look at Tomoyo.

She looks the same… nothing much has changed.

Tomoyo's hair was long and wavy. Her purple-ish eyes glinted softly. Her gown was beautiful! It was long and a blue/purple color to bring out her eyes. It showed she had beauty beyond belief!

Sakura sighed. She looked down at her simple dress. A plain beige color with no design or anything except invisible seams.

"You love Lovely. I know you have far better clothes than mine!" Tomoyo said smiling a little, reading Sakura's mind.

Sakura smiled back.

"Thanks, Tomoyo. But you're the designer." Sakura said remembering in her letters, that she wanted to be a designer.

"Yes. It seems so." Tomoyo sighed.

"That's why you'll be my new customer!" Tomoyo said brightening up quickly.

"It is?" Sakura asked surprised.

"Is my daughter scaring you?" A soft but stern feminine voice came from behind them.

Sakura turned and saw Sonomi, Tomoyo's mother, standing there smiling slightly at them.

Sakura gasped at the beauty that glowed around her.

Her fiery red hair was cut into a short hair style but still looking its best. She stood tall and confident. Her outfit was amazing! A cream colored blouse with pearl buttons trailing down the shirt, the skirt was cut to her knees and was also a cream color but had a slit on the side. She wore a hat with a huge flower on it. And you guessed it… the flower was a cream color.

She held on to a small purse and a long looking stick thing.

"Sakura. Darling. It's been forever. I cannot wait to hear how your journey was! And tell me about your mother! How I miss her so!" Exclaimed Sonomi as she walked down the steps gracefully.

Sakura then noticed the stick thing has smoke coming from it.

Oh! I know what that is. It's a cigarette. But it's the new ones. The ones the rich people have.

"Is this bothering you?" Asked Sonomi as she gestured to the cigarette.

"N-no. Of course not!" Sakura said embarrassed she was caught looking.

Sonomi chuckled.

"Well, I'll tell Winifred to take your bags to your room and get your bath ready. You must get out of those clothes! It doesn't suit you. Oh and you must join us for afternoon tea. Tomoyo here couldn't get enough of the idea that you were coming to live with us for 4 years." Sonomi said smiling.

"Oh ah-" She was cut off by the woman that she now assumed was Winifred, walked into the room and whispered to Sonomi.

"Oh! Tell him we can have a date on the 34th of May." Sonomi said to Winifred.

"But, Madame, May or any month does not have the 34th in them." Winifred said looking nervous.

"I know!" Laughed Sonomi heartily.

Sakura smiled.

Tomoyo giggled then whispered to Sakura, "My mom hates Sir Peterson! She'd rather die then go on a date with him." Giggled Tomoyo.

I guess this Peterson guy is not what Aunt Sonomi likes.

Sakura giggled to herself.

"Woof!" Kero yelped happily as though he understood the joke.

After they had some more lemonade and cookies, Winifred showed Sakura to her room.

"Here you are, Ms. Sakura." Winifred said bowing.

"Um thank you!" Sakura said bowing clumsily.

Winifred chuckled then left so Sakura could unpack and be alone.

Sakura looked around the room.

The creamy yellow glistened as the sun shined on it. The floors were of rich colored carpet. The room had a humongous make up center and closet. There was even a couch!

Sakura gasped as she saw a huge picture.

The picture was of her mother. She looked about 14 or 15. Her beautiful raven colored hair was set in a loose bun and her bangs swayed over her forehead. She was sitting down it seems on a chair. She had white gloves on. Her dress was breath taking. It had ruffles everywhere but still simple since it was white. Her eyes were not staring at the photographer they had a reflection in them.

Sakura stepped closer but then Kero whimpered.

"What's wrong?" Sakura asked turning to him and petting him gingerly.


"You have to go potty?" Sakura asked reluctantly.

Instantly Kero went crazy.

"Ok, Kero. Let's go." Sakura said patting him on the head.

I guess the picture and my bath will have to wait. I hope it won't be cold by the time I get back…

"Sakura, I thought you were going to take a bath." Sonomi popped out of nowhere.

"Oh! Well I was but Kero needs to do him um…" Sakura wasn't sure what to say.

"Oh, you mean his business. Hold on for a second. WINIFRED! WINIFRED PLEASE FETCH KERO AND BRING HIM OUTSIDE!" Sonomi yelled loudly making Sakura flinch back.

"There." Grinned Sonomi as Winifred led Kero outside.

"Now go and take a bath. See you for a late lunch?" Sonomi said smiling as she walked away not waiting for an answer.

"Ok…" Sakura whispered to no one.

She traveled back to her room and went to the bathroom. Sakura gasped.

If I thought the room was huge, then this room is about 6 xs bigger!

Sakura's eyes landed on three women their smiling.

"Hello, Ms. Sakura –Chan. We are ready to aid you." One of them said.

"Oh…" Sakura said eyes wide.

After her bath with having to convince the women, she didn't need them and finally got them out, the three women started brushing her hair and picked out a dress from her forgotten suitcase.

"How lovely you look!" Squealed the shortest one.

Sakura turned around and saw herself in the mirror.

She was a breath taking view.

Her brown long hair was put into a bun-like style with beads threaded in them. She also had make up on! Her dress was a beautiful flowey dress with no straps. The dress color was a midnight blue. As the shoes were sparkling and also midnight blue.

Sakura stared at herself in the mirror.

"Is that me?" Sakura asked surprised she could look so… pretty.

"Yes!" The three squealed.

Kero walked up to her then licked her hand.

"Thanks Kero." Sakura swooped him up in her arms.

"Please, Come, Ms. Sakura –Chan!" The shortest one said leading the way down the stairs.

Sakura let Kero jump to the ground and hurried to catch up with the woman.

Sakura heard laughing, talking, and music down stairs. It sounded like they were having a party.

I hope the party is only a little gathering… What if people start to suspect? What if… Oh nonsense! Aunt Sonomi and Tomoyo wouldn't throw a party without me knowing! Right?

"This way Madame." A woman said bowing at Sakura.

"Oh no." Sakura whispered as she stepped into the banquet.

Millions and millions of people were there laughing and talking.

"Hush everyone!" Sonomi said standing next to Sakura.

Everyone's head turned to look at them.

"Hello, everyone. I am proud to present my darling daughter, Sakura!" Sonomi announced.

Sakura's eyes widened so wide.

"Oh my..." Sakura breathed out.

Everyone clapped and cheered.

"Let the dance begin!" Sonomi said.

"I hope you enjoy the party. If you need me, I'll be near the people over there." Sonomi winked then walked off laughing at something.

Oh no! I did not want this to happen! She must have invited every single person in this entire village! What if they have doubts? What if people actually want to… DANCE?

Sakura looked around nervously.

"There is nothing to be afraid about. Dancing is just moving." Sakura whispered to herself.

"May I have this dance?" A boy about her age asked with his hand out bowing.

"Uh…" Sakura hesitated.

What do I do? Should I say yes?

"Sorry, but she promised to dance with me." A voice behind Sakura said.

Sakura spun around and saw Sam smiling at her.

"Sam! Oh thank heavens!" Sakura breathed out.

"Ms. Sakura! Such a pleasure to see you again." He said bowing.

Sakura curtsied.

"Well, may I have this dance?"

Sakura nodded feeling bad for the man and for her.

Once they got on to the dance floor well everything went downhill.

Sam kept bumping into people and knocking over things.

"Oh dear!" Sakura yelped when he stepped on her foot for the thousandth time.

"I'm so sorry!" He said over and over again.

After a while Sakura just started swaying herself away from his area.

"You know what, Sam, Uh my mother is calling me so, and I better go and um go to her." Sakura said dashing away before she could even hear a reply.

Sakura felt like she wanted to disappear or dissolve.

"Sakura!" Tomoyo smiled as she walked over with two drinks and passed Sakura one.

"How's the party? You hate it uh?" Tomoyo said reading her mind again.

"Ya. I hate it!" Sakura whispered.

"Why don't you go get some fresh air? It'll do you some good to get out of this stuffy air." Tomoyo said smiling.

"Thanks, Tomoyo." Sakura hurried out of the room before anybody would notice.

She hurried to the balcony.

Too bad it's dark out. Now I can't see the beautiful garden down there…

"You needed some fresh air to?" A voice asked from behind Sakura.

She turned around and almost smiled as she saw it was the boy that said the sunrise was beautiful.

Sakura nodded.

"But it's nice out here. Especially the cool breeze." He said closing his eyes and breathing in slowly.

Sakura looked at him curiously.

His hair was still messy but his outfit was clean cut. Very original. Black and white. With a bow and glossy shoes.

He's very nice looking. He looks good in black. I wish I could see his eyes…

Sakura gasped.

Did I just say I wish I could see his eyes? No way! I'm crazy! What a second! I never got his name!

"What's your name?" Sakura asked braking the silence.

He turned to look at her.

"Syaoran." He said smiling slightly.

"Oh." Sakura looked down.

I feel weird… I don't want to feel weird!

The music leaked out into the balcony.

"Will you care to dance?" He asked making Sakura look up at him.

"D- dance? I'm not really a good dancer." Sakura said blushing a little.

"Sure why not? Come on!" Syaoran took Sakura's slender hand into his own and started dancing.

Syaoran leaned over and whispered, "To tell you the truth, I can't dance either."

Sakura pulled away so she could look at his face. Her eyes landed on his. Wrong place to look.

Sakura seemed to be mesmerized in his eyes.

"Well, I uh better uh…" Syaoran stumbled over his words.

Sakura giggled.

"We better um." Sakura stumbled over her words.


"Sakura, mom wants –Oh!" Tomoyo said shocked as she saw Sakura and Syaoran.

"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you." Tomoyo said trying to hide her smile.

"That's alright." They both said at the same time. This caused them both to look at each other.

"Um, The party ended, just now." Tomoyo informed them.

"Oh! Well I guess I'll see you later then. Good night Ms. Sakura." He kissed her hand softly.

Syaoran bowed to Tomoyo then left.

In a split second Tomoyo was at Sakura's side. Both of them squealing with joy.


In Sakura's room Tomoyo and Sakura dressed in their nightgowns sat on the couch talking about the dance.

"I'm so happy for you Sakura! I can't wait for you both to go out!" Tomoyo whispered excitingly.

"What! You're not serious are you? I'm not here to escape an engagement and then find another one!" Sakura said trying not to blush.

What is she saying? Is this the same Tomoyo I knew?

"I'm sorry, Sakura." Tomoyo said sighing.

"How about you and I go shopping tomorrow? I'll show you around." Tomoyo asked pleadingly.

"Ok." Sakura said relived they finally got off the subject.

"Ok! Good night then." Tomoyo jumped off the couch and walked to the door.

"Night." Sakura said getting off the couch and walking over to the door.


Sakura petted Kero on the head and kissed him.

"Woof." He whispered then shut his eyes.

"Ah. Cute little baby." Sakura giggled to herself.

She walked over to the desk and sat down.

She picked up the pen and started to write.

Dear Mother,

Hi! I miss you so much! I feel like I'm in a dream. Like I'm someone else and I'm looking at the person who looks like myself play a major character. I had such a day! First when I arrive in the carriage I met a boy. He said the sunrise was beautiful. And I agreed. He looks cute with messy brown hair and chocolate eyes… I for some reason want to see them again. I also met Sam Harrison. He's sweet once you get to know him. At first I thought he was a pig! Don't say anything! I arrived here at the mansion. (You never told me they lived in a mansion like we do!) And Winifred, a very kind maid, escorted me in. I saw Tomoyo and Aunt Sonomi again. I was so happy to see them! I can't believe its really happening. Guess what? They threw a party for me! A surprise party! (You know how I hate surprises!) And I danced with Sam. Boy is he a bulldozer or what? He was running people over like crazy! He stepped on my foot about a million times! Ow! So thankfully Tomoyo suggested I take a breather. So I went out onto the balcony. It felt nice the cool breeze. And guess what! The boy, Syaoran, came and asked to dance with me! We danced and then weird enough I felt hypnotized in his eyes. I started getting a weird feeling! Mom! What do I do? Well I better go off to bed. (Oh! The dress I wore was lovely!) I miss you more than anyone can imagine! Please write back soon! I love you.


Always yours,

Sakura. A.k.a. little princess


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