Author's note: Yes, it's me again! And having just completed my latest story Eddy's Holes, I'm finally able to work on this story that I've been thinking about for months. Ever since I became interested in The Nightmare Before Christmas, I've always thought about how much Ed Edd n Eddy would freak if somehow they wound up in Halloween Town. And that's pretty much how this story was born. Of course, all of the songs from the movie are going to be in this, and then some. Hopefully, people will like this story as much as my last ones.

And before I forget, I guess I have to mention that The Nightmare Before Christmas and Ed Edd n Eddy belong to their respective owners (but you probably already knew that, didn't you?) So, without any further ado, happy reading! ;) -AMX

October 31. Halloween night. The night when ghosts and goblins come out to play. The night when young children obtain massive amounts of candy by going door to door in costumes. To some kids, the greatest night of the year. And then there are others who don't exactly have the same idea . . .

In a small town of Peach Creek, a young junior high student by the name of Eddy had just gotten home after serving his almost daily routine of detention. He remembered how the same thing had happened on last Halloween. But this Halloween was going to be different. Because Eddy had made the bold decision that he and his two friends, Ed and Edd (known to everyone as Double D) would not be trick-or-treating that year.

Eddy was completely disgusted by Halloween after what had happened last year. He had fallen for another one of his older brother's stupid jokes (the so-called map to "Spook-E-Ville" ended up sending the three friends in a big circle), and he and Double D had been beaten up for something Ed had done (could he help it that Ed had beaten up all the other kids in the cul-de-sac because of his stupid Halloween hallucinations?) And even worse, Ed got out of the whole thing without even a scratch! So unfair!

But Eddy, for once in his life, decided to learn from his mistake. He wasn't going to fall for another one of his brother's stupid pranks. Because he was staying home that Halloween night. But as soon as Eddy got home, he discovered something that he hadn't counted on before: he had absolutely nothing to do. After about five minutes, he declared that he was officially bored.

So Eddy roamed around the house, looking for something-anything to do to occupy his time. Soon enough, his boredom led him to the attic. Eddy always liked going up to the attic. Since his parents were pack rats, they had some of the most interesting stuff Eddy had ever seen. Unless you counted Eddy's Christmas presents, which consisted of clothes year after year. This was the reason why Eddy wasn't too fond of Christmas either.

But tonight, Eddy felt like doing something different. There was a corner of the attic that he hadn't fully explored before. He decided that if anything would be able to occupy his time, that would. So, he slowly made his way to the darker corner of the attic.

Eddy began to sift through the old boxes. It was mostly the same old stuff: old clothes, old photos, nothing all that interesting. "Pfft. Figures," Eddy mumbled. He finally had a night to himself, and nothing exciting. Looking around the attic again, Eddy leaned back against the wall.

Suddenly, Eddy felt a board behind him shift slightly. He turned around. Was one of the boards loose? He began to mess with the boards, seeing if one would pop off. The last board he tried came off in his hands.

There was a secret compartment behind the board! How had Eddy missed that? He loved secrets. Especially if they were juicy secrets! He quickly peered inside the small compartment. But all that was in it was a rolled-up piece of paper. Of course, Eddy's curiosity was piqued, and he had to look at the paper. He took it out and unrolled it. Then his eyes widened.

It was a map! And it looked like it led to some place from Eddy's house! And even better, the destination looked like a perfect spot for some healthy trick-or-treat fanatics. Eddy was ecstatic. He was about to run down to the phone to call Double D and Ed. . .but then he stopped. He looked at the map again. Considering where he had found it, the map was probably his brother's. And considering what had happened the last few times he had followed one of his brother's maps, it probably led to trouble. But there was something different about this map. It actually looked authentic. There was no way his brother could draw it by hand. He just couldn't pass up this opportunity.

Eddy ran down to the phone. He quickly dialed Double D's number and put Ed through by conference call.

"Hello?" a polite voice answered first.

"My name is Ed!" a second voice said.

"Ed, Double D, put on your Halloween costumes and meet me at my house!" said Eddy. "I got something here that will rock your socks!"

"Excuse me?" asked Double D. "Eddy, I thought we went over this. You said you didn't want to trick-or-treat because of what happened last year, remember?"

"Well, yeah, but that was before I found this map!" said Eddy. "And I'm confident that it will lead us right to . . . "

"Another one of your brother's maps?" asked Double D. "Eddy, have you learned nothing?"

"Look, will you guys just put on your costumes and get over here?" asked Eddy. "I'll see you later!"

"Trick-or-treat for me!" exclaimed Ed.

After Eddy hung up, he ran to his room. He needed a costume, and fast. He hadn't prepared a costume for this year because of his original plans, but now he had a good reason to have one. He finally settled on wearing his Zombie Elvis costume from last year. Thankfully, it wasn't too battered.

Ed and Double D were right on time. As soon as Eddy finished putting his costume on, the doorbell rang. Eddy ran to answer it. Apparently, Ed and Double D hadn't prepared anything for that year either. Ed was wearing his Lothar Viking outfit, and Double D was in his Bubonic Plague costume, both from last year.

"What took you so long?" asked Eddy.

"Can we just see the map?" asked Double D.

"See for yourself, Sockhead," said Eddy, handing Double D the map.

Double D carefully examined the map. "Hmm . . . well Eddy, now that I look at it, you're actually right. This map is different from your brother's past creations. I don't think he could have drawn all this."

"Told ya," said Eddy. "This map must lead to the real Spook-E-Ville! I just knew he was holding out on me!"

"Spook-E-Ville, Double D!" yelled Ed.

"Well, hopefully things will be better than they were last year," said Double D. "Right, Ed?" This year, Double D had made Ed cut back on his monster movies because of Ed's behavior last year.

"I have been a good boy, Double D," said Ed.

"Good," said Double D. "Then let's begin, shall we?"


So the three Eds began to follow the map into the night. With Double D leading (mostly because he was the only one who could read the map), they weren't paying much attention to exactly where they were going. Double D was focused on keeping his coordinates straight, Ed (or Lothar, as he called himself), was busy fighting off imaginary monsters with his trusty spatula, and Eddy was lost in fantasies of how much candy he was going to get once they got to their destination.

When Double D finally looked up to see where they were, he realized that the map had led the three boys deep into the woods outside of Peach Creek. "Oh my," he said. "I don't think I've ever been this deep into the woods before. I wonder where exactly we're going?"

"Ah, who cares?" asked Eddy. "Just as long as we get the jumbo candy bars. They're the good kind!"

And so they walked on. Before Double D knew it, they were at the endpoint on the map. He looked up and saw just what the three boys had been led to. Then, he made an abrupt stop. This caused Ed to crash into Double D, and Eddy to crash into Ed, and knocking the map out of Double D's hands in the process.

"What'd you do that for, Double D?" asked Eddy. Then he too saw what was in front of them.

It was a tree. But it didn't look like any of the other trees in the forest. This tree definitely stood out. The reason it stood out was because there was a big, orange, grinning jack o' lantern carved into it!

"What the heck?" asked Eddy.

"Well, it certainly seems that someone had a lot of time on their hands," said Double D. Then he took a closer look at the jack o' lantern. "Hmm . . . hey, I don't think this is just a carving, gentlemen. I think it's . . . a door!"

"A door in a tree?" asked Eddy.

"It will open up and lead us down straight into the depths of Hades!" said Ed. "Can I go in first?"

"Hang onto your neck, Monobrow," said Eddy. "Why would my brother have a map that would lead to this tree?"

"Well, it must have some importance to your brother," said Double D. "I'll look at the map again . . . " Then Double D saw the map lying face down on the ground. "Hello?"

"What now?" asked Eddy.

"Eddy, there's something written on the back of this map," said Double D, picking the map up. "I think it's . . . a poem."

"What?" asked Eddy. "I don't think my brother was a whiz at poetry. What's it say?"

"Here, I'll read it aloud," said Double D. He cleared his throat.

"Twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems

In a place that perhaps you've seen in your dreams.

For the story that you are about to be told

Takes place in the holiday worlds of old.

Now, you've probably wondered where holidays come from.

If you haven't, I'd say it's time you've begun."

Eddy stared at the poem on the back of the map. "What the heck does that mean?" he asked.

"I have no idea," said Double D.

Just then, the three Eds heard a loud creaking noise behind them. They turned around. The jack o' lantern door was wide open.

"Uh . . . who did that?" asked Eddy.

"Ed?" asked Double D.

"It wasn't me, Double D!" said Ed. "Lothar has been a good Viking!"

Then, something strange happened. Nearby leaves that were on the ground began to flutter about in the breeze.

"Hey, what's going on?" asked Eddy.

"That's strange . . . " said Double D. "The weather report said there wouldn't be any wind tonight . . . "

"The door is sucking us in!" yelled Ed. "It wants to eat us!"

"What?" Eddy and Double D asked together.

And sure enough, Ed seemed to be right. The wind was coming from inside the door. And it was pulling the three boys in! The Eds tried to fight the growing current, but then it suddenly became so strong that it lifted the three terrified boys up into the air! One by one, the Eds were sucked into the door. And as soon as all three boys were sucked in, the jack o' lantern door shut behind them. The only sound that could be heard was the screams of the Eds, growing fainter and fainter as they fell deeper and deeper . . .

Then . . . nothing. Silence. The wind had died down. All the leaves fluttered back onto the ground. And all that remained was the grinning jack o' lantern door.