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----Next Day----

Atemu opened his eyes, yawning tiredly, as light shined into his room through a window. "Morning already? Damn, I stayed up too late working on that puzzle..." he groaned to himself, before his eyes widened as he remembered the puzzle and leaned over his bed to make sure it was still there. It was. He smiled in relief and got up, stretching and yawning again. He looked at the clock and gaped as he saw that it was noon. He rushed downstairs, still wearing the dark red pajamas, and slid into the living room, where his friends, Bakura, Marik, Malik, Ryou, and Joey(forgot to mention him first chapter...) were sitting, grinning at Atemu. "Hey there, Yami, nice pajamas." Bakura said with a snicker. Atemu narrowed his eyes and walked up to Bakura, punching him hard in the arm. "Never call me Yami." he muttered. It didn't feel right to be called that to him. Bakura twitched and rubbed his already bruising arm. "Ow, damn, can't youtake a joke?" he groaned, as Ryou babyed him. Atemu rolled his eyes. "I will be back after I change my clothes." he said as he sighed and walked upstairs. He just remembered it was Friday, and High Schoolers had the day off for some sort of Teacher meeting that would last all day.

He sighed as he got dressed quickly, his hair somehow always standing up perfectly. He hadbeen dressing down lately, not wearing alot of leather like he usually did. He wore a black hoodie, hood down of course, and a pair of faded, baggy jeans. He looked at the puzzle, which was still on the floor and sighed, slipping it under his bed a little. If Bakura or Marik saw it, they'd probably try to steal it.

He walked back down to his friends and smiled. "So how'd you get in here?" he asked as he walked into the kitchen, though a kind of window was made in a wall between the kitchen and living room, so he could see and hear them perfectly. "Well, we got here pretty early, so Tanya could let us in. She left already." Ryou told him, and Atemu looked confused. "Left? Like, for work?" he asked, as he grabbed a bowl for cereal. "No, didn't she tell you? She's going to some weird 'Teachers who love anime' convention in the states, and will be gone for a week." Ryou said, and Bakura laughed at Atemu's cluelessness.

Atemu blinked in surprised before chuckling and filling the bowl with 'Cheerios'. "That's right, and that's why she left me her credit card and some money for while she was away..." he murmered and poured in the milk before putting everything away and grabbing a spoon. He walked back out into the living room, and sat on the couch, stirring the Cheerios. "So you guys have been down here this whole time?" Atemu asked in a surprised voice as he ate, and his friends nodded. "Yep. Marik wanted to wake you, but we stopped him." Joey said, grinning. Atemu chuckled, rolling his eyes and eating. "I'm scared to know how he planned to wake me up..."

Marik pouted at Atemu, sitting next to him. "Fine, all I'll tell you is that it involved hamsters, orange juice, and lots of chili..." everyone turned to give Marik a strange look before shuffling a little farther away from him.He laughed evilly, and pulled Malik onto his lap, petting his head. Malik looked back at his boyfriend, twitching. "Marik, if you start calling me your 'pretty little kitty' again, I'm going to shove that spoon Atemu has up your ass so far, you'll taste the metal in your mouth." the younger, more innocent...somehow, boy said, and Atemu let the spoon fall into the bowl of cereal, most of it was gone.

"I'm not too hungry anymore..." he muttered as he got up and got rid of the cereal, milk, bowl, and spoon. Marik looked scared as he hugged Malik and told him he wasn't a kitty. Joey and Bakura were laughing their asses off. Ryou rolled his eyes. "I'm going up to Atemu's room." he said, and Bakura immediately calmed down and smirked. "Wait for me then." he said as he scooped Ryou up, carrying him up the stairs. Atemu walked back in and shot a look at his friends that said, 'They are not staying up there alone.'

...Soon everyone was up in Atemu's room. Atemu sat against the headboard, hugging one of his knees. Bakura sat at the end of the bed, Ryou snuggling him on his lap. Malik sat in the chair at Atemu's desk, and for some reason Marik decided to sit on the floor, leaning on the bed. The group of friends talked for an hour before Marik noticed something hitting his lower back. He pulled the box Atemu had hidded out from under the bed and grinned. "Ooh, what's this?" he asked as he went to pick up a piece of the puzzle.

"Don't. Touch. That." Atemu growled, and Marik 'eep'ed and pulled his hand away. "Woah, chill Atemu. Where'd you get that one? I've never seen it before." Bakura said, everyone's eyes on Atemu. "I got it in the mail yesterday, but I don't know who sent it..." the tri-colored haired boy said, wondering why he'd acted so possesive about the puzzle. "Cool. Can we help you put it together?" Malik asked, and Atemu shrugged. "Sure." he said and Marik dumped the pieces onto the bed, sitting down and then Malik came and sat on his lap.

The group worked on the puzzle for a long time until it was late and they all decided to go home. Atemu smiled and waved them all off before running back upstairs. They had almost finished the puzzle. He looked at the clock, which said 10pm, and smiled. He didn't need to go to sleep early anyways though, since it was a weekend now. He worked on the puzzle for a another hour and grinned happily. One last piece. It had the eye of Horus on it, and he finally was able to see what the puzzle made. "A pyramid, cool..." he murmered. He glanced at the clock again, it now said '11:04' pm. He smiled down at the puzzle in his hand as he slipped the last piece in.

A blinding light then filled the room and Atemu groaned at it, covering his eyes with his arm. When he put his arm down, he was pounced upon. "Oh Ra, I've missed you..." a small voice murmered, and he looked down to see a small person holding onto him tightly. Yugi held onto Atemu tightly, tears running down his cheeks. He didn't know why he was in a solid body at the moment, but 'Yami' was more important than anything he was wondering about. Atemu pulled Yugi away from his body and gasped as he saw what he looked like.

He was much smaller than him, but looked alot like him, sharing very, very similar hair. His eyes though, were large and ameythyst. His skin was much lighter as well, looking like porcelain. Tears rolled down his soft cheeks and Atemu was very confused. "W-Who are you? And why do you look like me?" he asked, and Yugi blinked in surprise before wiping away his tears. "Sorry about that Yami, I should've known you didn't remember, since you didn't realize what the Millenium Puzzle was." Yugi said, smiling slightly and sitting in Atemu's lap.

Atemu narrowed his eyes slightly at Yugi. "First off, no one calls me Yami, my name is Atemu. Second, who are you?" he said, and Yugi blushed in embarrassment. "Sorry about that. I'm Yugi. I'm the other half of your soul." the smaller of the two said, and Atemu looked at him like he was nuts. "What!" he cried out.

"It's true!"

"...No. My soul is whole and fine."

"Oh come on, don't tell my you've never felt kind of, empty? Or like there was a big hole in you that needed to be filled?"

"...I feel like that often..."

"Do you feel like that now?"

"Told you so. I'm kind of sad you do notremember me, but I'm grateful to just see your face again, not in a picture..."

Atemu thought over what Yugi just said and his arms unconciously wrapped around Yugi's waist to ensure that he wouldn't fall. "Remember you, huh? So when have we met?" he asked curiously. Yugi smiled, hugging Atemu tight.

"When we first met, our roles were pretty reversed. You were the soul bound to the Millenium Puzzle, and I was the human boy who shared your soul. We had all sorts of adventures and such with our friends, and had alot of enemies, like Bakura, and Marik, and Pegasus, and Dartz, to name some." Yugi explained, and Atemu looked surprised. "Bakura and Marik were our enemies!" he repeated in a confused tone. Yugi pouted. "You remember them, but not me?" he said, and Atemu got even more confused. "No, but Bakura and Marik are two of my best friends. And they go out with these two guys that look like them, Ryou and Malik." Atemu explained, and Yugi gasped. "Wow, really! Bakura and Marik are ordinary humans...and together with their hikaris..." Yugi said aloud to himself.

"Hikaris? Lights?" Atemu said, not sure what Yugi meant by that. Yugi smiled at Atemu. "Well, Bakura and Marik were kind of like the earlier you, trapped in other Millenium items, which are these magical items, and the humans that they shared souls with were called Hikaris, because we were the lighter side of the soul." Yugi explained, and Atemu groaned.

"This is too confusing for one night, and I've been spending hours with that puzzle... I'm going to bed." Atemu said with a sigh. Yugi nodded and got out of Atemu's lap. "Go get changed, I willbe in the puzzle sleeping if you need me." Yugi said, and Atemu nodded, grabbing only a pair of black pajama pants and slinking off to the bathroom.

When he came back, he was surprised to find Yugi in one of his shirts, whice went down to his knees because it was actually a size too big for Atemu anyways. It covered whatever he wore underneath of it perfectly. He looked confused when he noticed the boy's clothed neatly folded in a corner, the millenium puzzle ontop of it. Yugi smiled sheepishly at Atemu. "Um, I cannot get back into the puzzle. It might have to do with why I also have a solid body, but I dunno. Is it okay if I sleep on your couch?" he asked, and Atemu groaned, getting into his bed, his back to Yugi.

"Just sleep in my bed, it's big enough..." he murmered. He was too tired to really care, and his head kind of hurt. Yugi blushed slightly and smiled, slipping into the bed. "Goodnight." he said quietly as he turned off Yami's lamp, enshrouding them in darkness.

"G'night..." was his reply, as the two halves of one soul fell asleep next to each other.

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