Being with Mr. Perfect

Author: KeoKazumiNatzuko

Rating: PG-14

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Notes: I counting this as my first fanfiction because my actual first fan fiction … well I just got tired of it. I couldn't take the story much of anywhere so I quit. But I hope everyone likes this I'm gonna try really hard.

Chapter 1

Love with you is like

So Cere's is gone and I finally have my life back. My brother's not an evil sex man who's after me anymore so I guess you could say the world is alright. Mother is still in the hospital and she wakes up from her coma from time to time only problem is I'm never there to see it. I constantly make sure though that I visit her and tell her about Tooya and her grand daughter.

I'm sitting at the kitchen table watching my husband. Currently he's trying to manage our baby girl and cooking at the same time. He's feeding her her dinner and trying to manage ours as well. All I can do is smile and protest … it seems that's all I have been able to do since Cere's left. Right now he standing far from the stove trying to making sure the food isn't burning. He takes the bottle from the baby's mouth and her eyes start to close slowly. I could tell that she was sleepy all along for one since she sleeps all the time. Then I found his eyes turn towards me and I stood up and grabbed her, "When will the food be done Tooya?" I asked as I made my way towards our daughter room.

Cooking seemed to be his favorite thing to do now . But I'd have to admit he wasn't as good as Yuhi. He seemed to be too caught up in something deeper than cooking. But I couldn't tell since he was in the other room. By the time I came back into the room he gave me his reply. "In maybe ten minutes Aya." And so I nodded and sat back at my seat. And I just watched him. I found myself doing that often sometimes feeling as if my eyes strayed away I'd lose him. Him… this man that was once something so powerful but he gave it all up for me.

And even though he knew I was staring he let me stare and would always continue what he was doing. Love with him was like running through a field of sun flowers and feeling as if the field of flowers would never end. I had never loved anyone so much. I swear if there was a story tale about our love it would be the story every daughter in the world would ask their fathers to read at night.

I hadn't even noticed that Tooya was calling me into the dinning room to eat. I was so caught up. And sex with him was like Cere's and her other maidens had decided to make and angel just for me and him sent him to fulfill my every need. As I thought this my teeth showed while I smiled and rolled my eyes. I sat there for a moment staring into the sunset glistening from the back window of the kitchen. Then his voice ran rampant through my head. "Aya come the dinner is ready come eat with me." It's a shame that he had repeated himself numerous times before he had gotten my attention. And knowing his sweet self he had repeated it in the exact same way each time. "I'm coming I'm so sorry I was thinking." Then I heard him coughing frantically and I quickened my step to the dinning room…

To be continued!

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