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Chapter 12

Captain Draco Malfoy

Hanging up side down Draco Malfoy could feel the blood rushing to his head. How had he ended up in this undignified position? Looking toward his captured ankle he groaned remembering. This is why he never messed with the two girls on the same island. Twisting his torso, he pivoted himself around his lifeline. Where was Blaise? He was supposed to circle around an hour ago. That's why he'd been stuck with the two girls he was occupying his time with while visiting the island, in the first place. Turning the other way he heard the rope give way, unraveling. "Oh shit." He gasped, looking toward the black waters below.

They'd spent three days searching the islands for Draco Malfoy and nothing had come up yet. "You're an idiot." Hermione reiterated for the umpteenth time in three days. This was a wild goose chase! All they had to go on was a week old lead and Sirius' gut instinct, which Hermione didn't count for much.

"I think you underestimate me, Ms. Granger. I am a very intelligent man." Sirius leaned against the steering wheel, looking as nonchalant as he did a few days ago when he proposed the plan.

"Oh so you know something I don't?" Hermione leaned against her hip.

Sirius smirked not looking toward his new navigator. Having a woman as a navigator was like having another mother, he missed Remus dearly. The other man never nagged him, he always trusted Sirius, and knew Sirius was making the right decisions. Yea, they had their fights, but Remus would never really leave him. He needed to find his first mate and soon, before he went bonkers. Sirius sighed, "Unlike children, I sleep very little at night."

"Yes, I know you go have a good round of fun with your mates at any woman's expense." That had hit Sirius hard, so hard he leaned into the wheel for support. He was a sane thought away from turning the wheel swiftly to toss the bushy haired know-it-all overboard.

Clearing his throat he continued, "What I was going to say, was that last night I met a young lady who told me that her and another young woman had seen Draco Malfoy a few hours prior to meeting me. She said he'd gotten his just deserts. Which can mean one of two things, he was hanged or he…" Sirius trailed off as the rounded a cliff to see a figure hanging upside down by a rope attached to his right leg. "That boy has more Black blood in him than I thought."

Draco heard the telltale signs of a ship coasting through water. Hoping it was Blaise and the Narcissa, Draco twisted to get a good look at the ship. Too bad he didn't recognize the craft, he would have waved the down and asked for help.

Approaching the hanging boy Sirius smirked, "Found yourself in a bit of trouble aye, Draco?"

The blonde squinted not recognizing the voice or the name of ship. "Who's it to?"

"It hasn't been that long has it, dear little cousin?" Draco blanched. It was none other than Sirius Black Draco wasn't going to be accepting his help. Twisting snidely, well as snide as one could be while hanging upside down, Draco turned his back to his older cousin.

Sirius chuckled, "Weight anchor!" It took some time, but that ship came to a halt, the starboard side directly in front of the captured pirate. "Now is that anyway to treat your rescuing crew?"

Draco snorted, "I don't need your help, my own crew should be here any moment."

Sirius chuckled again, leaning against the rail. "Not likely, you see your lady friends are occupying Mr. Zabini and have told him that you won't be needing him or your crews help. He's rather drunk and I don't figure he'll be getting away any time soon." Sirius placed a hand on the younger mans shoulder, giving him a giddy push. As he watched the boy spin unhappily, Sirius grinned enjoying the others discomfort. "The way I see it, you need my help."

Attempting to stop the infernal spinning, Draco only succeeded in making him spin faster. He'd been there all night, he mind was foggy, he needed sleep, and he knew a few more hours and he'd be dead. And if what Black said was true, if he didn't accept Black's offer he'd be hear for a lot longer. "Fine, whatever you want. Just cut me down!"

Triumphant, Sirius pulled a knife from his boot, and dropped the young man to the deck with a thump. Hermione watched the exchange with interest. The longer she stayed on this trip the more pirates she came in contact with she was not comfortable with that.

Draco Malfoy was a tall, slim boy, who look remarkably just like his father. He had the same pointed face, platinum hair and stormy gray eyes, but something about Draco was different. He held a hint of his mother. His lips were thin and pink, and the shape of his eyes clearly portrayed his relation to Sirius. He was dressed in black pants, which were tucked into his brown boots. He wore a quarter length sleeved white shirt, with a green vest. He didn't look happy about being in their company, but he looked even less happy about hanging upside down.

Righting himself and his clothing, Draco found his height. "So what do you want, dear cousin?" He said, sarcasm dripping form every word.

"Pull the anchor, set sail!" Sirius barked. The crew scrambled to comply with his orders. "I need you to tell me where you godfather is hiding."

"What do you want with my godfather?" Draco followed Sirius to the bow of the ship. "Last time I checked, the two of you hated each other guts."

Leading his ship toward the wind, he nodded in agreement, "We still hate each other, but he has some information I need."

"Like?" Draco eyed Hermione, wondering where she'd come from. He'd noticed her out the corner of his eyes standing with a map and compass in hand as if she were the navigator.

Sirius hadn't expected Draco to be so demanding. "I'm looking for your father."

Pale arms crossed his growing chest, "I see."

"Look Draco, you father kidnapped my navigator and my godson. I just want what's rightfully mine, that's it." Sirius gripped the wheel harder, hoping that he wouldn't have to beat the boy to get the information he needed. He wasn't beyond it he just didn't like getting all bloody.

The boy nodded, and seemed to be deep in thought. "If I tell you, what will you do for me?"

"I just let you free you dirty snake!" Sirius hissed. Draco smirked not looking ready to hand over his godfather's whereabouts. "How about this." Abandoning the wheel Sirius grabbed Draco by the collar, hauling him over the side of ship, dangling him over the dark waters. "You tell me where Severus is, and I don't drop you. I'll even do you one better, by bringing you back and taking you to your ship. We got a deal, Malfoy?"

Hermione had never seen Sirius so angry, he was always the one laughing and joking. Maybe she had underestimated him.

Draco's gray eyes traveled to the ocean, the winds had picked up so the boat was moving faster than before. The water didn't look like it would welcome him graciously. Even if it did who would save him, Blaise was miles away too drunk to care. He was going to throw the young man overboard when he got back to his ship. "Fine, I'll tell you, just let me back onboard."

"No." Sirius pushed the boy further over, "You tell me now, and I you let back on."

"Fine!" Draco yelled, "Spinner's End, he's at Spinner's End."

"Hermione?" Sirius looked back keeping a tight grip on the boy's shirt.

The girl in question jumped, nearly dropping the map. Flipping it open she found Spinner's End, a dark landmass on the eastern most point on the map. Placing her finger on their current location she estimated how long it would take to get there. "It'll take about three days."

"We'll make it in two." Sirius dragged Draco aboard giving his shoulder a clap. "See how easy it is when you just comply."

One thing Hermione learned from the experience: Don't underestimate Sirius Black, because he was mellow natured it was easy to forget he was a pirate.


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