Through Blind Eyes…

Chapter I…

"Unseen Sights Pt 1"

Among the sky, there was but one color that starless night – a color of complete, flat black, obviously not an ordinary black; the entire sky that night seemed painted with the darkest black one could ever see, starless, looming, and perhaps even an ounce dull. It was one of those trivial yet quite possessing things that mortals or (perhaps more appropriately called) men would never forget – neither magnificently attractive or heinously repulsive as mortals are prone to judge. Perhaps it was between. Amazing. A possessing fantasia of but one color, entirely dominating the worldly canvas that veils the majestic heavens from common men like you and me.

And underneath it? – underneath there was a little girl, aged of twelve, that would never care for it because the only color that she knew and had ever seen before was just that – black. Nothing knew or particularly astonishing. Twelve long years of one color can make one feel that way. She never knew the difference between green, blue, orange and the entire spectrum of colors – no, there was no concept of color for her, pitch black seemed to be all she knew of the world beyond the vibrations that she used to "see".


The girl moved around restlessly – there was no impact from her friend's feet that her fifth sense could tell…and her sense was usually extremely accurate. In fact, there seemed to be absolutely no vibrations from anybody nearby.


Surely, they had to have gone somewhere… but where..? It was an impossibility for humans to entirely dissipate just like that. Growing a little more worried than usual, the girl began to jog around the vicinity when no response resounded back. She felt alone – she was alone…pitch black alone…


Desperate to know where her friends could have gone, the little girl started sprinting. No vibrations around – no life. Where was she at…? And during that process of thinking, she felt a small vibration locally. Allowing herself an exhalation of relief, she pointed her feet toward whoever stood evident in front of her. Yet whoever decided to show themselves certainly denied a voice. Tragic. She'd gladly be mute rather than blind. Being blind…well…sure it doubtlessly molded her into an entire different person rather she was "normal" – a better sense of hearing…a unique fighting style…but proportionally, there was tons to sacrifice also. She could only imagine what the colors of the rainbow looked like…

"Hello? Are you there?"

A rather timid voice came to speak up – a child's voice. His feet shook upon the ground, evidently scared. Perhaps…perhaps he had strayed path from his original mother.


A simple reply to a simple question. The girl seemed quite relieved of another life – weirded out by the absence of her other three friends.

"Have you seen my friend Aang? Or Katara? Or Sokka?"

There was a pause which promptly followed a silence. She felt the vibrations of the shaking, the child was still there.

"I'm sorry but can you tell me what they look like. I haven't seen many people around, I'd be sure to remember."

"Sure, Aang looks..."

And that was when the girl realized, she didn't know even remotely how her friend looked like, she had never laden functioning eyes on the boy. She knew him by voice and vibrations but that wasn't exactly a feasible way to communicate his appearance.



"I'm sorry. I don't…exactly…know…I'm blind."

"I can help."


"I can help."

And just like that, a formerly blind child was cured with three simple words. The girl had not thought much of it, only of the miracle that was endowed upon her. A rush filled her as her eyelids began to open, a mix of overwhelming excitement and happiness. The girl took her first peek into the world. And it wasn't like anything she had expected it to be.

Everything was pitch black. Toph woke up in dripping sweat, panting exhaustedly. What she saw, what she had witnessed in that dream…Shutting her eyes tight, she surrendered to something that she had almost never done, she cried. And she didn't know why she cried either. Perhaps it was because of what she saw in the dream. Or maybe it was because of the fact that Toph wasn't truly cured. Yet for whatever reason, Toph did the only thing that her eyes would allow her to do – to cry.

"Toph?" a familiar voice sounded outside her closed "tent" made of rocks, one of warmth that could shine through even in the most desolate times and the one voice that she peculiarly always remembered. She knew the boy by the name of "Twinkletoes" or perhaps more preferably to him, "Aang".

"Toph?" Calling out once more, Toph clamped down her mouth so that she would stop crying and pretend to sleep. Right now, she didn't want to talk to anybody even Twinkletoes.

"Toph, are you alright? I heard you crying." Shifting the plan from "fake sleep" to "maintain pride", Toph earthbended the rock entrance to barely a slit so her voice would become just as clear as her statement.

"I'm fine, it wasn't me. Now go back to sleep Twinkletoes."

"But Toph, I'm pretty sure I heard you crying."

"I'm FINE. Okay? Good night."

"Good night, Toph."

For a brief while, silence reigned between Toph and Aang until…

"So…why were you crying?"

"I wasn't crying. I said Good Night, Twinkletoes. Go to sleep!"

"Was it a bad dream?"

"No, go to sleep." Beads of sweat trickled down her forehead to this lie.

"Come on, Toph, you can tell me. I'm the bridge between the spirit world and this world and well, er, dreams, they're like spiritual aren't they?"

"Don't be an idiot, Twinkletoes, I'm perfectly fine… now gooo awayyyy". With the deliberately stupid-sounding enunciation, the entrance to Toph's tent banged shut, conclusively ending the conversation.

"But you don't sound fine…"

"Well maybe that's because you're bugging me when I'm trying to sleep!"

"But you were crying…"

"What of it? It was just a bad dream."

"The Toph I know doesn't cry. It must have been a really bad dream, huh. You want to talk about it?"

"No, Twinkletoes, I don't. If I did, I would have by now. Like I said, I'm fine. Go to sleep."

"If you say so…"

Mumbling to Aang's persistence, Toph attempted to sleep once more when a flashed image of spilled black blood struck her thoughts. Grumbling to its nuisance, Toph dug her face into the pillows harder as if shielding her from her own thought processes. An hour passed and it wouldn't get out of her mind – it haunted her. The 12-year old girl, shaking and sweating, bended the stone entrance down and crawled through. Her feet told that Aang seemed sound asleep, um, oh well?

Using earthbending, Aang received a sharp jut of rock in the back involuntarily waking him to the hours of night.


"Sorry, accident. Go to sleep." Toph whispered. She knew that Aang, having the caressing personality he had, wouldn't let go of the earlier situation where he heard her crying in her "tent"; it was a convenient way to nonverbally ask somebody to converse with you.

"Toph, you're shaking."

"It's just cold…it's nothing"

"Then how come you're sweating?"


She felt the vibrations of Aang's feet coming nearer to her tent, and inside she secretly smiled. Motioning for Aang to sit by her in the narrow tent, Toph patted the ground beside her.

"Have a seat, Twinkletoes."

"Thanks…sooo…what happened exactly?"

The 12-year-old girl holding her knees to her chin felt her face grow a little warmer (despite the sweat) as her vibrations told her Aang was sitting quite close to her, in fact really close – no room between them at all. She wouldn't say it but she felt strangely comforted in "Twinkletoes' " presence.

"Sooo…are you going to tell me what happened, Toph?"

"If…you don't mind, I'd actually don't want to talk about it right now…"

"Oh, okay…"

And just when Aang moved toward the rock exit (which was also the entrance)…

"Aang…would you…"

"What? Did you just call me Aang?"


"What? What was it?"

"No, forget it, it's stupid."

"Toph, you can tell me."

"Well…would you…sleep next to me, I'm kind of…haunted…I'll widen the tent if you like"


"See? It was stupid. Forget I even said it."

"Sure, if you want."

Feeling a blush coming furiously, Toph moved her head away from Aang's sight.


"No problem. That's what friends are for."


With that, Toph turned over and slept – soundly and for the first time in quite some time - without haunting interruptions of the images from the dream. Soundly and comforting. She wouldn't admit it even to herself but…she felt…she had…she had feeling for the boy she teased as Twinkletoes.


"No tea today, Uncle?" A teenage boy with a scar on the left side of his face squatted beside his Uncle in a camp.

"No, Zuko. We must hurry."

"This doesn't sound like you at all. What's wrong?"

"I know. But I suspect that Azula has hired somebody to help capture the Avatar…and that person is verrryyy near."

"What! How come you didn't tell me this before!"

"You never asked."


"Relax, Zuko. Let me make you some tea."

Taking his nephew's face of disgust, the old man named "Uncle" abandoned the idea of making tea and collected some things again for the trail.

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