Severus looked down at the woman and grimaced. She was a student, he could see the Hogwarts logo sewn onto her robes. He only hoped he didn't know her. It would make this a hell of a lot easier. Lucius looked at him holding out a vile expectedly waiting for his fellow Deatheater to remove his trousers.

Severus grabbed the potion and drank it back. He felt himself harden instantly.

He unzipped his trousers and knelt on the floor beside the girl. He raised her robes and pulled up her skirt. He ripped off her pants and groped aimlessly at her breasts, opening her shirt and pulling them from her bra. The Potions Master turned her over and her breasts touched the cold concrete of the ground. She gasped as they made contact and her nipples hardened. Severus thrust his fingers between her thighs and rubbed at her opening. She moaned softly and began to become moist. Obviously, her own body was betraying her to a Deatheater. Snape still refused to look the girl in the face and bent down to her ear. He whispered

"Its ok. Just relax and it'll all be over. I'm so sorry."

The girl just lay there as he thrust his fingers into her and began to spread her moisture over her opening. His penis throbbed and he knew that he was ready when that ever so familiar drop of salty fluid emerged from the end of him. He pulled his fingers away from her and began to open the girl's legs. He lay her on her back and pinned her shaking hands above her covered head motioning for Lucius to take them from him.

The girls cloak was still covering her face and Severus could hear her soft sobs. He knew why as he had felt it. Her hymen. It was still intact. He was glad that he couldn't see her face. It would haunt his dreams enough without seeing her tear stained face staring back at him. He pushed all thoughts out of his head except for the matter at hand. His job as a spy was hard and it forced him to do immoral things every time he answered a summon from the Voldemort. There was one thing he was certain of though, there was no place for morals in the Dark Lords inner circle.

Snape moved forward and grabbed onto her breasts in an attempt to distract the young girl for he knew that to obtain the amount ofvirginal blood they required for the healing potion, this was not to be an easy ride for her although her reaction to his touch had helped as she would at least be lubricated.

With one hard movement, he thrust into her. She cried out loudly which only proved to increase the amount of pleasure Lucius was getting from this. He began to move more quickly and eventually, his violent strokes began to create the desired effect. She was in fact bleeding and quite a lot as well. Finally, he could sense his release was soon upon him and began to pound harder. Malfoy chose this moment to pull the cloak back from the young woman's face. Snape had only a moment before release to identify her.

Hermione. His sweet Granger.

His face contorted between pleasure and horror as he saw the look of recognition and fear in her eyes. His seed spilled inside her and he collapsed on her chest, sill inside her, breathing heavily.

He could feel the sobs racking through her chest as Hermione cried beneath him.

"I thought I could be strong. Not when I saw it was you. I'm sorry." She loved him. They had been seeing each other secretly for months and she had yet to give herself to him. He had waited patiently, content to simply be with her. He hadn't cared about sex. "I would have given it to you Severus. Surely you know that." She cried as he stroked the side of her face.

"I know." He whispered as Lucius knocked them both out a look of disgust evident on his face.

The next thing they knew, they were on the floor in a dark, musty room. The one thing they could both be sure of was Voldemort's presence. He was standing over them as they lay. They could hear Malfoy's voice.

"They had been seeing each other prior to this evening my lord. He was obviously on their side. I knew he had been seeing someone. I could see it in his eyes, in his step. All of a sudden, he seemed to have hope. It was disgusting and when my son came home telling me of the amounts of detentions Hermione Granger, close friend of Harry Potter had been getting lately, well it all fit into place. I needed only for him to confirm it, which he did with the look on his face when he saw that it was her."

"Severusssss?" he felt a kick in his side. "Is thissss true? What is going on?" Voldemort hissed.

"I… love… her…" he rasped.

"CRUCIO!" and it all went dark.

He could swear he had herd Potter's voice somewhere in the pain.

The next thing he knew, he was awaking in the hospital wing of Hogwarts. Dumbledore was hovering over him with an eerie smile on his face as always.

"And why, may I ask are you looking so happy?"

"Ahhh my dear Severus, I am happy because… lemon drop?" He offered the bag to the irritated man.

"No, now tell me. What happened?"

"I am happy, because Voldemort is… no more."

"W..w..what?" He managed in reply.

"Harry saw Lucius Malfoy take Hermione. He followed them to where you were and waited outside. After a while, he saw Malfoy take your bodies out and he followed to Voldemort.

He thought you two were dead. His anger overtook him and he burst in mid-crucio. He used all of the training that we have been giving him on focusing his magic through his emotions. Somehow, with the pain of loosing one of his best friends coursing through him, he managed to summon the power of you, Hermione and Lucius Malfoy. They fought, equally until several deatheaters showed up. That proved to be the end for the Dark Lord as Harry's friends and teachers appeared behind the masks, having already bound the followers outside."

"But how?"

"Harry sent Young Mr Weasley back to the castle for help and we just happened upon a crowd of deatheaters on their way to the same place we were."

"How could Harry defeat Voldemort? Its just not possible even with all of the training he's had, Voldemort would still be too strong."

"Well it seems that he had just performed a rather nasty crucio that nearly killed you before Harry burst in. With you, Hermione and Lucius Malfoy's powers surging through his veins along with his own, it was no match. When everyone else joined in, we performed the binding spell we created all those months ago and cursed him into the nearest metal object."

He reached into his robes and pulled out a small box. He handed it to Severus. He carefully opened the container and inside, he found… a screw.

"A screw?" He was horrified. "You contained the Dark Lord inside a screw?"

Dumbledore laughed. "Yes and how better than to spend his eternal life holding up a door in the Ministry?"


"Well, followers of his will be looking for the object in which he was placed and sooner or later, the identity of it will come out. So, when they break into the Ministry looking for it. What better to find than a bag full of screws and walk straight out the door with them, the door held up by Voldemort!" He chuckled.

Dumbledore walked away laughing and Snape shook his head. "I always knew you were insane Albus. Now you've proved it." Although he did see the logic in what they had done. As long as Voldemort had no way of getting free, then it was ok by him.

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