First, if you are confused this is the sequel to "I'll Be Better When I'm Older." So if you haven't read that yet and want to read this story then you should read that first or you risk being seriously mixed up. And I know, I know it seems like such a pain to read a whole other story, but I promise it's quick. And it'll make you laugh and hopefully feel a little lighter.

I honestly have the best reviewers in the whole entire universe! AH! You guys are wicked. I always planned on doing a sequel, but this just makes continuing so much sweeter! There's a lot of stuff to work with in this story and I'm very excited about writing it, but I hope you're more excited about reading it. Oh and there were lots of questions in the reviews that I never answered so now I'll own up. Lots of inquiries as to whether this was based on a movie called "Family Man." It's actually not, but now I would love to rent it! Does he go to the future in the movie too? I guess I'll have to see for myself. There were also questions about the title and yes it is from the song "I'll Be," by Edwin McCain. I thought it was perfect because Draco falls in love with Hermione (finds she's "better") when she's older and now he has to prove to her that he'll be better when he's older. But, it's mostly Draco saying "I'll Be Better When I'm Older" to Hermione and kind of pleading with her to trust him and yeah…it's definitely not going to be easy for him to convince her. Right that's all for now, and if you haven't already GO SEE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN TWO! YEAH!

Chapter 1: Strategies

"MALFOY! You HUGE prat you have got some SERIOUS explaining to do!"

"Hello to you too dear," he mumbled. When Dumbledore had said this would be harrowing, he was wrong. It was worse.

"What was that?" she snipped and he winced. "Nothing, it was nothing Hermione I-"

"Hermione you nothing Mal-foy and since when have we been on a first name basis?"

He rubbed his temples, "Don't you think it's a little…immature the way we always call each other by our last names?"


"Oh well, I…" Draco felt sad as he stared up at the girl he knew so well. How could he have been so stupid before? She was beautiful. How could he have missed that? And those eyes, simply irresistible. Without thinking he took hold of her hand and her eyes nearly popped out of her head. She whipped her hand away as if she'd been electrocuted,

"What the bloody hell do you think you're doing!" she yelled; aghast, and slapped him across the face. Draco rubbed his sore cheek, not exactly the welcome he was expecting. Where was all the "let's get into the shower Draco," now?

"Hermione I'm sor-"


"Right Granger, look I'm really sorry. I'm just feeling really out of sorts right now after being…gone. It's like my whole world has been turned upside down."

She looked livid with disbelief, "Your world's been turned upside down?" she sputtered, "How about this; I've been doubled up with work and duties, not to mention stress, and then there's the fact that everybody blames me for your disappearance! You've got some nerve! And you better have a bloody fantastic explanation!"

Right he thought, time to try a different approach.

"Granger, Granger, Granger," he said smoothly as she crossed her arms across her chest looking wary, "Darling, what's with all the cursing?" he smiled.

Hermione was confused. Had Malfoy just smiled? Was that even possible? And why had he touched her hand? She needed to make a quick exit before things got any weirder.

"Look Malfoy," she said, walking towards the door making his heart drop, "I don't know what you're up to and I don't care. I'm through with worrying about you and with cleaning up the messes you create! Good day. And good riddance!" The door slammed after her.

Damn he thought, his smile fading, I didn't even get anywhere with the smile…

Still. He'd try again; it was all he could do.

But for now he'd have to focus on becoming reacquainted with student life. He checked his stainless steel watch: 10:30. What was he usually doing at this time? Oh drat. He had Transfiguration with the Gryffindors.

But before he could get up Professor Dumbledore entered.


"Mr. Malfoy," greeted Dumbledore, "Glad to see you're relatively in one piece," he added confidentially, "I just ran into Miss Granger in the corridor."

Draco cleared his throat, "Er-yes I'm afraid she's really not too keen on me sir." A feeling of hopelessness seemed to engulf him.

"Draco, Draco don't worry. This is only your first day back. Did you expect Miss Granger to fall for you right away?"

He turned away from the headmaster's piercing gaze. Actually, he had. "Of course not sir, it's just that Hermione hardly speaks to me. How can I get someone like that to…to want to be with me?"

Dumbledore smiled, "Well Mr. Malfoy I am sure that you are very accomplished in the art of seduction-"

"But I don't want to slee- to seduce her professor!" Draco felt himself redden, "I want to establish something more solid. Something that will last."

"A difficult task to be sure," murmured Dumbledore thoughtfully. He was silent for several minutes and seemed to be deep in thought. "A long time ago," he began softly, "There was a young lady that I found irresistibly captivating. Hard to believe I know, but true. I would act as clever as I could around her; give her a front row seat to the Albus Dumbledore show, if you will. I would always show off my magical abilities and any other mundane talents I possessed. Naturally, she was disgusted and completely turned off; regarding me as a pompous ass," he chuckled, "I'm afraid she was right. I acted terribly."

Draco couldn't see how this was supposed to encourage him.

Dumbledore sighed and continued, "It wasn't till I exposed myself to her, unguarded, that she really took interest," he paused, "Do you understand?"

Draco looked like a deer caught in the headlights. What in the world was the old man rambling about?

"Females love vulnerability Draco. Expose your weaknesses and true feelings and you will surely win her affections. Try to trick her and play her like a deck of cards and you will fail." He glanced at his watch, "Oh dear, I'm afraid I've stayed here far too long discussing strategies Mr. Malfoy. Please excuse me," And Dumbledore swept out of the room leaving Malfoy feeling even more hopeless than before.

He felt damned. There was only so much one devilishly good looking 17-year-old could take! Not even the Boy Wonder had to worry about securing a wife that cursed his very existence. Just thinking about it made him want to collapse on a couch and sleep for a very long time…

His watch beeped jarring him back into reality. 11:15; it gave him just enough time to catch the last thirty minutes of transfiguration. With the Gryffindors. Merlin help him.