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Meeting Rikku

Damn that hurt. It had been a long time since Rikku lost in a fight. She remembered it was three years ago. Brother was yelling at her because Rikku had told a girl he liked that he still wet his bed. Brother went off and started fighting with Rikku. She would have won too if he hadn't hit her with a thunder spell. It was a weakness of hers that Brother found when they were little kids. Fortunately, he only used it when he was really mad at her.

Rikku thought about that as she floated over to the banks of the Moonflow. This mission was supposed to be simple. Capture the summoner, return to Bikanel. Easy, right? What she didn't count on was two water-friendly guardians on her tail. One she had recognized immediately and the other had hair that annoyed her.

Rikku pushed herself up into a standing position. She briefly acknowledged Tidus as she started to strip out of her skintight wetsuit. Tidus looked at her with a mix of awe and intrigue. Suddenly, realization took over his features.

"Hey! Your Rikku!" he said excitedly, "Man you don't look to good. What happened?"

"You beat me up remember!" she yelled at him as she fell to her knees panting.

"Wait. That was you? You could have hurt Yuna!" He replied in disbelief.

Rikku leaned on one foot and put a finger to her right cheek. "It's not exactly what you think"

"Hey Tidus! Who's your friend?"

Rikku and Tidus turned to see the man with the annoying red hair approach them. He was followed by Yuna and the rest of her guardians. Rikku looked at each one of them in turn.

Of course she recognized her cousin Yuna. She looked just like she did when Rikku last saw her. She was older now of course, but she still had the same kind face.

Behind Yuna stood a large blue Ronso. Rikku remembered him a little. She had seen him with Yuna on her last visit with her cousin. It was right after Yuna's father defeated Sin. She had hugged Yuna goodbye, and Rikku remembered the Ronso smiling at her. HE hadn't changed much. She was glad to see Kimahri still protected her cousin.

There was also an older woman. Rikku studied her beautiful face and curious eyes. Rikku felt the mage look Rikku over and she couldn't help but feel a little intimidated. She could see kindness in the woman's eyes, but she could also see power. Rikku knew she would never want to be on his woman's bad side.

Last, she noticed a man in a red coat. He followed behind the group silently. Rikku let her eyes look over his strong body and large katana. Again, another person who probably wouldn't take kindly to her kidnaping Yuna. Rikku found herself strangely disappointed that she could not see the warriors face. It was mostly covered by a pair of sunglasses and the upper part of his coat.

"This is my friend Rikku. Lulu, Yuna, remember I told you about her? She is the one who saved me in the water. She's Al-Bhe...eh...eh...heh heh" Tidus stopped his explanation when he remembered Lulu's warning about Wakka. He knew Rikku was a good person, but would Wakka see that?

"Oh yeah" Wakka recalled, "You look pretty beat up. You okay?" Wakka immediately liked the girl. She reminded him a little bit of Yuna. Plus, she had saved Tidus' life.

"Yeah, I'm fine" she reassured him.

"Praise be to Yevon" Wakka said as he made the traditional Yevon prey sign.

Rikku raised her eyebrow slightly. She knew now why Tidus choked when he was about to reveal her heritage. Oh well, she was here for Yuna.

"Wakka" the mage interrupted, "I think there are things we need to discuss."

Wakka looked at Lulu as she motioned for Rikku to join her and Yuna.

"Girls only!" Rikku called out when Wakka and Tidus started to walk over to the girls. "Boys wait over there.

Wakka obeyed and turned to Tidus. Tidus just shrugged.

"Rikku!" Yuna embraced her cousin.

"You remember me!" Rikku said happily.

"Of course I remember you! I remember all the fun we had when we were little. I missed you so much!"

Lulu smiled at the two reunited family members. "Yes, I remember when Yuna came to Besaid, she kept asking where Rikku was."

"Rikku this is Lulu. She's been my big sister on Besaid. Now she is also my guardian." Yuna told her.

"Nice to meet you Rikku. I am correct in assuming that you were the fiend who captured Yuna in the Moonflow."

Rikku blushed sightly under the mage's stare. To her surprise, it wasn't harsh. It was more sympathetic. Rikku made a mental note to talk to Lulu later.

"Yeah. I was just trying to protect you Yunie. My dad too!"

Yuna smiled at hearing her cousin's pet name for her. It brought back so many nice memories. "Yeah, Uncle Cid! How is he? And Brother?"

"Same as ever! They want to see you." Rikku told her. She took Yuna's hand and started to swing it around, causing Yuna to laugh.

Lulu smiled as well. "Yuna, I propose that Rikku join us on our journey"

Rikku's eyes widened. "You mean be a guardian!"

Yuna shook her head firmly. "No Lulu. I could never ask Rikku to do such a dangerous thing!"

"Yuna, I think she could handle it. She gave Tidus and Wakka a run for their gil." Lulu added.

"Yunie I would love to be your guardian. If I can't change your mind about this pilgrimage, the least I can do is protect you!

"Okay Rikku I would love for you to come with us. Let's go ask Sir Auron"

"My dad is gonna be soooo pissed" Rikku smiled as they made their way over to the men.

Auron was agitated at the delay. They were almost to Guadosalam and now his summoner was having a pow wow over in the woods. He was watching Tidus and Wakka kick around a blitzball when Yuna and Rikku approached him. He knew this was coming.

"Sir Auron?" Yuna asked shyly, " I would like to have Rikku become a guardian. Does she have your permission?"

Auron stepped to the girl. He knew this was Yuna's cousin Rikku. He remembered Braska speaking of her before. He also knew that Rikku had just tried to kidnap Yuna. He understood of course. She tried to protect her cousin, just as he wanted to protect Braska.

"Show me your face" he ordered.

Rikku froze at such a weird request. Then she realized he really wanted to see her eyes. Her Al-Bhed eyes. She looked up at him with her eyes shut tight.

Auron almost chuckled at her scrunched up face. Almost.

"Open your eyes" he said more gently.

Rikku sighed. She opened one eye cautiously, then the other. It was a strange feeling. She didn't know this man. She didn't know where he came from or what his story was, but she felt like she knew him. She felt like they had met before.

Auron felt it too. He didn't know the girl, but he did. She was him ten years ago. She had the same determination he once had. If she only knew what lie ahead.

"As I thought"

"Um...no good?" she answered, disappointed.

"Are you sure?" he already knew the answer.

"One hundred percent!" she said with more enthusiasm.

Auron nodded. "If Lady Yuna wishes it"

Yuna and Rikku jumped up and down in celebration. They embraced as Lulu and Wakka smiled at them.

"Well, I say the more the merrier!" Wakka said. "Welcome to the crew!"

Auron grew impatient again. "Come. We still have a way to go until Guadosalam."

They had been walking for a little over an hour before they encountered a fiend. Rikku wanted a chance to prove she was useful, so she jumped into battle with Tidus and Wakka. To her delight, she soon impressed the part with her skills.

"Wow Rikku! That was cool how fast you stole from those fiends." Wakka admired after the battle.

"That was nothing. Can you teach me how to mix things together like that?" Tidus asked in awe.

Rikku laughed. "I suppose I could teach you a little. I've been studying Alchemy since...I don't remember how long. I could teach you some simple mixes."

Auron began to see the light. Rikku could prove very useful on this pilgrimage. She was an excellent fighter, but most of all she helped keep Yuna's spirt alive. For that Auron was grateful. He was no shoulder to lean on for Yuna. Above all, he wanted the daughter of his best friend to have support.

So they continued walking, and walking, and walking. Auron stayed in the back of the group observing. Tidus and Yuna stayed close together talking. As did Lulu and Wakka. Kimahri followed Yuna closely and stayed silent. Rikku bounced back and forth between the groups. She joked with Tidus and Yuna, talked magic and strategy with Wakka and Lulu, and asked Kimahri questions. To Auron's surprise, Kimahri smiled and answered her questions.

"So Kimahri, what is your favorite place in all of Spira?" she asked.

The Ronso looked to be in thought. "Home" was his reply.

"Me too" Rikku agreed. "But to be fair, I haven't been to every place in Spira."

"Kimahri neither. But home will always be favorite"

It was Rikku's turn to be in thought. She stopped in her tracks and soon Auron passed her. She jogged up next to him and fell in step with him.

"You mind if I walk with you?" she asked. Auron glanced at her but didn't answer.

"What's your favorite place in all of Spira, Auron?"

Still no answer.

"Are you ignoring me?" she asked while waving a hand in front of his face.

"No I'm not ignoring you. I'm concentrating on making sure our summoner is safe and not answering pointless questions."

Rikku recoiled as if Auron had struck her. He expected her to shy away from him. He wanted her to shy away. To his surprise, she didn't.

Her voice took a cold tone. "Well, excuse me. I thought Yuna would be pretty safe with two guardians at her side, and four more not to far away. And my mistake for taking the time to talk to you. I'm sorry, it won't happen again."

Rikku's left her words to sting Auron as she walked away to join up with Yuna and Tidus. Auron was stung. He couldn't believe he had been so cruel to her. It couldn't be helped. It was his nature now to drive people away. He couldn't help it, could he?

Rikku walked behind her cousin and Tidus. She wanted to focus on something else besides her hurt feelings. While she was thinking, she saw Yuna look up at Tidus and smile sweetly. Wait a minute, that wasn't just any smile...Rikku found a new project.

She skipped up to Yuna's other side and took her hand. Yuna smiled at her cousin.

"Tidus, take Yuna's other hand!" she commanded, "Let's walk together!"

Yuna blushed slightly as Tidus took her hand. She noticed he did so without any hesitation and it made her smile. She looked over at Rikku and saw her cousin wink at her. Yuna's jaw dropped at Rikku's deception. Rikku laughed and put a finger to her lips to tell Yuna to be quiet and enjoy it.

After a few moments, Rikku dropped Yuna's hand and skipped over to Lulu and Wakka. Yuna waited for Tidus to follow suit, but he didn't. If anything, he squeezed her hand tighter. She looked up at him in surprise and smiled.

Auron watched the exchange and sighed. Ever since her met up with Yuna and Tidus in Luca, he saw a spark between them. He knew their was no point in trying to prevent it, but he didn't want either of them hurt. He knew it wouldn't end up well between them. One of them, if not both, was not going to be around for long after Zanarkand. It really made him sadder inside.

Auron was pulled out of his thoughts by Kimahri stopping. He stopped to look at what his friend was looking at and saw Kimahri gazing at the setting sun. They had at least four hour to go before they reached Guadosalam...

"Let's make camp here. It is almost dark and we still have many hours to go." Auron told the group of colorful guardians.

Everyone agreed and moved to the side of the path until they found a big enough clearing. Auron, Wakka, and Tidus set up camp while Kimahri stood guard. The girls unpacked some of the food they had and started a fire.

Soon, they all sat around the campfire finishing their meals. Everyone was engaged in light conversation except Rikku. She was lost in her own head and staring into the fire. She was trying to think of ways to stop Yuna from killing herself. She knew she had to get an early start because it would take something really good to get her cousin to change her mind.

"Okay everyone, I think we should turn in" Auron suggested.

Kimahri nodded. "Kimahri take first watch" The Ronso stood outside of Yuna's tent as she climbed inside.

Everyone nodded and said their goodnights.

A few hours later, Rikku was awakened by Lulu. "Rikku," the mage said softly, "Your watch"

Rikku nodded sleepily and crawled outside. She winced as the cold air hit her body and she sat by the fire. This was no good. If she stayed still, she was going to fall asleep. She stood up and started walking around the fire. She thought she could spend some more time thinking of a way to save Yunie.

After a few minutes, she felt rustling behind her. She jumped around 180 degrees to see Auron walk out from his tent.

Rikku breathed in relief placing her clawed hand on her heaving chest. "Auron" she hissed, "you scared me!"

"My apologies" he answered in a low voice. Rikku almost thought he looked sheepish.

"That's okay. What are you doing up? It's my watch still" she questioned.

Auron didn't say anything for a moment. When he did, Rikku almost fell over in surprise.

"I wanted to apologize Rikku. I shouldn't have spoken to you like I did earlier. It was uncalled for."

"Your forgiven" Rikku said brightly.

It was Auron's turn to be surprised. "Just...like that?"

"Well, yeah" Rikku said as she sat down by the fire. "Why shouldn't I accept your apology?"

"It just seemed a little too easy is all." he told her.

"Well to be honest, I didn't ever expect you to say you were sorry. So the fact that you did made it easy to forgive and forget"

"Oh" It was all Auron could say.

Rikku watched him stand there in front of her for a few moments. "You can come sit with me if your not tired."

Auron had no idea why his body wouldn't listen to him. He was telling it to go back to bed. He had already done his watch, it was time for him to rest. So why did he join her by the fire?

Rikku smiled as he sat next to her. She let him sit in silence for a while, but not too long.

"So can I ask you something?"

"Do I have to answer?" he asked back.

"I suppose you don't have to" Rikku told him.


"Do you dislike us?"

"Of course not"

"Then why are you so cold to everyone?" Rikku asked as she turned to him. From this angle, she could clearly see the scar the side of his face and made his eye useless. The light from the fire flickered over it and made Rikku a little uneasy.

As if he sensed her discomfort, Auron turned away. "That is none of your concern"

Rikku nodded. "Fair enough. Can I tell you my opinion?"

Auron scoffed at her. "Your going to anyway"

Rikku ignored his sarcasm. "I think your afraid"

Auron turned back to look at her. He found himself staring into her green eyes. "Afraid of what?"

"I don't know. I bet it has something to do with Uncle Braska's pilgrimage."

Auron just stared at her.

Rikku stared right back. "Am I right?"

Auron didn't answer. Instead her stood up and headed for his tent. "Goodnight Rikku"

"Goodnight Auron"

The next morning Rikku woke up to a horrible smell. Who had last watch? Tidus did. Rikku walked out of the tent to find Tidus standing over the fire. He was holding a frying pan with unidentifiable black matter in it.

"Tidus what happened?" she asked.

Tidus looked up sheepishly. "I was trying to make pancakes"

Yuna walked out of her tent and giggle at the scene before her. "Thank you Tidus! You didn't have to make breakfast." She took a fork and pulled a part of the rubberized batter off.

"Mmmm...good" she said with a pained face. Pretty soon the three of them were laughing uncontrollably. Auron, Wakka, Kimahri, and Lulu emerged from their tents and surveyed the scene. Whatever happened made Yuna laugh so they were okay with it.

"Let's depart"

Back on the road to Guadosalam, the group fell back into the same positions they held the day before. Everyone except Rikku. Instead of bouncing happily between guardians, she stayed off to the side looking into the woods.

Auron couldn't help but notice the change in her attitude and wondered if their conversation had anything to do with it. He cursed himself silently as he walked over to her.

"Is everything okay Rikku?" he asked.

She looked up at him and smiled. Auron looked away immediately. He wasn't used to woman smiling at him like that. Usually they looked at him with one of two things, disgust or undisguised lust. Neither of which he cared for. Rikku had a different smile. It was warm and welcoming.

"Yeah. I'm just looking for a flan"

Auron blinked. "Any particular reason you are looking for that type of fiend?"

She smiled at him again. Damn it. "Yeah, flans usually carry gems. I wanted a few to customize our weapons."

Auron blinked again. He really couldn't believe some of the things she said sometimes. She acted so much older sometimes. Other times, she acted so much younger. It drove him nuts that he couldn't just ignore her like he did everyone else.

What else could he say? "Well, I'll help you then"

Rikku nodded. "Sure. Just make sure you don't take your eyes off unguarded Yuna."

Auron looked over at his summoner and saw she was in the middle of a circle Wakka, Lulu, Tidus, and Kimahri formed. He realized Rikku was joking with him. Another thing most people didn't do.

"Fine, as long as you don't mind taking time to talk to me"

"Oh, ha ha Auron. Just look for fiends"

An hour later, Rikku was the proud owner of a bunch of water gems. She put them in her pouches and stole one of Lulu's moogles to practice on.

"What is that going to do Rikku?" Tidus asked as Rikku walked behind the group.

"Well, it's gonna add an element of water to the weapon. I'm gonna try to get to everyone's before Guadosalam." she answered.

"That will come in handy in the Thunder Plains" Lulu noted.

Rikku looked up from her work and whimpered slightly.

"Something wrong Rikku?" Yuna asked.

"No" she answered dejectedly. She sighed heavily and returned to her work. "Okay we only have a few more hours to go, I need to get started."

From that point on, Auron was torn between watching his summoner or watching Rikku. Yuna was fine, it was only out of duty he kept an eye on her. Rikku, on the other hand, was having a great deal of trouble. Apparently Rikku couldn't walk and work at the same time. She was so busy customizing the weapons, she was constantly tripping and falling. She would was holding Wakka's blitzball and staring so hard at it with her tongue at the side of her mouth, she tripped over a uprooted branch and fell on her face.

"Ouchie!" she whined. Auron went over to help her, but she had already gotten to her feat and tossed Wakka the ball.

"There you go Wakka! Auron, I need your sword."

Before he could protest, Rikku pulled the heavy sword from his side and began to work. She was having a hard time balancing herself and the heavy weapon. Auron got an unpleasant image of Rikku tipping over and impaling herself so her took it back from her.

"Here Rikku. Let me hold the sword while you work"

There was that smile again. "Thanks Auron. You're a good friend!"

Auron nodded. Damn it. He didn't want friends. At the same time, he couldn't help but smile slightly. He made a friend.

Tidus and Yuna looked back at the youngest and the oldest guardians getting along. Yuna smiled while Tidus looked amazed.

"Wow. That's not fair. I remember having to carry Auron's swords around all the time. He never offered me help." Tidus complained.

"I think it's cute" Yuna said.

Tidus took her hand again, making Yuna smile wider. "I suppose so" he said skeptically. In the ten years he spent with Auron in Zanarkand, he knew Auron didn't have any friends. He was worried for Rikku's safety.

Yuna laughed at the expression on Tidus' face. "Why do you look like that?" she asked.

Tidus smiled down at her. "I was just worrying for Rikku's safety. It's been along time since Auron had a friend. I think his head might explode at any point."

Yuna laughed and hit Tidus lightly on the arm. "I don't think you give Sir Auron enough credit. I'm sure he and Rikku will make lovely friends."

"Well as long as they keep each other quiet and not bugging us, I guess it's okay. Hey is that Guadosalam?"

Yuna looked up at the giant tree entrance that was Guadosalam. "Yup," she said worried, "That's Guadosalam."

Tidus looked down at Yuna as she squeezed his hand tighter. She did not want to see Seymour.

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