As so many have said before me, there aren't nearly enough Sciezska stories around! So here's my take on the Sciezska/Havoc pairing. It's based on the manga and not on the TV series, so if you're wondering why the night of Hughes death is different, that's why. Elise Davies is what I named the receptionist at the phones. If someone knows her real name, I'd be happy to hear it!

Contains spoilers up to chapter 59 in the manga, so if you don't want to know what's happened up until then, don't read this story!

I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist. Hiromu Arakawa does along with a buttload of companies.

Cigarettes and Coffee Stains on Manuscripts

Chapter One: Cleanliness

Through a sleep-induced haze, Sciezska heard the words 'Letoism,' and 'Lior.' Snorting a bit, she turned her head away from the mumbling. After all, if the speaker was going to mumble, what was the point of listening?

Her thoughts were quickly banished by a loud noise that sounded the like a thunderclap. More accurately, Sciezska thought groggily as she opened an eye, it sounded like someone slamming their fist onto a table.

Realizing that she had fallen asleep while writing documents for Lieutenant Colonel Hughes, Sciezska quickly opened her eyes and pulled her face away from the book she had fallen asleep on. The pages stuck to her cheeks as she peeled them away and she rubbed them furiously to get rid of any ink residue, thanking her luck that she hadn't drooled.

Sending a curious, slightly sleepy glance in the Lieutenant Colonel's direction, she quickly realized that he had been responsible for the loud 'bang!' moments before. He was now standing up at his desk, staring, fascinated, at today's newspaper. Confused, she turned to look at the young man who always brought Hughes his coffee. The young man, who also looked a bit disoriented, shrugged back in her direction.

"Lieutenant Colonel, where are you going?" the young soldier called out to the officer's retreating back.

"I'm going to check up some old records in the archives for a little bit!" Hughes replied, a little too brightly in Sciezska's opinion.

She again shared a look with the other soldier and then shrugged. Who was she to question the comings and goings of a superior officer? Not only that, Sciezska continued to herself, but her direct superior officer, her boss. Sciezska shuddered and cowered a bit as she remembered that she had already been fired from the military once.

"All these books!" she cried out loud. "And I haven't even finished with the Lieutenant Colonel's manuscripts!" She brandished her pen in the air with a determined look on her face as she turned to nod at the male soldier. Unfortunately, he had already left the small library.

Sciezska heaved her shoulders and let out a large sigh. It always seemed that no one was really interested in what she had to say.

"Such a useless human being…" she said to herself.

Sighing heavily again, she forced herself to pay attention to what she had been writing. The small, muffled voice of a child drifted into her thoughts.

"You're not a useless human being. I think that trying your best to do something is by itself and incredible talent. You should be proud to have an incredible memory."

Smiling slightly to herself, Sciezska continued to write the document. Whenever she got down on herself, it seemed that those kind words from Alphonse Elric popped up in her thoughts, unbidden but not unwelcome. Alphonse was such a kind person, and much easier to get along with than his abrasive brother.

However, she continued to muse to herself as she blindly copied down what she remembered of the 57th Divison personnel list, it had actually been Edward who had paid her enough to get her mother the proper treatment she had needed. And both brothers had helped her get a good-paying job. Even if Lieutenant Colonel Hughes could be a bit overbearing and nosy.

Sciezska blushed slightly as she remembered the last time that the Lieutenant Colonel had invited her to dinner at his house in an attempt to see if she would get along with Colonel Mustang. Luckily, Gracia Hughes had expertly steered the conversation away from embarrassing topics and both she and Roy Mustang had made it through dinner without incident.

Giggling a bit, in a self-deprecating way, Sciezska gathered her assorted papers in no specific order. She had a photographic memory, but the amount of books, papers, and manuscripts she owned prevented her from finding anything quickly.

"As if the Colonel would want to date me," she said, shaking her head briskly and blushing. "I can't even keep a room clean."

Sciezska supposed that cleanliness, right up with cooking well and looking pretty, was one of the criterion Colonel Roy Mustang used to scrutinize which woman he would seduce next.

"The guy's practically a walking black book," Sciezska muttered, sticking out her tongue as she walked out of the library with a pile of books. "Why would I touch that?" As she shuddered, thinking of the many possible side effects of Roy Mustang's nightlife, her books began to slip. Sciezska tilted to one side to steady them, and then the other.

"Oof!" She heard a distinctly female grunt as she collided with another body. Sciezska screamed and fell to the floor along with hundreds of sheets of loose leaf paper.

"I'm so sorry!" the distraught soldier gasped.

"No, it was all my fault," Sciezska replied, somewhat dejectedly. As she began to gather her papers off of the floor, Sciezska looked up and recognized the short wavy hair of Corporal Elise Davies, the young secretary who manned the desk near the phone booths.

"Umm…do you need help or something?" she asked the corporal. Corporal Davies continued to look dazedly around the hallway. Sciezska furrowed her brow and inwardly began to panic. If she had hurt this young woman, there was a chance that she'd be fired. Again.

Sciezska managed to collect herself and quickly led the young woman back to her desk. "Are you sure that you're alright?" Sciezska asked, allowing a small note of panic to creep into her voice.

The young woman leaned forward, as if confiding to Sciezska a large secret. "It's Lieutenant Colonel Hughes!" Elise responded, obviously shaken. "He went in there," she continued, pointing to the door down the deserted hallway that led to the archives. Sciezska nodded.

"I thought I heard something, but I didn't see anyone else go in, so I figured, you know, maybe he tripped over something," Elise continued. Sciezska looked confused, but nodded again. She figured that, eventually, what the young girl was talking about would make sense.

"Then he came out to use the phone," Elise said, beginning to sound more self-assured. "I figured he was going to brag about his daughter again, or his wife." Sciezska groaned and nodded again. She opened her mouth to add her own complaints about the Lieutenant Colonel's bragging, but Elise quickly cut her off.

"He was bleeding Sciezska! But he just ran to the phones. So I got out the first aid kit from my desk and went to help him. But he just slammed the phone down, apologized for the interruption and ran off!"

At this point, Elise collected herself and was looking expectantly at Sciezska for answers.

"Well I don't know!" Sciezska burst out. "Although he was acting really weird today. In the office he slammed the paper down and ran off to the archives."

"I wonder what's going on?" Elise asked.

Sciezska shrugged. "Well it can't be too serious," she said out loud, more to reassure herself than calm Elise. "He probably just fell or something." Elise looked a bit incredulous and Sciezska swallowed her panic down before continuing. "The Lieutenant Colonel knows how to take care of himself, Elise, I'm sure. After all, he was in Ishbal for a bit."