"I knew him." Kylie said mechanically, a cold, hard lump formed in her chest, it had been so long. She had slowly accepted that he was gone, it had been hard, but she had eventually been able to continue with her life the way he would have wanted her to. Mr. Gaundo watched her face with intense concentration, reading into each twitch of muscle, each lick of the lips, each ball of sweat that dripped down her delicate nose.

"How well did you know him?" he asked, Kylie stared straight ahead, not seeing the agent or the room, she was in her own world,

"Very well sir. He's dead now sir." She said her voice cold and empty, devoid of emotion and feeling. She was merely a drone.

"Miss… I mean Lieutenant Cave, it is important that you stay with me on this one; I need to ask you some questions regarding Captain Sewell and his time in Russia. Are you able to talk to me about this?" Gaundo's voice softened, he had noted the slight change in her breathing and the extra on sought of sweat that indicated that she was upset by the conversation topic. Gaundo placed his hand gently on her arm, Kylie snapped back to the room, away from the cold Russian nights that she and Greg had spent together, sipping rum and watching the stars. She stared shortly at the hand, unsure of how to react, slowly she looked up at Gaundo, he gave an encouraging smile, and she remembered the question,

"Yes, that's fine. Ask away, I'll tell you what I can sir." Gaundo smiled and sat back,

"Good, if you feel that it is getting too much please tell me Lieutenant. Now, is it true that Captain Greg Sewell was your fiancé at the time of his death?" Kylie nodded, Gaundo scribbled that down,

"How long had you been engaged for?"

"Thirteen Months and sixteen days sir."

"Very good, and how long had you known Captain Sewell?"

"Three and a half years, we met on leave one weekend in Moldova. In a pub, it was mere coincidence that we were both soldiers." Gaundo nodded,

"What field of the army was the Captain in? What nationality was he?" Kylie looked at him, slightly annoyed,

"He was born in Manchester, he was part of the intelligence forces for the British Army, but you already knew that." Gaundo gave an apologetic smile,

"Yes I did, but I had to check. I'm sorry about this next question but, when Sewell died, how long was it until your wedding?" Kylie gave a small smile and looked vaguely out the window,

"Two weeks. It was all ready, the dress, the guests, the reception, the cars, the church, everything. We were heading towards the airport on our way home. We both were lucky enough to be allowed three months leave at the same time. We weren't even on duty when we were attacked. We were in a civilian taxi." Kylie said, her voice quavering occasionally. She looked up at Gaundo, slow realisation settling in, "He wasn't in the army at all, he was a Secret Agent, he was one of you guys and he was on a case. The attack wasn't random was it? It was designed to kill him. Who did it? Why has it taken you so long to contact me?" she demanded, although her voice remained even. Gaundo shook his head,

"Greg was always talking about you Kylie. He never shut up. Rather annoying for the rest of us. He couldn't wait to tell you the truth about his job, he trusted you completely. He would have married you sooner, however he was on an important mission that he couldn't afford to take time off from. We thought that he had it in the bag. That was until your taxi was attacked. I apologise for not contacting you earlier but some of the men, they thought that you might have been in on it. I've watched your movements for the past three years since you have returned, you are not one of them. You are who you say you are." Kylie swallowed down tears.

"I was Greg's partner. Michael Gaundo. It's a pleasure to meet you," Kylie stared at the hand, unmoving,

"You were going to be his best man." She mumbled, letting her strong appearance down slightly. Michael nodded,

"I was. There is a reason that I've contacted you. I think that you are in trouble. For some reason the people who killed Greg, they think that you know his secrets and they want to kill you as well. In Russia Greg was looking into illegal cloning institutes, there were people trying to create a clone army, or at least spare parts for their army. We were able to close them down because you see, they were breaking the humane code of conduct, the clones were alive, able to think, breathe, act, and feel emotions, however they were then slaughtered and used for spare parts on the Russian army. Now, the institute that was practicing all this was closed down, thanks to Greg, we thought that it was all under control.

You seem a little confused about why this is such a big deal. Okay, well you see the clones were being supplied for the Russian War Lord. The institutes were also convenient places to get rid of prisoners, because they were medical institutes with all sorts of equipment, perfect for experimental torture. The cloning clinic was the center of all his sources of income, from torture, weapons, drugs, spare parts; everything was linked back to the cloning center. We all thought that Greg had nailed the big guns, but now we aren't so sure. The Russians have a new battalion, it just appeared one day after a plane from America landed, our sources indicate that it contained twelve highly trained bodyguards for the War Lord, only they are all identical, and they seem, well primitive, they have no emotions, nothing. They are robots. Perfect clones that have been genetically modified to be perfect bodyguards. We need to stop this Kylie.

That's not your problem though. I'm sorry, forget that, Greg always talked so highly of you, I feel like I already know you." Kylie nodded, unsure of how to react. After a small pause, Michael seemed to remember something else.

"Oh, sorry I got side-tracked. We would like you to retire from the armed services, we will front the bill and put you into witness protection, Greg left a large amount of money to you when he passed, I'm sorry we haven't given it to you yet." Kylie shook her head,

"You don't want me to work?" Michael shook his head,

"No. We don't. We know about the child Kylie, we've been studying your movements for months now. How old is she?" Kylie stood up and stared angrily,

"She is none of your concern." She hissed,

"Why? She's Greg's isn't she?" he asked quietly, Kylie nodded,

"Yes, yes she is, but you keep her out of this."

"Why did you adopt her out Kylie? Did she remind you to much of Greg?" Kylies hand stung across his cheek.

"I seem to have crossed the line, I apologise. Put it this way, if you do as we want, you can become a sufficiently financially sustained house wife and look after your daughter." Kylie laughed bitterly,

"I've always had enough money to do that from the start, I don't work for the money, I work because I enjoy working. I have nothing else to talk to you about Mr. Gaundo, am I allowed to leave?" Gaundo stared annoyed,

"I suppose so. Obviously you aren't going to take any notice of what I've just told you so I see no use in trying to protect you, I tried, and that's good enough for me." However, he was talking to an empty room. Kylie had already left.