A Potter's Loot

Chapter 1

The Elusive Lily

James Potter lay beneath the feet of the most dangerous, and the cruelest pirate on the seven seas. Lord Voldemort, to his followers, Tom Riddle, to his adversaries, and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, to those who fear him. "There was no treasure found." One of is loyal minions, or Death Eaters, as they called themselves, whispered into his ear.

Voldemort turned to the fallen Pirate King, "Where is the treasure, Potter!" He hissed, grabbing the dying man by the front of his blood-matted robes, "Give me the treasure or I'll destroy this ship with everyone one it!"

Snorting deeply within his throat, James spit in the other pirates face, "No honor amongst thieves, Tom." Voldemort dropped the broken man, furiously whipping the saliva and mucus from his face, "You're not the only one after my fortune, and just like them you'll have to find it for yourself."

Unsheathing his sword, Voldemort ran it through the torso of the man who was famed as being the best pirate to seal across the Atlantic. Hazel eyes turned cold, as a trail of blood dripped from the once living mans mouth, "So much for being the best!" Turning to his crewmen that had just found their way to the deck, "Spare no one, I never want to see this ship or a Potter again!"

The crew wasted no time lighting the wicks on the barrels they'd just placed in the bowel of the ship. As The Nagini sailed away the Elusive Lily caught flames. A cruel smile cracked at the corners of Voldemort's face as he watched pieces of beautifully, carved wood splinter and explode, water over taking the once gorgeous sail. Unbeknownst to the evil pirate Lord, the smallest Potter lay unconscious floating away from his destroyed past.

Harry Potter had been found nearly ten days later still floating unconscious on a dilapidated piece of wood, which sank quickly after the boy was pulled from its ranks. He was charted off to Surrey, the closest port development that harbored a hospital. There he spent an entire week in a coma, when he woke he could remember nothing but his and his mothers name.

Thus he met his only living relatives, and to be honest he'd have rather spent the rest of his life floating around on the log, than with the Dursleys. Harry had been ten when he arrived at his Uncles estate. Vernon Dursley though extremely course and rude, was the governor of Surrey, he could not refuse his young nephew if he hoped to keep his clean public image.

Thus Harry was shuffled falsely into the Dursley home to be treated as nothing more than a slave. For years he was used to clean the stables, floors, dishes, windows, clothes, and everything else the Dursleys could think of. Dudley, Harry's over weight cousin often times used the much smaller boy as a means of amusement. Chasing Harry around, using him as a punching bag, and getting the young boy into trouble with his relatives.

However, one night was to change it all.

Surrey stood in large bold letters on the old worn map. Tanned finger ran across the name, and wondered if it was possible, if James had honestly left the only key to his fortune with his only son. Captain Sirius Black leaned heavily against the banister of his ship The Marauder, "Where are we headed Sirius?" his first mate and navigator Remus Lupin wondered, peering over his shoulder.

"Surrey." Sirius handed over the map, "I know it's old, but I wouldn't ask you, if I didn't think you could handle it."

Remus watched his Captain with weary amber eyes, when Sirius said the map was old he hadn't been lying. Each corner was frayed and there were hardly any destinations legible and the right hand corner was complete chard off. The only thing Remus could read was Surrey. "What's in Surrey?"

Sirius watched his tawny haired friend, "My Godson."