Hey all! It's me again, this time I'm here with a Yu-gi-oh fanfic. I'll say right now, it's a little angstish in the beggining, but it shall change! woooo...

Summary: Yugi's tired of living without Yami and asks Ishizu to help him do something. ...wow...that's a really, really sucky summary...XD

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oh, and Jii-chan means Grandfather, if I'm correct.

---Flashback from 100 years ago, begin---

"Are you sure about this, Yugi?" the familiar, feminine voice asked him. Yugi nodded, tears streaking down his cheeks. A sigh could be heard and then Yugi felt searing pain shoot through his body. The last thing he saw were her sad eyes and heard her say, "Goodbye Yugi, I hope I'm reincarnated around the time when you are finally released..."

-------a few days later, Yugi's POV--------

I open my eyes tiredly and gasp when I realize where I am. My soul room. Toys and games still scatter my floor, but there are alot less then there used to be. Maybe that means I've become more mature? Oh well, who cares. Though my toys still cover the floor, the walls have become black. Might that be from my sadness? I get up and walk over to a book case. Anime and mystery novels are inside it, but on an empty shelf, high above, are pictures. One standing, covered in dust, is of my grandfather, who passed away a few months ago, leaving me all alone. One next to it, clean and in an expensive-looking frame, is of me and all my friends, but we have sad looks on our faces. I guess that the photo was changed because of how I've been feeling, because the last time I saw it, we were all smiling brightly.

One last frame was there, this one was laying face-down, so I couldn't see who it was of. I got on my tip-toes and grabbed the frame, blowing off dust. I feel tears start stinging in my eyes. It's a photo of Yami... I haven't seen his face in over a year. He finally returned to Egypt, and his time, after I defeated him in one final duel. He's the whole reason I'm here, in my soul room. I felt I had nothing to live for anymore, all of my family was gone since Jii-chan died, my friends and I barely talked because of how morose I'd gotten, and my soul mate, Yami, was gone and never coming back. So I had Ishizu do this for me, attach my soul to the millenium puzzle, which she gave back to me after Yami was released. I don't have a living body anymore, my soul resides in the puzzle, like Yami's had once. I sat on my soul room's bed and wiped at my tears, still holding the frame that had a picture of Yami. His crimson eyes seemed dull, and looking into them, even in a picture, made my heart hurt.

I laid the frame, upright that is, on a small table near my soul room bed. I laid down on the bed, crying into the pillow and looking over at his picture until I fell asleep again. Maybe one day I'll get to come across him...heh, like I could be so lucky...

---Flashback from 100 years ago, over---

---100 years later...---

Atemu Yami sighed as he walked home from school, his seventeen-year old body slumping. He was tired, bored, and his head kind of hurt from a pop quiz he'd taken in Algebra. "Hey Atemu! Wait up!" He stopped when he heard the familiar voice and smiled as two of his best friends, Bakura Akefia, and Marik Ishtal came running up to him. "Where were you guys today? You skipped again and didn't tell me?" he asked, a little annoyed. Bakura, Marik, and Atemu were the bad boys of the school, which was strange because two of them were with the most innocent boys in school. Bakura went out with a sixteen-year old named Ryou Takara, who looked like a sweeter, smaller version of him, with puffy white hair, and soft brown eyes. Marik went out with another sixteen-year old by the name of Malik Shinta, who also looked alot like him, with tan skin and sandy blonde hair. They both had lavender eyes, though Marik's were alot sharper.

Atemu sadly had no cute little clone to go out with, no matter how hard he looked for one. The trio were all openly gay, though most of the girls in their school still were ga-ga over them. "We didn't skip! We were in ISS (In-School-Suspension) because a teacher caught this idiot trying to set the wood shop room on fire." Bakura muttered as he pointed at his blonde best friend, and Marik just grinned. Atemu chuckled as he kept walking. "I'm glad I wasn't with you then, Tanya would get pissed if I got in trouble again." Atemu was an orphan since he was a baby, but at the age of 12, was adopted by a woman with long black hair and bright blue eyes by the name of Tanya. He lived with her in a large, two-story house. (AN: xD oh god, I'm so shameless. Three guesses who 'Tanya' is kinda supposed to be. wink)

Bakura laughed at Atemu. "I'm so lucky I have no one to get mad at me." he said with a snicker. "Don't be too sure about that." a voice with a British accent said, from behind them. Bakura tensed up and swiveled around, smiling nervously. "Hi there Ryou...how much did you hear?" he asked, worry obvious on his face. His two friends laughed at his misfortune. "Every word since you said 'skip'." Ryou said, arms crossed as he glared unhappily at Bakura. The white-haired boy gulped and then pulled Ryou into his arms.

"You know I love you, right?"

"You promised you wouldn't get in any more trouble!"

"I know, I know. I didn't mean to, it was all Blondie's fault!"

"...Marik, how much did he bet you that you'd get caught doing what you did?"

The blonde, tan man grinned. "Twenty bucks." he said, and Bakura glared at him. If looks could kill, Marik would've been dead twenty times over. Marik snickered as he kept walking and ran into his smaller counterpart, who didn't look too happy. "Marik..." was all Malik said, and then started berating him, Ryou doing the same thing to Bakura.

Atemu chuckled and watch the more submissive ones yell at the older, dominating ones for a few minutes before stepping in. "Ryou, Malik, as much as I love watching you two yell at your lovers, we're all supposed to be going to my house..." he said, smiling. The youngest ones of the group blushed slightly and stopped their yelling, clinging to their lovers. Marik and Bakura sent silent thank yous to Atemu as they all walked towards his house.

Tanya was at work at the moment, she was a 6th-grade teacher, and had to stay late like most teachers did, for students who stayed after for help. Atemu pulled his house keys out of his baggy black jeans. He unlocked the door and let his friends in, shutting the door after him. He sighed tiredly and plopped onto the couch. His friends sat next to him our nearby, as Bakura sat in an armchair, with Ryou on his lap.

They all hung out until Tanya came home and made them stay for dinner, spaghetti. She wasn't Japanese so sometimes they had other meals, including alot of Italian, which she was partly. Atemu and Tanya bid goodbye to the others and Atemu sighed once more as he started going up to get ready for bed. "Oh, Atemu! Before you go, I forgot to tell you this came in the mail for you." Tanya said as she handed Atemu a medium-sized cardboard box. Atemu looked at it confusion and then looked at Tanya, but she just shrugged. "There was no return address or anything." she said simply, before smiling at him and saying goodnight, she always stayed up a little later than him. He eyed the box curiously as he walked up the stairs, debating on whether or not to shake it. He decided against it as he reached the top of the stairs and walked to his room. The place was a sandy, golden color, a few band posters here and there. A desk with a small laptop on it sat in one corner, his dresser in another. Across from his bed was a large TV on a small table.

He kicked off his sneakers and sat on his bed, the box in front of him. He narrowed his crimson red eyes at it before tearing it open and looking at the contents in surprise. Inside was a bunch of golden puzzle pieces. He quirked an eyebrow at them, dumping them onto his bed in front of him and placing the box on the floor next to his bed. "A puzzle? Why would someone send me a puzzle? Could it have been someone who knows I love games and such?" he asked himself, and then shrugged, smiled, and began to work on the puzzle.

Time flew by as he worked on the puzzle, and before he even realized it, it was 1 am. He blinked his tired eyes at the clock on the endtable next to his bed and sighed. He wasn't even half-way done with the puzzle. He needed to get some sleep, he could work on it in the morning. He carefully placed the pieces into the open box on the floor, got up and changed into a pair of dark red pajamas, and slipped into his bed. He turned to look at the puzzle on the floor once more, before yawning and shutting off his lamp, closing his eyes and falling asleep quickly.

Unknowing to him, someone watched as he slept, and a thin smile came onto the person's face. Soon...soon he would finally be released. He only had to wait a little while more. He could wait though, he'd been waiting for a hundred years, after all.

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