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Here we go then...


Severus dropped his wife down onto their bed and looked down at her. He was so happy. He had the perfect child and the perfect partner for life. He had been through so much in his life and he knew, at that moment, he knew that she was his everything. She was his chance to redeem himself. If he could raise their daughter well and treat Hermione right, his hardships would be over.

"So are you going to join me or just stare at me in this sexy towel?" She raised an eyebrow at him.

Severus smirked at her and lifted his shirt over his head. He got onto the bed, lying on his side next to her and stroked her face.

"You know that being married and having a family doesn't mean I'm suddenly going to transform into a nice person Hermione?" He pulled some matted hair from her neck and kissed her collar bone.

"I'd think someone had stolen my husband and replaced him with an imposter if you did." She moaned as his tongue traced down to the top of the towel.

He pulled open the damp covering and looked down at her. He breathed in her scent and realised that she was aroused. They had been living together for the past month but she had been recovering from having Beth. They had been getting to know each other again and Severus had been taking things slowly. He didn't want to bring up memories of their first and only time together.

He slowly bought his tongue down to her nipple and took it into his mouth. She was still breast feeding and he could taste small droplets of the creamy substance. Hermione arched slightly into his mouth and reached for his trousers.

"Oh Severus." She whispered. "That feels amazing." She unbuttoned the garments in her way and pushed them down over his hips.

Severus lifted himself and she pushed them down to his knees. Kicking them off, the aroused man moved his mouth to the other breast while kneading the first with his hands. Flicking the nipple and squeezing the fleshy globe, he hissed as his wife grasped his hard organ with her tiny, soft hands. She pumped him gently and Severus rubbed up against her.

He moved one of his hands down to her mound and stroked the damp hairs. He parted her and slipped a finger inside. Hermione made a choked sound and the dark haired man moved up and kissed her. He slipped his tongue unto her mouth and looked into her eyes. He softly slipped another finger into her and felt her hand stop moving on his manhood. He was glad at this point as he wasn't sure he could last much longer while gazing into her passion filled eyes. He could see the love for him there too and kissed her deeply.

Hermione whimpered into his mouth. She could feel the passion for her husband building inside of her. His fingers were twisting and pumping in and out. His thumb caressed her clitoris and rubbed it gently. With his other hand still working her breast and his tongue darting in and out of her mouth she was encased in bliss.

She could feel herself nearing her peak. It was the most exquisite thing she had ever felt. Her husband's hands were so skilled that she thanked Merlin that he loved her.

"Oh Gods Severus, that... oh that's incredible" She exhaled strongly and took another deep breath. It felt as though he was strumming a pleasurefull tune on her body.

With a loud shriek, she burst over his hand dripping onto the sheets below her. Her body, wet with sweat heaving as she tried to resume control during the aftershocks of her orgasm.

Severus smirked and kissed her on the mouth. He was harder than he had ever been. He could feel the blood pulsing towards his cock. Hermione caught her breath and he kissed her again.

"Oh Severus. I need to feel you inside me now. I ache for you. Please."

He responded by moving in between her legs. Whispering a contraceptive charm and wandlessly casting it over her abdomen, he placed himself at her entrance and looked into her eyes.

"I love you Hermione." He thrust deep inside her.

She was so tight that he thought he would come right there and then. He considered this as their first time even though they already had a child together.

This was their first time together willingly and lovingly.

He slowly withdrew and thrust in again causing her to gasp at his girth. The loving husband found a comfortable pace and continued to make love to the woman he worshipped. She was the mother of his daughter and for that he would be eternally grateful. He poured all of the emotion he could into his actions. Caressing her and making love to her.

He could feel her muscles clenching around him in her pre-release and quickened his pace. He thrust into her hard and felt her coming. Joining her in her ecstasy, Severus released his seed into the woman writhing beneath him.

He now truly understood the meaning of the act. He understood the difference between what he had been doing to other women for years and what he and Hermione were doing.

This was true devotion.

The end

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