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The End: Part Three

"Tell me again mommy!"

Rikku laughed at her son. It was bedtime and she had just told her son a bedtime story.

"I just told you one! It's bedtime!" she smiled.

"Aw, come on! I bet if you don't Aunt Yuna will!"

"Hey! Don't drag me into this!" Yuna laughed from across the room, where she was tucking in her own daughter.

"But mommy!" Yuna's daughter complained. "It's so romantic! Can we hear the story about how you and daddy met one more time!?"

"Who cares about romance?" Rikku's son butted in, "I like the adventure. Mom! Tell us about your fight with Sin!"

"Goodnight!" Yuna and Rikku called together as they left the room.

"Awww mom!" the kids yelled together as the door shut.

Yuna smiled at her cousin and Rikku rolled her eyes. "They are too cute!" Yuna laughed.

"You think so? I call them conniving!" Rikku joked.

The two women walked into the kitchen and sat at the table, each sipping a hot drink.

"I can't get over how much he looks like Auron" Yuna commented. Rikku nodded, knowing exactly what her cousin was talking about. Her son was the spitting image of Auron only smaller. He even had Auron's commanding personality. The only thing he inherited from Rikku was her energy.

"I know" Rikku agreed.

"And he protects his mommy just like Auron would!" Yuna smiled. Auron would truly be proud of the way his son took care of Rikku. Even at his young age, he never let anyone mess with his mommy.

"I know! One Auron was enough!" Rikku smiled. "I love that your daughter is just as much the troublemaker as Tidus."

"Tell me about it! She's making up for him not being here!" Yuna shook her head. Before Rikku could respond, Wakka came in the room.

"Hey ladies!" he said, dropping a kiss on their foreheads. " I just dropped by to get that book Lulu wanted to borrow. Where are the rascals?"

"In bed" Yuna answered.

"Ah. Are they ready for their birthdays tomorrow? Five years old already!" Wakka asked.

"I'm sure. The book is in the living room." Rikku answered. Wakka nodded and said goodbye, running home to Lulu.

"I still can't believe that they were born on the same day." Yuna commented, returning to her drink.

"Well, Yunie they were conceived on the same day, so why is that so hard to believe?" Rikku smiled, remembering the night in Gagazet.

"Oh yeah!" Yuna mocked surprise. She was quite for a minute and then looked up at her cousin. "I miss him so much"

Rikku reached over across the table and took Yuna's hand. "I know. I miss him." she said, referring to her love.

"Miss who?" said a deep voice from the door.

"Auron!" Rikku yelled leaping up from the chair and throwing herself into his arms. Yuna smiled as she saw Tidus walk around the two and grin at her.

"Hey baby" he said pulling Yuna close to him.

"You guys came back early!" Yuna grinned, kissing her husband.

"Yeah," Auron began pulling away from Rikku, "Kimahri sent us home for the birthday celebrations. He said we should can come back to help him next month."

"Are you getting a lot done?" Rikku asked.

"Yeah. We almost rebuilt the main room. That fire destroyed so much! It won't be long until the place is back to normal." Tidus answered.

"It's so nice of you to help Kimahri rebuild!" Yuna smiled.

"Well, yeah Yuna. He's our friend. Plus, I had to lend a hand considering it was where we spent our honeymoon!" Tidus smiled, kissing her.

"Yeah but that was almost eight years ago!" Yuna pouted.

"Well, we'll have to go back when it's done!" Tidus offered. Yuna smiled and kissed him again.

Rikku shook her head and pulled Auron close to her, resting her head on his chest. She smiled at his response from not seeing her for almost two weeks. Before she could act on it, a loud yell from the door distracted her.

"Dad!" Auron's five year old son ran at him at full speed.

"Hey!" Auron said fondly picking the boy up and tossing him in the air. "You been taking care of your mother?"

"Yes sir!" the little boy said proudly. Auron smiled and kissed his son's cheek. "Good job. I missed you! Are you ready for your big day!" Auron didn't hear his response because another loud yell was heard.


Tidus looked up to see his beautiful little girl running to him. "Hey sweetheart!" he picked her up and squeezed her tightly. "You got prettier baby!"

"Daddy can you tell us a story?" she asked sweetly.

"Yeah please!" Auron's son added.

"Sure you guys!" Auron smiled. He and Tidus led the kids back to bed and sat with them. Yuna and Rikku looked in from the doorway.

"Mommy already told us the story about how you guys met" Tidus' daughter said.

"Okay," Auron nodded. "Let me tell you the story about how your dad and I came back from our...mission...and met your moms again."

Tidus chuckled at his friends coverup. "Yeah, it all began one year after we defeated Sin..."

To Be Continued

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