Tales of the Allied Lands

Summary: Various pairings feature in this series of drabbles. Many are highly unlikely except in the most AU setting, and the majority of them exist only inside my head. Yes, there will be SLASH
Fandom: The Black Magician Trilogy
Pairings: Seriously, ask me what pairings I won't eventually include. The list would be shorter
Warnings: Slash and bad language
Disclaimer: Don't own shit. Poor me
Author's Note: If you want a drabble on a particular pairing and/or theme, don't hesitate to ask. Your wish is my command. I mean, I'm going to run out of ideas eventually, and I enjoy a challenge.

Nothing More – Cery and Sonea

"You don't have to do this," she said as he entered Faren's latest hiding place for her.
"Yes I do."
She smiled a little sheepishly; "Thanks."
"No rub."
"No, I mean it," she laid a hand on his arm, "You didn't have to do this. I don't know why you did."

He suppressed with difficulty the blush fighting to reach his cheeks. A thousand replies sprang to his mind, but it was hard to sift through them and find one that wasn't horrifically embarrassing. He managed a faint smile:

"Because you're my friend."
And you can never be anything more

I'm probably going to cover the most obvious pairings first – the ones that are closest to being canon. Or the rare one that actually is canon. Although I must say I approve of the canon pairings grin
This drabble is the regulation 100 words. Others will probably be longer
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